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The Art Of Parenting – Cultivating Your Child’s Inner Artist

Written by: Javier Rhoden, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Javier Rhoden

After sharing what poetry and music has done for my self-development from a tender age, as a new parent, I believe one of the most fulfilling and unique experience we can give is a creative environment. In watching children tap into their imagination to express themselves through art and discovering new mediums, we feel one of the greatest joys of parenthood. Art is merely an outlet for creativity, however, the creative process includes the articulation of oneself, problem solving and independent thinking. With this said, sometimes, children need a little guidance and encouragement to unleash their inner artist and from my experience, it would be an honor to share how to nurture creativity and how art can even be a form of homeschooling which can create desire for continuous learning.

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Firstly, I believe the key to bringing out your child’s inner artist is to provide them with ample opportunities to experiment with different forms of art. This introduces them to a variety of mediums such as paint, clay, colored pencils and digital tools. Carve out some time throughout the day to prioritize exposing your child to many different types of artwork and providing supplies to use at home. Enrolling a child in art school or classes can enable them to learn different techniques as they continue to practice. By giving them exposure to different types of art, a child will be able to find their own unique style and express themselves in ways they may not have previously imagined.

In addition to providing our children with opportunities, it is also important to encourage our children’s creativity by recognizing and celebrating their unique talents. Every child has different strengths and weaknesses, which both can be improved if their passions and interests are supported. Make sure to praise your child’s artwork and display their masterpiece in the home to show them their work is valued. It will inspire them to keep creating and it’s my personal belief that our children should be our biggest celebrities while we, the parents, are their biggest fan. Encourage them to explore various art forms and not just relying on what they’re familiar with. This allows the fostering of “thinking outside the box” which makes children more versatile and dynamic.

Art is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing pieces. It is also an important form of self-expression that can aid in a child’s self-development. In engaging art, this allows children to explore their emotions and critical thinking; for example, a child learns what they like and dislike through their method of art, which can better allow them to not be indecisive in terms of life choices, or because of emotional regulation, can express what they feel and why. From my own experience with writing and performing poetry, I have seen firsthand how it played a role in how thoughts and feelings were communicated, more so while processing difficult experiences, which can make a child more mature for their age due to the level of their internal processing. Art provides a safe space for children to express themselves without fear of judgement and this is of upmost importance for cultivating their emotional and mental well-being.

Lastly, I want to highlight that art can also be a form of homeschooling. In today’s fast-paced and often stressful educational institutions, classroom sizes have grown, allowing homeschooling to become an alternative for family, which may better nurture a teacher and student dynamic through more attention being given. By using art as a tool for teaching, children can learn about various subjects such as history, science and even literature. By utilizing the capabilities in art, children can recreate historical events or create illustrations from the books they’ve read, which makes learning more fun and engaging, allowing children to retain the information given. Art can help bring abstract concepts to life and make them more relatable, which only adds to their depth, and who knows? Your child may just surprise you with what they create!

To recap, in bringing out your child’s inner artist and providing them with a fulfilling experience, you can:

  • provide them with opportunities to experiment and explore different types of art

  • enroll your child into art school

  • celebrate their unique gifts and talents

  • learn how to homeschool through utilizing art

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Javier Rhoden Brainz Magazine

Javier Rhoden, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Javier Rhoden, is a visonary leader in literary writing for personal development and mental health. By drawing inspiration from classic literature and contemporary issues, Javier seamlessly weaves intricate narratives that challenge readers' perspectives while immersing them in a world of hope. Javier is a dedicated father through chronic pain with an impact on the literary world that's undeniable, and he continues to enchant readers with his profound insights and captivating prose. His mission: to demonstrate that dreams are within reach.


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