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Steps to Setting Yourself up for a Successful day

Written by: Sandra D´Angelo, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


What sounds more to your liking?

a) Waking up just in time to prepare and dress up, and then rushing out so as not to be late for work?

b) Waking up earlier to ensure spending some quality “me time” before getting out there?

I could not imagine starting my day without having some proper time for myself first thing in the morning. My morning routine has a very high impact on the rest of my day as it ensures that I start my day more calmly and positively.

I don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach. While it is certainly important to read about other people´s routines and suggestions, it is more important that you experiment and come up with a routine that fits you.

The only morning routine you will ever need is the one that you design for yourself.

Your morning routine should:

  1. align with your values;

  2. prepare you for the day;

  3. make you excited and happy!

I am not here to tell you what you should do every morning. Nobody knows that better than you do!

I am here to give you steps to help you customize your own morning routine that will set you up for successful days ahead.

The best way to start creating your morning routine is by reflecting on your current routine. What is working well? What is not working well? What can you do more/less of? What can you do differently?

After you spent some time reflecting on what you´re currently doing, think about the following:

1. What is important to you? What are your values?

Health, family, growth, development — you want to consider starting your day off by connecting with your values. It is such a great way to “recharge” yourself and fill yourself up with positive energy.

2. What are your daily goals and tasks?

Outline your daily goals and categorize your tasks (what is important, what is urgent…) – think about your priorities and say “no” to all that is not important?

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1. What helps you get in a positive mood, have more energy, and focus better?

2. What are the specific activities that lift you that you can do in the morning? Be creative.

3. What time do you need to wake up to ensure enough quality “me time”?

"Keep in mind that, it takes time to form new habits."

Come up with your new plan and stick to it for at least a month. You might also want to consider starting slowly with smaller changes rather than trying to make many big changes all at once.

And remember to have fun! Your morning routine and that extra time for yourself should be something that you feel excited about.

By taking the proper time and care for yourself, you will be able to take better care of everything else.

For more information, connect with me on LinkedIn and visit my website!


Sandra D'Angelo, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sandra D´Angelo is a Certified Life Coach & Trainer dedicated to coaching Business Professionals to manage their time more effectively and achieve outstanding results in their careers and privately. Through her specific coaching program, Sandra helps individuals to increase their focus, take effective action and create more success, by making themselves and their wellbeing a priority.

Sandra holds an MBA in Communications & PR and has years of experience working in sales & consulting in Switzerland and Germany. Including building two successful business units from scratch. Before becoming self-employed, consulting & coaching have always been a part of Sandra´s professional life. Behind her is a strong track record of professionals from different backgrounds who she helped to explore their true potential and create the lives they want.



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