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Mum Of Two From London Helps Women Flick The Cognitive Switch To Gain Success And Happiness

Written by: Sam Evans, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The Cognitive Switch - Turn off self-sabotage and turn on self-empowerment like a flick of a switch

Before I became a coach, an author and now to be a trainer specialising in the subconscious mind, I really had no idea how much the mind plays such a huge impact on how we can achieve our goals caused by the one and only self-sabotage in the depth of our being.

I always knew from as young as seven years old, that I was destined for more, but I just didn’t know what I would do, or even who I would become because my entire life was not as picturesque as you may think it to be, especially as I love a good photo!

I always felt like something was missing from my life and was always chasing the answer with the need to fit in and to be fixed, because I deeply believed that I was just a big fat problem. It wasn’t until I reached my thirties, that I realised that things had to change.

At 30 I declared myself bankrupt after accruing a debt of over £40k and everything felt so hard as if I was going one step forward and ten steps back, repeating the same old experiences, day in and day out. All I ever knew was to work hard and push myself harder to keep striving. With no job, no income and no man in my life, it was at this point, I decided enough was enough and declared I AM DONE! I was done with the way my life was, and I was ready for change, unconsciously realising that I was letting go of any outcome and therefore taking off the pressure of fitting in and people pleasing.

Within days, I met my husband, the love of my life, and we had two beautiful boys and I found my purpose as an online coach. By heavily investing in myself, I can now show others how to re-write their stories by turning off self-sabotage and turning on self-empowerment, using the power of NLP.

Despite qualifying in the most powerful tools I have ever come across, my past was well and truly beginning to surface as I was stepping into new territory and the unknown as I worked towards achieving my desires. However, with my history of trauma and abuse deeply embedded in my subconscious mind, instead of living life with gratitude, I was reactive and lacked heavily in emotional intelligence as I had no idea that my past was well and truly consuming my present causing me to live in a constant state of anxiety.

I was sexually abused as a child, beaten and locked in a cellar for misbehaving and grew up feeling lonely and wishing my life was over. I even prayed to God to take me back, until I received an intuitive message telling me that I was meant for more. Despite these painful events causing me a significant amount of pain and sadness, I decided to accept this message as I knew I was meant for more, so I continued to never give up on my dreams.

I only ever wanted to be accepted by others, and I had no idea that the most important thing for me to do was to truly accept who I am. All I ever knew how to respond to any given situation was to react in explosive outbursts, until it finally took it’s toll on both myself and my husband and I knew that it was time for me to work deeply and heal the wounds of my past.

Through deep coaching and healing and studying the unconscious mind, I was able to create my own four-part framework using four key elements to help women overcome previous trauma or experiences that are holding them back allowing female entrepreneurs turn off self-sabotage and turn on self-empowerment exactly how I did.

By establishing the root cause of their problems at a subconscious level, the clients have gone on to heal and align, so they can have, be and do whatever they want simply by shining the light on the blind spots that they are unable to see for themselves, enabling them to piece everything back together and move forward with confidence and believe that anything is possible.

Now as a Master NLP Coach running a hugely successful global business specialising in timeline therapy® and emotional intelligence, my journey from hitting rock bottom to inspiring others has been one that has really allowed the women I work with to know that their lives can be shifted into the direction towards their desires instead of away from their goals.

The women have gone onto live their best lives which is why I am proud to share that my thoughts, experiences and lessons have now been collaborated into my very first book The Cognitive Switch® which has been written to help women give themselves permission to live an abundant, happy, and fulfilled life, where they believe in themselves that they can do anything. , This book is as emotional as it is motivational to help you raise into awareness anything that is holding you back and to allow you to take full responsibility and manifest the life you desire on your terms.

The Cognitive Switch® - Turn off self-sabotage and turn on self-empowerment like a flick of a switch is now available for you to purchase and will be available on Amazon and in all major bookstores.

You can now purchase this exclusive book using this link, as I am making it my mission to help one million women by 2030 turn on their internal switch of infinite intelligence so they can reach their full potential without limitations.

“To achieve what you want and be who you want, you have to become the person ready to reach that next level. With openness, gratitude, and appreciation of where you came from and who you are, you are no longer controlled by your past conditioning and instead have a deep knowingness that everything will always work out. In short, you have to flick that switch from self-sabotage to self-empowerment by reprogramming your current conditioning.” — Sam Evans, Author, coach & trainer

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Sam Evans, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Sam Evans, CEO of Sam Evans Global, is the UK's leading expert in the mind-body connection. She is known as an Intuitive business coach and mentor who has helped transform hundreds of female entrepreneurs in the online realm. Using her trademark system, The Cognitive Switch® & Unlock Your Money Block®, she has enabled women in business to confidently increase revenues up to £150k, attract followers, and defeat self-sabotage, by teaching them how to be decisive in action, clear in message, and overcome their worst enemy: themselves. As an accredited Master Coach in NLP, Timeline Therapy™, and Hypnotherapy, a UK approved TTi® Emotional Quotient Practitioner specialising in Emotional Intelligence, Human Design, and Silent Counseling. Sam has enabled her clients to be decisive, clear on their purpose, and profitable. She is also a number 1 best-selling Amazon author of Monetise Your Message and currently writing her own book soon to be published in 2021. Sam has been featured on Fox, NBC, Coach Magazine, Mental Magazine and Mum Boss UK, as well on podcasts such as Andrew Kaplan’s Shatter the Mold, Hannah Marie Olivia’s Adulting Advice, and guest expert at the MIBA International Event, guest trainer at the women helping women grow summit, hosted by Sabine Kvenberg and a profound speaker at the HerStory Global Summit in 2020. Sam’s purpose and mission is to transform the lives of one million women, by diminishing the inner critic to access their infinite intelligence and potentiality by 2030. She is based in the UK with her husband and 2 children.



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