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Soul Vs Spirit ‒ What’s The Difference Between Spirit And Soul?

Written by: Trina Joy Lucas, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


7 essential points on soul vs spirit to help you define your authentic self, discover your spiritual gifts and unlock the power to embrace and express with love what is truly remarkable and unique about you!

Do you ever find yourself contemplating the meaning of life universe and everything?!

Do you really understand why soul and spirit connection is the pathway to your spiritual self-care ‒ body mind spirit?

Discover how soul vs spirit are the keys to shedding obstacles in your path, defining what authenticity means for you, and facilitating real growth into the person you deeply know you have the capacity to be.

Be inspired to connect to your spirit and empower your relationship to higher vibrational energy to discover your spiritual gifts.

Have you ever heard the old adage ‘you are a soul having a human experience’? In my 26 years of experience as a Psychic Spiritual Healer, addressing the spiritual root causes of health, I have found this to be very true.

It is relatively easy nowadays to access high-quality information on the importance of living authentically. In contrast, it is far less understood what is the best way to go about truly achieving this from a spiritual self care perspective!

My personal and professional growth experiences over time have shown me the most powerful way to discover what authenticity means for you and thus align to a profound depth of personal truth, is through building a relationship with your soul and spirit.

Spirit soul and body explained.

As a human being, the more you embody your soul, the more you actualise the potential of your spirit!

As a professional Psychic Spiritual Healer, this is obvious to me. I would like to make it obvious and clear for you to understand too. I will take you on a journey, step by step, to help you properly understand soul vs spirit and how they each uniquely are the keys to accessing higher vibrational energy. Access to this energy helps you shed your personal blocks and obstacles, discover your spiritual gifts, and live these gifts with the profound power of authenticity.

Answers to the deepest life questions. Who am I? What is the meaning of life universe and everything?

When I was 23 years of age, every cell of my body began resounding with the same question. Who am I?

Suddenly, my identity of self, which I had never given much conscious thought to, felt like it didn't fit. As if I was somehow wearing the wrong clothes.

Out of the blue, a switch flipped. I went from introducing myself, with conviction, as Trina who enjoyed waterskiing, reading novels and learning Japanese, to hearing myself speak these words, but having a resounding sense of ‘yeah but is this really you?’

There were signs that a deeper need for self-knowing and actualisation was calling to me. Before this seemingly random flip from wearing an identity that I thought fit just fine thank you, to suddenly questioning every aspect of it.

I often felt like an outsider to my peer group. But they liked me. And I liked being liked. Making connections with others was important to me.

I was a keen observer of life from a young age. Subconsciously I realised there were aspects of my nature and character people responded to more favourably. I emphasised these traits. It just felt like the easiest way to move through the world. Was I being untruthful? I had never stopped to question this. It felt natural to emphasise the parts of my true nature that gelled with the outside world.

Yet here I was. Suddenly awake to a deep realisation. The majority of my identity was the product of a collection of ideas about whom I felt I should be. About who and what people thought I should be. Or, at least, what I assumed they expected me to be.

Honestly, it felt like out of the blue I was shining an enquiring light inwards. Into the interior of my body. I was asking myself am I really this person, with this personality, hobbies and interests because I choose to be? Do I want to be this person? Do I like this person? Is there more to me? How to be me was something that had always just flowed before. Suddenly I wasn’t sure how to be me anymore.

It became obvious the house of cards that formed my identity was breaking down. A deeper truth was asserting itself and emerging from within me.

The darkest night of the soul before the light dawns.

At the time I was not sure why this was happening. I did not even consider making the enquiry. I was too busy responding to the fallout. To the need to discover what authenticity means for me. To dig beyond the surface into the meaning of life universe and everything.

Despite feeling like a rug was being pulled out from under me, I can now see I experienced a call of awakening from my soul and spirit. A call to free me from a myriad of limiting beliefs in my self-identity. A jolt opened me to dig deep and develop certain gifts of character, spiritual gifts, I had no idea even existed. In hindsight, I am immensely grateful.

7 essential points on soul vs spirit to help you define authentic self, discover your spiritual gifts and unlock access to a potent stream of life force to fuel your capacity to reach your greatest potential.

1. Spirit: Your spirit is a blueprint of everything you have the potential to be in this life.

The words soul and spirit are thrown around a lot! Especially in my field of expertise as a Psychic Spiritual Healer. However, actually understanding the difference between soul vs spirit is extremely useful for your journey of personal growth and development.

Soul vs Spirit: The truth is your soul and spirit are the same but different!

Your spirit is the blueprint of what you have the potential to be and your soul holds within it the wisdom you have accumulated over time through the human experience of how to actualise that potential. Therefore, in essence, soul and spirit are really two sides of the same coin. The same but different!

You have a personal spirit. This is your unique expression of ‘the Spirit’.

Your spirit is pure potential. It is a blueprint. Your spirit holds within it a roadmap of everything you have the capacity to be, achieve and grow into in this human life. It is the animating force for you to blossom all of your potentials.

Your spirit is a unique concentration and quality of flavour of ‘the Spirit’. ‘The spirit’ is the place from where you emerge through birth to become this human person. And the place to which you return when your life is completed.

Your spirit is already one hundred per cent everything it needs to be. It is whole. It is complete. It is magnificent. It is, in truth, divine! It is filled with spiritual gifts.

2. Soul. Your soul holds the wisdom you have gathered over lifetimes on how to embody the magnificence of your spirit!

From a soul vs spirit perspective, your soul holds all the wisdom-filled memories of all the potential you have already embodied, thus far, in this life, and former lives too. It is a vessel containing everything you have learned and gathered into wisdom about how to be a full-flowing expression of your divinity and wholeness of spirit.

From an embodiment perspective, your soul is on a journey of growth and development through the human experience. The purpose of this journey is to become a mirror image of the blueprint of potential which is your spirit. In living your human life, your soul has the opportunity to grow into living a full-bodied true and real experience of knowing, believing and trusting it is one hundred per cent everything it needs to be ‒ it is the wholeness of spirit!

The sublime beauty of your soul is it holds eons and eons of wisdom from many lifetimes on how to be a vessel, a container, for expressing, body and mind, your personal expression of divinity your higher vibrational energy your spirit.

Your soul has an identity of self that is wholly spirit informed. Your soul is your most authentic and enduring nature. Your soul is essential to uncovering what authenticity means for you.

The more spirit potential your soul embodies through your human life the more confident and trusting you are to do the following.

  • Embrace your own unique path in life.

  • Follow your deepest most authentic truth.

  • More effortlessly attribute value and worth to your uniqueness.

  • Uplift your inner authority, and actualise self-empowerment.

  • Comfortably sit in the driver's seat of your life!

3. There are times in your life when your soul and spirit will call out to you to help you discover your spiritual gifts and bring your potential to life.

Your soul is driven to assert its essential authentic truth into whom you know yourself to be and, therefore, the way you think, feel and behave. Your spirit and soul have a purposeful will to guide you to discover what authenticity means for you.

The question of soul vs spirit is highlighted in the different ways they each call out to you to embody higher vibrational energy to facilitate you to live your potential in a deeply authentic and empowered way.

Signs your soul is calling out to awaken in you.

How do you know your soul is reaching out to you? My 26 years of experience as a Psychic Spiritual Healer have shown me you may experience the following.

  • Who am I?’. ’Why am I doing what I am doing?’. ’What is the meaning of being this persona and living this life?’, ‘What is my purpose?’ I notice these existential questions become stronger, louder and more compelling.

  • You experience a shift in focus from the exterior of self and life to the deeper interior. Ultimately for most people, this opens up a journey of positive self-discovery.

  • The 23-year-old me realised I was actually deeply dissatisfied by my identity being majority informed by the outside world and the surface level of existence. I was no longer satisfied being the person the world expected and wanted me to be. Seeking connection to and knowing of my deeper self became a necessity for me to find joy, satisfaction and contentment again.

Signs your spirit is calling out to awaken in you.

You may notice the following brewing.

  • ‘I feel disconnected.’ ‘There is something missing’. ’There has to be more to life.’ ‘What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything’. ‘There are hidden depths to life’.

  • My 23-year-old self certainly found herself plunged into grappling with the deepest life questions. I was walking through the darkest night of the soul searching for my inner light. At times it was tough, and at other times it was exciting and exhilarating. My spirit and soul directed me to my light within. A higher vibrational energy to empower the embodiment of my true self and potential.

4. Soul and spirit work together in your body to help you discover your spiritual gifts and embrace your life purpose.

You are so much more than what the world, society and culture at large tell you you are. You have greater depth. A more enduring and long-lasting character and nature.

A calling from your soul and spirit ultimately brings inner connection facilitating you to define authentic self.

I want you to know it is easy to become distracted in your soul and spirit calling by believing finding the right job or the perfect partner will answer your existential questions and help you to feel whole. I know I did.

Please allow me to save you some time. The soul and spirit are not interested in roles and responsibilities and all those outward and external identifications and validations of self.

Your spirit and soul are interested in adding worth, value, purpose and meaning to your human experience of life through connection to the inner depths of self.

When it comes to soul vs spirit, they each focus with a subtle difference in how they guide you to meet with and fulfil the inner wellspring of your potential. Your soul and spirit are interested in supporting a shift in your perception, focus and reality, so you can form a relationship with an authentic self who can navigate you to a deep nourishing and sustaining experience of fulfilment and satisfaction in life. One that is not reliant on external measures of success and validation.

5. The fact is, who you actually are right, now does not include all that you have the potential to be. Soul vs spirit helps us understand why.

There is a difference between who you actually are now in this moment and whom you as a person have the potential to be in the next.

I would like to illustrate this with a very simple example.

You might know you have the capacity to be light-hearted, motivating and inspiring. However, the way your life and body are currently functioning makes it hard for you to actually be this part of your nature.

Perhaps your days and life are filled with endless chores, your mental health is struggling under the load and you are zapped of physical vitality! Altogether this means you currently rarely have the opportunity to actually be this light-hearted and inspiring part of yourself. Therefore this part of self is currently found more in the realms of potential.

Please know this. The parts of self that are sitting in potential do not just disappear forever.

They are still there! They are merely at this time located in the space of your potential! This means, as your life stands, there are currently limited opportunities to actually be and embody these aspects of self.

  • Actual Self - who and what you actually have the opportunity to currently be.

  • Potential Self- other characteristics of the self that you have the potential to be but are currently remaining latent inside of you.

The actual and potential selves co-exist in you at all times. There is an edge between them. This edge is where pure potential can flow over into embodiment ‒ into your actual lived experience of self and life!

Why am I telling you this? Well, it brings me to my next essential point.

6. The reality is you are both a human being, with an actualised self full of divine potential, AND you are a soul and spirit!

Of course, you know you are human. You do not need me to tell you this! As a human being, you have an identity, personality and persona with free will. The physical, mental and emotional environment you find yourself in has a shaping effect on you. The family, culture, society and greater material universe you find yourself in shapes you. It contributes to creating your knowledge and understanding of your identity.

A lot of the external shaping you have from the outside world severely limits your potential.

Some of the shaping and conditioning you have is desirable. Other aspects, less so. Conditioning can block you from bringing your potential self into actualisation and embodiment. It can create an obstacle in the free-flowing expression of your more refined nature of soul and spirit.

It is important to remember that although you are human, you are more than human too.

Understand the difference of soul and spirit in the way they express themselves in your body and life. Your soul expresses itself through the very physical and energetic fabric of your body and reminds you of your accumulated wisdom, lining you to your authentic self. Your spirit animates you with its high vibrational energy of pure potential, linking you to your divinity.

7. Your soul holds within the wisdom you need to unlock and strip away the layers of shaping you have accumulated from your current life and past life experiences.

This is the most essential point I hope you take away from this article. This point is what I have been leading you towards in offering the benefit of my accumulated 26 years of clinical experience as a Psychic Spiritual Healer.

Many of these layers of shaping, imprinted onto you from the external world, hinder your capacity to be all you have the potential to be.

Your spirit is the wholly magnificent and all-powerful life force that is key to unlocking and surfacing from within greater depths of soul wisdom.

The more you embody the nature and character of your soul, the more you discover what authenticity means for you. You become empowered to express your authentic self in a way where further shaping from external forces and challenging experiences in your life is significantly reduced.

It is my genuine and sincere hands-on-heart hope that this article inspires you to connect and build a relationship with the soul and spirit levels of self. Doing so will transform your understanding of self for the better, and set you on a path to express, embrace and love what is truly remarkable and unique about you!

Would you like support to connect to the wisdom of your soul and the potential of your spirit within?

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With love and respect for your unique path through life.

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Trina Joy Lucas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Trina Joy Lucas is a Psychic Spiritual Healer and international expert on the spiritual roots of health with over 26 years and 27000 hours of clinical experience. Trina grew up isolated with a myriad of health issues that defied conventional treatments. A Bachelor of Health Science with Honours in Traditional Chinese Medicine coupled with Trina awakening psychic talents to communicate with a team of Healing Spirits resulted in a deep understanding of the broader spiritual underpinnings of the human body and psyche. Trina is a grounded and practical teacher, writer and speaker who empowers people to (1) understand and heal their symptoms while gaining insight into their purpose and meaning and (2) develop their personal soul-based gifts and abilities. It is Trina’s mission to use her expertise to educate the world on the science of spiritual healing, bringing a holistic approach to medicine to focus on exceptional outcomes for clients. Trina runs courses, a membership-based group, The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary, and offers one-to-one spiritual healing and mentor sessions. Trina’s message is simple: “Your spirit is a powerful agent of change. Be the gift to self and others the world needs – body, mind and soul.”



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