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Luxury Travel Experiences – Discovering The World While Nurturing Your Soul

Ellen Damaso ingeniously infuses her engineering nerd roots with a passion for empowerment and wardrobe styling talent. With a background in defining processes, she guides others to conquer the world with styling and unwavering confidence, all while sprinkling in the wisdom of two captivating books.

Executive Contributor Ellen Damaso

Travel is good for the soul. I've traveled more this year than I ever have any other year. My mind, body, and soul know new depths that I wouldn't have had just stayed at home doing the same daily routine. When we get caught up in our daily activities, we can lose the importance of reflection. If we are so immersed in our routines, we can lose the chance to breathe deeply and listen to our souls.

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Luxury travel gives us that chance to nourish our weary souls. From the anticipation of the trip, packing the essentials, and, most importantly, allowing our minds to open up to the coming days of relaxation, mindfulness, and reflection.


We allow ourselves to be taken care of. At the Costa Rica retreat, I went to, I allowed myself to effortlessly roam from yoga sessions to meditation sessions to farm-to-table meals. I embraced the gifts of healthy meals the extraordinary chef brought to my table. My healthy self thanked me for the taste. I savored the textures of fresh vegetables and delicious seafood from the coast that was within my eyesight with the sounds of the waves crashing.


All the sights and sounds of the beauty of traveling can invoke the soul if we allow ourselves to experience it in slow travel. Journaling is a powerful way to capture the essence of what is invoked within us and stirs our souls. We get out of our element and realize we hold a small space in this grand world, yet we also find the infinite space within we have to create our reality. We can bring forth this intense experience to fruition in our lives back home.


Meditating in your traveled spaces can intensify your experience even more. It allows you to disconnect from the constant chatter, thoughts, and distracting musings that can occur when we experience something new.


Close your eyes. Take a breath slowly, settle into your body, and allow yourself to come into these beautiful locations in your entirety of nothingness to be embraced by the vastness of all the universe brings to us in that luxury travel location. The whole point of travel is not to escape but to allow our new-experienced selves to become more fully entangled in our daily lives.

The element of self-discovery is also another benefit of opening our world to travel. Here, in your travel experiences, most of your family, community, friends, and colleagues aren't there. So, you're allowed to be a new you without being questioned or having self-doubt. Do you feel like surfing for the first time? Or going ziplining? Even bungee jumping? Or just sitting there still doing nothing. Your travel desires and activities are there for you to define yourself and create new sparks into new adventures.

You're not alone when it comes to luxury wellness retreats. It's a new trend around the world. The busier we get and the faster the world seems to spin, the more we see people retreating from their stress-filled lives. We are all in search of a place where our souls can feel free to sing and dance.


Along with luxury travel, it's also important to take into the practice of being sustainable. It's a global concern and the travel industry is making changes. Gone are the days of having one-time-use toiletries. Daily room cleaning is a thing of the past and reusing towels is today's practice.


Another great part of luxury travel is the amazing people you meet along the way. Whatsapp is my top messaging platform now as I continue to cross time zones throughout the world, engaging with new friends from Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Dubai, and many more countries. As our world expands, it's more and more important to bridge the gap of our demographics and just love our fellow human beings.


Travel is more than just going to a beautiful place or getting away from work. It's our chance to transform our souls by being mindful, as well as meditating on everything and nothing at the same time. Luxury travel is not just for the wealthy; it's for everyday people. Because when working hard, we need that work and life harmony to allow ourselves to be luxurious. Let yourself be pampered, treated with exquisite cuisines, and live life richly and fully. You'll be a better person for it. I know I am.

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Ellen Damaso, Change Maker and Founder

Ellen Damaso, a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence, transformed her life through healing and personal growth. She founded 'Inner Bling Styling', a coaching practice empowering others to reach their next level. By 2024, Ellen manifested a life beyond her dreams, owning multiple overseas properties, traveling the world, and growing her wealth. Ellen's message of hope, healing, and self-love has made a sought-after speaker, author, and mentor inspiring people worldwide.


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