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Business Vs. Spirituality ‒ How To Align Your Soul And Career

Written by: Riya Loveguard, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Some call it a mid-life crisis. Some call it a spiritual awakening. The fact is that many clients approach me when a new, radical idea stirs inside them that goes against every notion of “success” that they’ve worked so hard to attain. They feel called to change the lives they have built for so many years but are very uncertain about this new path ahead.

They describe it as some kind of urging within them to let go of the current business or a corporate job because they feel like they can’t be spiritual and a high-powered executive of a company at the same time.

I’ve noticed that in the spiritual community, so many people are starting to feel pressure to radically shift their lives. They may feel that in order to be soul-aligned they need to turn on the hermit mode and disappear into the forest for years to meditate.

Here’s the thing though. A lot of times, this feeling of being uncomfortable with the thought of still pursuing wealth or a “3D career” while spiritually awakening has a lot to do with the human ego and societal or collective programming.

You don’t have to be a monk to live a life of meaningful pursuits. In fact, you can build a huge business empire while being fully soul-aligned at the same time.

Finding Soul Alignment

What does it mean to be soul-aligned? Being soul-aligned and living our soul purpose has to come down to our soul contract an agreement we have decided to undertake before incarnating here on Earth.

Each of us has a unique soul contract or soul purpose. Some of us have come here to be spiritual leaders or teachers. To indeed, climb barefoot a mountain or even actually live a secluded life in a near-constant meditative state.

However, not everyone is meant to do that in this lifetime. That doesn’t mean you are misaligned from your soul purpose; it just means that you’re meant to play a different role. It doesn’t mean that when you’re being a business-minded person you’re not contributing to the planet’s consciousness expansion.

If life was a play on stage, there would be no show at all if everyone played the lead role or wanted to be the stage manager. To make the play successful, there has to be a director, a supporting actor, a technical crew, a costume director, and an audience, too!

This is kind of a misconception about spirituality that you have to shed all notions of the material plane, whether that’s a career, money, business, title, or relationship and live the life of a shaman or guru. It is pretty prevalent in the spiritual community, and it has a lot to do with societal conditioning and programming of duality and black-and-white versions of reality.

What does it mean to align your career with your Soul?

To be soul-aligned, you have to be able to identify within yourself what your natural, God, or Source-given talents are and what brings you joy, desire, and ease. This is often easier said than done as we find it difficult to distinguish between the voice of the heart and the voice of reason.

I’ll give you an example. I worked individually with a client who had a real estate agency. In the course of her spiritual journey, she wanted to drop everything related to her agency and become a life or spirituality coach. At that time, she was handling projects for huge developers building over 300 houses. She generally enjoyed being in the real estate business, though and she felt torn about leaving the career she has built for so many years and what she perceived as a more “enlightened” path.

In the course of our sessions, however, she realized that it wasn’t the career itself that felt misaligned with her soul. It was the environment that she was working in. She didn’t enjoy the paperwork and administration which was needed as a result of working with huge development companies.

However, she loved every minute of working with small, day-to-day clients. She loved helping out people who were buying their dream homes. She thrived on interactions with her clients, with human contact whilst holding open days. In fact, she realized that the only reason she decided to work with big housebuilders was that years ago, whilst she was taking a career development course, she met another realtor who was bragging about being the biggest in town because of handling big developer contracts. At that time, my client’s brain made a connection: success = working with big corporate clients.

But that was not her soul’s true calling. And more importantly, we have identified that as soon as she signed her first contract with a big developer, her income dried off. The houses she had in her portfolio, just stopped selling! It was the Soul signaling that something was amiss. However, it took some investigation of energetic patterns in order to notice that the root cause of the income block was this misalignment.

After energetically letting go of the pressure over her contract with the big developer, a huge money block was removed from her energetic field. The following day after our session, one of the houses she was selling received a great offer. Within a week, she started getting more and more mum-and-dad clients and surprisingly, signed deals with the biggest commissions of her career.

The takeaway from that is that sometimes misalignment has nothing to do with what you’re doing but with how you’re doing it, why you’re doing it, and who you’re doing it with. And that our Higher Self really wants the best for us.

Sacrifice vs. Desire

I want to emphasize that finding soul alignment doesn’t require you to sacrifice your wealth, profession, or relationships. On the contrary, finding soul alignment should feel like your pursuits and interactions are flourishing and evolving into this beautiful thing that keeps you going.

You will know what feels aligned because your soul will speak it to you. Your soul speaks the language of desire, not the language of sacrifice.

If a business or career feels right and moves through your energetic field with ease and peace, then most likely, that’s something that your soul is aligned with. Although asking the big questions like “What is my soul mission?” is important, sometimes breaking them down into small, bite-sized steps and asking, “What feels good to me?” is what will lead you to live your most abundant timeline.

“What is my biggest passion? What fuels me?” These are the things you need to ask. Your natural soul gifts should come easy, they are not something that needs blood, sweat, and tears. We can unify and join our 3D skills with our 5D skills, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Once you start asking the right questions, conversing with your Soul, and following the path of desire, you will shift into alignment effortlessly. And remember, that identifying what aligns with your Soul should come from you and within you, not what any spiritual master, shaman, or guru tells you. It’s a matter of attuning your heart to listen to the guidance from your Higher Self, your intuition, and actually trusting it.

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Riya Loveguard, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Riya Loveguard is a Quantum Business Strategist bridges the gap between entrepreneurship and spirituality by teaching how to use the energetics of business to establish a successful brand in the physical sphere. Known as The Galactic Linguist, Riya channels multiple Light Languages that carry strong sound frequencies capable of impacting every aspect of your reality. Riya's purpose is to show business people and spiritual practitioners alike that ascension does not have to be at odds with achieving financial success. Riya explains how implementing energy laws into your business is the key to having a fulfilling and impactful life.



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