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Purpose – How I Let Go Of The Pressure

Written by: David Bingley, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor David Bingley

What’s your purpose? Some folks are so lucky when they wake up one day as a child and know what they want to be. I was not one of those lucky folks.

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To me, it was a HUGE question! One that used to terrify me.  

When asked, "David, what is your purpose?” or even when I asked myself that question, I felt like I was being engulfed in a vast void or, better still, A Black Hole! 

To me, PURPOSE was the stuff for legends like Gandhi or Mother Teresa. What could I possibly aspire to that could have a fraction of their purpose and impact?

Through reflection and thought over time, I got to a point where I remembered a story my father had told me.

My father worked in Nigeria in the early to mid-1970s. He was assigned a messenger as part of his entourage, reporting to his secretary.

After a year or so, he asked this young man what he wanted to do with his life. Where did he see himself in 5 years? That sort of thing.  

He said he was happy working for my father and had no further ambitions.

My father was the principal of a hotel training school and an executive and advisor to the hotel chain on training and operations.

He called his secretary in and let the messenger know that he was being promoted and assigned to be trained as a waiter in the school.

The young man was devastated and in tears but took the opportunity after further discussion with the secretary.

Many years later, a different assignment to the same location in Nigeria. My parents visited an extremely high-end Chinese Restaurant for dinner.

They were waiting patiently at the reception desk for a table when there was a high-pitched scream escaping from a huge man who charged at my parents, screaming my father's name. My folks were in shock and stood frozen.

He fell to his knees and hugged my father in tears.  

It was the messenger. He was the Part owner and General Manager of one of the most prestigious Chinese Restaurants in the city.

As I looked at what my purpose was through the lens of this true story as well as other stories. My intimidation and perception in and around purpose and what was my purpose became less daunting and much more inviting. It was not such a vast or distant objective. For which I was unworthy or not ready. I had taken it off a pedestal and made it more accessible, like an opportunity.  

It was just a thing I could choose to do in a moment. The impact I might have with each step. I realized that as I continued in life. Becoming more aware of what I wanted and felt was the right thing to do and taking the appropriate action, my purpose would reveal itself to me.

If you need help to land on your purpose, explore your expectations of what purpose means to you and how you fit into that. Reflect on what you want and what you value. Get curious about how you feel about your principles or philosophy. Take note and let it unfold and materialize. 

In-Vision Coaching… taking small steps to live large!

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David Bingley Brainz Magazine

David Bingley, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

David Bingley is an expert in Leadership and Empowerment Coaching, working on mental/emotional fitness and self-awareness. By exploring perspectives to define purpose and direction (our vision, mission and ambition for ourself and the world) to how we frame ourself and embrace our values so our intentions and actions are aligned. David founded In-Vision Coaching as a platform to assist people to empower themselves, take control of their life using the strategies, frameworks and structures he developed to fine tune for peak performance. You may work with David in 1:1 coaching, team coaching or specialist workshops, taking small steps to… LIVE LARGE!



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