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Spiritual Self Care – Why Are Boundaries Important When It Comes To Your Wholistic Health?

Written by: Trina Joy Lucas, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Here are 8 essential points to clarify the energetic nature of healthy boundaries. Invest in your spiritual self care body, mind, and soul by deepening your understanding of why boundaries are important for your wholistic health.

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As a sensitive, loving and caring person, I bet you are well-attuned to where others are at, how they are feeling and even what their needs are! Let me ask you this question. How well attuned are you to yourself? To where your own feelings and your own inner needs are at? Prioritising your understanding of why boundaries are important for your wholistic health can help restore balance and harmony to your life! A quick internet search will provide you will valuable information on why boundaries are important when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships with other people. I would like to switch the focus in this article to the essential understanding of healthy boundaries in fostering and maintaining a healthy and loving connection to yourself. The only way to truly build a deep nourishing and sustaining relationship with your own soul and spirit is to have and hold solid boundaries. Boundaries are not just about setting limitations in your relationships with other people in your life. Boundaries are about what you decide to honour as precious treasures inside of yourself. A fundamental reason why boundaries are important is they help you identify what is of worth and value inside of you. Your boundary is an actual structural component of your energy field. It functions as a protective membrane around the perimeter of your energy body. Your boundary holds a level of protection and insulation for the inner realms of self to support your internal physical, mental and emotional well-being. Boundaries help you honour what is of worth and value inside of you. Your precious internal treasures! To set healthy boundaries it is important to become clear on the value of what you are holding a boundary around. What is valuable is you! You have resources inside that deserve to be revered. You have a capacity for inner well-being and wholistic health which you deserve to treasure. You have wondrous gifts of character and nature which are essential for you to nourish and hold as precious to the level they deserve.

Which is extremely high! Your soul and spirit have the capacity to nourish and feed your self-esteem from the inside out. Your soul holds within it the effortless knowing of your true intrinsic value and worth of nature and character. Your spirit has the capacity to circulate this truth through your whole body and into your mind and emotions. When you are connected to your soul and spirit within, it becomes very clear what your worth and value is as well as your needs when it comes to holding a boundary of protection around them. To understand more about soul and spirit and how they are deeply significant to your life take a look at my article on Soul vs Spirit: What’s the difference between soul and spirit? This is the tricky part to overcome when it comes why boundaries are important for your wholistic health. In order to build a deep connection with your spirit and soul you need to have healthy boundaries. And in order to build healthy boundaries, you need a connection with your own soul and spirit to truly understand the value of your own worth. This can might sound like a catch-22! However, please rest assured, in my 26 years as a Psychic Spiritual Healer I have over 26000 hours of clinical experience on how to navigate this conundrum. It brings me great joy to offer the benefit of my experience to you today with 8 essential points on the question of why boundaries are important for your spiritual self care mind, body and soul.

1. Why boundaries are important for your wholistic health: A case study I am sure you can relate to.

A client of mine, let’s call her Mary, made the following statement to the group during a recent online session for my mentorship program the Spiritual Healing Sanctuary. It was a statement I feel you may be able to relate to. Mary said, “I’m not in control of my life, and everyone else is pulling the strings”. My professional self immediately knew that Mary required healing support for her boundaries. How? Mary’s feeling of being at the beck and call of everyone else in her life is a classic symptom of an issue with the energetic structure of her boundaries.

Due to under-functioning boundaries, Mary was experiencing a disconnect from her soul and spirit where they resided deep in the fabric of the body. As a consequence, the ability of her spirit to hold an inner space of potential for positivity and change had evaporated and she was feeling hopeless and helpless. The spirit is a potent life force and the disconnect Mary was experiencing left her lacking in energy, vitality and motivation. Furthermore, not being able to connect with the nourishing presence of her soul had Mary experiencing herself as being of lesser value and worth than other people in her life. Consequently, she was elevating the needs of others above her own and her ability to hold a boundary of worth around herself was deeply diminished.

A subsequent Psychic Spiritual Healing identified that Mary had a big gaping hole in her boundaries. Due to this hole, Mary was not generating enough of her worth and value from the inside of her body grounded and centred in her own soul and spirit. Instead, Mary was looking to the world around her to validate her worth and this was diminishing her ability to feel like she was in control of her own life. In the spiritual healing, we fixed the structural hole in her boundaries and reconnected her relationship with her inner soul and spirit. It is quite incredible to witness the immediate shift in a client after a hole in a boundary is fixed.

2. Your boundaries have a literal structural form. I know because I see boundaries every day with my psychic senses!

It’s true. Your boundaries are a structural component of your energy pattern. In fact, your boundaries are the outside perimeter of the energy pattern of your body. It is important and helpful to know your boundaries are not just a random psychological constructor a convenient idea or a concept. Boundaries can have structural dysfunctions. I see this daily in my spiritual healing clinic whereby my psychic senses are able to clearly show me when a client has a structural issue with their boundaries. You can literally have areas of weakness leading to actual holes in the membrane that is the boundary around your energy pattern.

  • It is also visible to me where energy is pouring out through these structural dysfunctions in your boundaries.

  • It is equally clear and visible where unwanted energy has been able to seep into your private and personal internal space inside your body through your boundaries.

The structural component of your boundaries can be likened to the perimeter walls of a house. Without a perimeter wall around the outside of your home, there is far less definition of where your home begins and ends. This is the same for the home you live in for the duration of this life which is your body. Furthermore, when the structural perimeter around your home is compromised, outside environmental presences and influences can come and go into the interior of your space easily without having to politely knock on your door and seek permission.

3. Healthy boundaries protect and insulate your 3 main inner core needs.

In regards to the bigger picture of your wholistic health and spiritual self care that includes mind, body and soul, you have 3 essential core needs. They are as follows.

  • To feel loved.

  • To feel safe.

  • To feel understood.

A degree of fulfillment to each of these needs enables you to not only survive being a person in this world but also to thrive, flourish and experience an inner sense of well-being. If one or more of these needs are undernourished or missing, then your ability to connect to the deepest fundamental truth of self, your soul and spirit, disconnects. With a disconnect to soul and spirit, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage what you give out to the world because you are not able to honour and nourish your own basic core needs. Connection to your spirit circulates a life force throughout your body, mind and emotions that help you feel loved. This often unconscious stream of unconditional love from your spirit supports you to experience a relative sense of safety in the world. An internal sense that you have meaning and value and are not merely a pawn being shuffled around at the mercy of unknown and potentially unsafe forces. Connection with the presence of your soul woven through the deep inner fabric of your body and mind helps you know you are understood. That what is unique and valuable about you, your nuances of character and nature, are understood. Why are boundaries important? Because a connection to your soul and spirit is essential to hold healthy boundaries AND healthy boundaries are essential for you to experience soul and spirit connection.

4. Spending too much time extending past your boundaries structurally weakens them.

This is so important to understand and thus I want to make this point really clear to you. Spending time connecting with the outside world and extending your energy in an outward direction needs to be counterbalanced by extending your energy inwards and spending time and resources on connecting to yourself. When this balance is tipped in favour of connecting outwardly, your energy starts to extend past your boundaries. Remember why boundaries are important. They are the structural perimeter around the outside of your energy pattern. If your energy is moving outwards in excess for too long your boundaries become structurally weakened. This takes us back to number 2 in my list of why boundaries are important. Connecting with the outer world at the expense of forging a connection with your inner world leads to you disconnecting from your own inner wisdom.

  • You can become disengaged from your inner knowing of what is right for you in the unique moments life presents to you.

  • It becomes more difficult to register your wisdom; to hear it and to follow it.

  • You can find yourself rejecting your inner knowing when the conventional wisdom of the outside world does not align with it.

  • You can end up rejecting your inner wisdom of what is right for you and start putting the needs of the world above your own.

5. How to know you have a hole in the energy structure of your boundaries.

Being a real structural phenomenon, your boundaries at times may need maintenance and repair. Holes and frayed leaky vulnerable areas in your boundaries do not happen overnight. Essential signs and symptoms preempting boundaries leaks and holes. Mary’s story from earlier is an excellent example of how your life circumstances can lead to a structural breakdown in your boundaries.

  • You lose sight and perspective of your own needs.

  • You begin elevating the worth and value of other people’s needs above your own.

  • The imbalance in your needs versus the world’s needs occurs gradually, bit by bit, over time.

  • An unconscious pattern begins to assert itself whereby your default behaviour is now to dismiss your own needs and be hyperaware of other people’s needs.

  • By the time you have become aware of this unbalanced pattern, you have rationalised that the behaviour is serving you.

  • You tell yourself that putting other's needs above your own makes you a good person.

  • You are now caught in a catch-22 where to feel of value and worth to the world, you must be putting others’ needs above your own.

Placing other people's needs above your own and making your inner sense of value depend on how well you care for others will over time erode the structure of your boundaries. Not spending enough time looking after your own needs results in a disconnect from your own inner soul and spirit nature. Similar to what occurred with Mary, you can begin experiencing the following signs and symptoms.

  • Helplessness.

  • Hopelessness.

  • Low vitality, energy and motivation.

  • You can feel like a pawn shuffled around the greater chest board of life at the mercy of other people's needs and wishes.

Your body mind and emotions have a great capacity for sensitivity. And this is why boundaries are important. Your capacity for sensitivity can become a super burden when it is mostly used to attune to the needs of the world at large and not your own.

6. A major cause of damage to the structure of your boundaries is trauma and stress.

Stress comes in many forms in your life.

  • You can have an underlying physical or energetic health imbalance, which you are unaware of, causing stress in the body.

  • You may be in challenging and difficult circumstances for a prolonged length of time leading to stress.

  • You may have encountered traumatic events in your life either recently or far in the distant past including past lives.

Trauma and stress result in you spending a disproportionate amount of time populating the outside edges of your boundaries in a hyper-vigilant manner.

Trauma and stress result in the fight, flight and freeze response of the body being activated. The fight and flight response sends the majority of your energy presence to the outside perimeter of your body to keep you alert for any external threats. Trauma stored sits in the body in a heightened state of fight-and-flight wakefulness. This means there will be a certain amount of your energy being sent to the fringes of your energy field where your boundaries lie, to keep alert to external threats. The more prolonged the period of time you are stressed or sitting on unprocessed trauma without it abating, the more your energy presence is hanging out at and pressing down on your boundaries at the outside edges of your energy field. An excess of energy taken away from deep in the core of self and redirected to the edges of self, at your boundaries, after a while will weaken their structure. This brings me to my final point. I am sure you understand by now why boundaries are important. However, you may now be asking the question how do I take care of my boundary's structural needs so the occasional inevitable leak can heal and holes can be potentially prevented?

7. How to care for the energetic structural health of your boundaries.

I am sure it is now abundantly clear to you why boundaries are important for your wholistic health when it comes to balancing the demands of your life in a hectic world. Boundaries enable you to be more empowered, nourish your core needs, and connect to your true inner worth and value guided by your soul and spirit. Consider these 4 points when it comes to caring for the structure of your boundaries.

  • Create balance by ensuring you are attuning and attending to your own core needs just as much as those around you. When you notice this balance is out, adjust it. Oftentimes, a simple adjustment in this balance will give the frayed and leaky edges of your boundaries a chance to heal.

  • As much as you spend time connecting with the outside world around you, spend enough time connecting into the internal spheres of self. This assists you to keep the connection with your soul and spirit within your body healthy and alive. I have a heap of free guided meditations to assist you with this.

  • A healthy connection to the soul and spirit within ensures you are infused with the energy you need to meet your 3 basic core needs, engendering an innate knowing of what a treasure and gift you are to the world. You are of enormous worth and value!

  • A hole in your boundaries can oftentimes be fixed by retreating. Spending more time in your inner world, connecting to your soul and spirit, and receiving their love. This retreat into the core of self gives you the opportunity for holes in your boundaries to heal.

The understanding I have offered you today on boundaries comes from my clinical experience of practising for over 26 years as a Psychic Spiritual Healer. There is a lot of great quality information online about boundary health and care. It is my sincere hope my unique spiritual healing take on why boundaries are important offers you a fresh perspective. As I said at the beginning of this article healthy boundaries help hold the space for you to deepen your connection with your soul and spirit within. To understand more about the benefits of deep soul and spirit connection, please read my on. Your spirit is a life force of love running deep through your body which offers you a spark and vibrancy of vitality that enables you to glow with a sense of meaning, joy and purpose in your life from the inside out. Your soul whispers wisely from deep within to your body, mind and emotions reminding you of the genuine divine intrinsic worth and value of you as this human person living this life.

8. Would you like support to maintain the structural health of your boundaries and connect to the inner wellspring of self-worth and self-value available to you in your soul and spirit?

I have the following resources to offer you.

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Reach out to me and let me know you’ve read my article. I’d love to hear from you.

With love and respect for your unique path through life.

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Trina Joy Lucas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Trina Joy Lucas is a Psychic Spiritual Healer and international expert on the spiritual roots of health with over 26 years and 27000 hours of clinical experience. Trina grew up isolated with a myriad of health issues that defied conventional treatments. A Bachelor of Health Science with Honours in Traditional Chinese Medicine coupled with Trina awakening psychic talents to communicate with a team of Healing Spirits resulted in a deep understanding of the broader spiritual underpinnings of the human body and psyche. Trina is a grounded and practical teacher, writer and speaker who empowers people to (1) understand and heal their symptoms while gaining insight into their purpose and meaning and (2) develop their personal soul-based gifts and abilities. It is Trina’s mission to use her expertise to educate the world on the science of spiritual healing, bringing a holistic approach to medicine to focus on exceptional outcomes for clients. Trina runs courses, a membership-based group, The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary, and offers one-to-one spiritual healing and mentor sessions. Trina’s message is simple: “Your spirit is a powerful agent of change. Be the gift to self and others the world needs – body, mind and soul.”



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