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Journey Of Aligning With Her True Soul Self – Exclusive Interview With Corinne Henderson

Corinne Henderson is a highly intuitive, experienced, and naturally gifted healer and transformational Soul Coach who specialises in guiding clients to embody their best selves by reuniting them with their true authentic (Soul) Self.


She says this path to ‘reconnect’ back to the authentic self is a deeply profound life changing journey one chooses to take, a journey she undertook herself completely revolutionising her life. She left her highly stressful career as a Qualified Senior Management Accountant, after retraining in Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Shamanic Practices. Rediscovering along the way her path and purpose.


She is passionate about her business and says it goes beyond work. She feels the alignment with her calling and channels her passion, devotion and commitment into each client.


Corinne says that it is the Soul that carries the keys to the destined life of meaning wellbeing and connection, and that most people are not embodying much of this higher aspect of self, due to their energetic systems being blocked with trauma and negative beliefs, they are often unaware of.


Her signature programme ‘Reconnect’, an 8-week online offering, took years to develop so that it may benefit as many people as possible who are seeking greater connection, purpose and wellbeing.

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Corinne Henderson, Hypno-Soul Therapist and Transformational Coach


Can you start by telling us about your business?


Yes, I’d love to. I am the creator of Simple Change Hypno-Soul Therapy, which has evolved, just as I have, since its inception in 2018. Initially based in Clinical Hypnotherapy with many positive results, I was guided to support people to stop smoking, drinking, feel more confident, process childhood trauma and dissolve negative patterns, all serving to improve their quality of life. While the shift supported my clients, I felt there was a missing piece of the puzzle for reconnecting people back to a truly fulfilling life, which was the journey I was on. I knew in my own life that what gave me courage, strength and determination was the knowledge and curiosity of the soul and a longing to become more intimate with it.


During the beginning stages of my work, I introduced clients who I intuitively felt would be open to their soul aspect and I found this to be the first wave of expanding my client base. Many were curious and already had an inner knowing of the soul but were unaware of the severance from this higher aspect of Self.


I had always been fascinated by past lives due to a deep inner knowing, or Gnosis, that I had been here before. So, I read every book I could on this subject, and this was my stepping stone to hypnosis and my first insight into how powerful this tool was for gaining insight, healing and creating lasting change.


I experienced many feelings that didn’t serve my expansion on this path. I discovered I had deep wounds from many lifetimes around persecution of speaking my truth, as well as programming due to an underlying subconscious collective belief that there is no Soul, that mainstream science doesn’t confirm it, so it doesn’t exist.


I was led through my own 7-year initiation of healing unprocessed trauma, unearthing and healing negative subconscious programmes, integrating my wounded inner children and shadow selves, to make space in my energetic system to embody more of my true soul light. In doing this I began the shift into alignment, and I began living from a higher perspective rather than my negatively programmed self (ego) that didn’t think I was worthy.


This has been an incredible, healing, awakening and transformational journey, and it is the journey I now invite my clients to take so that they may start to live a life in alignment with their greatest path and purpose.


Through this journey I teach clients the effects of negative programmes that do not serve their highest good, how to transform (alchemise) them, how to process blocked stagnant emotional traumas, and how to be the authority of their energetic field, all with their own light, their soul, so that they may live their highest expression.


I work from both conscious and subconscious perspectives to accelerate and amplify results. Much of the conscious element comes in through Soul Masterclasses and Soul Coaching sessions and videos.


Hypnosis is such a powerful tool when combined with soul medicine meditation work and Soul Coaching Energy Transmissions and Masterclasses. When we gain access to the quantum field, we enter an accelerated state of learning and change. Through intention, visualization and metaphor, we reconstruct the architecture of the energetic bricks we laid down when we were unaware of the true higher perspective.


On this higher path you will discover your self-worth and that you are an important piece of the cosmic body. You are loved unconditionally and there is an enormous amount of support surrounding and available to you.

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Why is it important to recognise and fully integrate this higher soul aspect?


I will use a metaphor here to answer this, as this is one way the brain learns and understands new information, and it will allow me to demonstrate on a very basic level an aspect of how the subconscious works. I ask you though to focus all your attention upon it and remember you would usually have your eyes closed with all external distractions left outside of the room that you are in, as I would have led you into a deeply focussed internal state of awareness.


So, just take a moment here, take a deep breath in and hold, and then out. Now, imagine with me, you are a small child, and you look around and witness that all other older children, and all adults have their left arm strapped to their body.


Your parents sit you down and tell you that your left arm isn’t important, it doesn’t serve a purpose. Something doesn’t feel right, you have been using it and enjoying using it and interacting with it since you were born, you wondered why no one ever really spoke about it, but you trust your parents and want to make them happy. You know that when you make them happy you are usually rewarded with love, and as a child you yearn to feel accepted, safe and to be loved unconditionally. You look around at everyone else doing the same, the teachers at school, the TV programmes, all adults you come across, no one is really talking about the left arm, or recognising its existence or beauty.


So, you push down your feelings, you take a deep breath, and you agree to have your arm strapped up and not talk about your left arm again. You crave to fit in, to belong, to be accepted by others. At first it feels uncomfortable, and you resist, however you begin to adapt, and soon you are so used to it being tied that you become numb to it, you deny its existence, and you learn to adapt to life with one arm.


Every now and then you notice your arm, it gives you a sign that is hard to ignore, so you do what most adults do to cope in a world what feels unnatural and uncomfortable, you avoid it through taking drugs, drinking, smoking, working too much, anything to avoid the discomfort.


Continuing in this manner, life appears outwardly successful according to the societal norms, but you do not feel fulfilled, and you know inside there is more to life. At some point, you make a choice to no longer ignore the discomfort and you unstrap your arm. You know you are going against tradition and societal norms, but it doesn’t matter anymore. You reach a point of exhaustion from the constant running on the hamster wheel of avoidance. You are feeling unfulfilled, and you know you are being guided to do it through an inner knowing that something just isn’t right with not accessing the left arm.


At first, it’s still numb, and as the numbness subsides and the energy begins to flow and circulate again through the arm it feels heavy and painful. It’s like all those years of tying and holding it hostage is now coming up to the surface. It feels uncomfortable, but you remember what a wise inner guide once told you “So what if it’s uncomfortable, if you were to avoid everything that was uncomfortable, you’d be still crawling around on the floor”.


You allow yourself to feel the ache and the pain of so many decades of suppression. You give yourself space and time to rest and heal, and very soon, much sooner than you expect, you start to change your life. You receive a new level of support; mountains are being moved, you are reaching new heights, and your ships are coming in. You feel excited, you feel connected, you feel and see new possibilities, and opportunities are opening for you everywhere, with ease and grace.


You are no longer on this journey alone, you are now aware of a companion that’s been there all along, waiting patiently for you to acknowledge it, to welcome it back home to operate as it was originally intended to. Together you are now co-creating and sculpting a new and improved reality that you want to live in. People are feeling this shift, they notice your glow, and are impacted by your light. This is the beginning of an adventure as you reunite with the true soul self, the wise, ancient part of you that holds the keys to your destined life.


The reality we are all born into, which I refer to as the false matrix is a reality that is designed to disconnect and de-arm us and now it’s time, we re-armed ourselves, metaphorically speaking of course, to reclaim our divine inheritance to live a life of meaning, connection and radiant health. 


What is the soul? How would you describe it?


Big question! Ultimately the soul is the true essence of who we are. The totality of us. Its intelligent conscious energy that holds all memories of all we have ever experienced since the inception of our soul. The soul is always connected into the godhead, or some may refer to this as source, the place in which all souls and creation is birthed from.

The soul is ancient and wise, and could have been in existence for millions, even billions of years, having experienced many lives, in many different bodies, on many different planets, levels and dimensions. The soul desires to experience from new perspectives so that it may grow and expand in new ways.

The soul is a creator being. It creates realities to play in, to explore how it can grow and expand from these differing perspectives. It loves adventure and it is highly curious. It knows that it will never die and has eternity. When you zoom out to this higher perspective it can help you understand from the human lower perspective why we may choose to experience things that perhaps from a very surface level appear unfavourable.

We remember the soul is a creator being and whilst the body is important and the soul cherishes the body, it meticulously designed the body to house part of its energy. The soul though understands that once the life is over, it is not over, so it will make moves that the human may not at first understand.

The soul is with you from the moment you are born and will be with you as you take your last breath in this incarnation. It loves you unconditionally and it never judges you. It knows everything about you, there is nothing we can hide from your soul, because it is you.

The soul is a guide, a mentor and a guardian. It has so much reverence for the human aspect because it knows how challenging the Earth school can and has been. Many souls vie to get access to the Earth school because it creates accelerated growth, and this is prized by the soul.

The soul has a divine blueprint. It has a plan (destiny) for our lives. Many of the difficult experiences we encounter are planned for us to wake up and remember who we are. I’m sure most can look at their lives and realise it is often those difficult times that have created the most growth. However, once you awaken to the soul, you do not need to experience suffering anymore. I can’t say that you will never experience pain, but it will feel different as you will have the support to navigate it and a deep knowing that what you are experiencing it for your highest good.

The soul is mysterious, magical and there is still much unknown on this level of existence. Rediscovering the true soul self is a profoundly personal intimate journey that we take, which is part of the awakening journey that unfolds more and more as we devote ourselves to our healing and growth. 

I am obsessed (it a healthy way!) with the soul. I choose to be single for much of my life so far, having been single for 20+ years. I choose this so that I could dedicate my life to knowing the soul on a level that would enable me to guide others to do the same. This is what god, and my soul has asked of me, and this is what I do as a humble and grateful messenger. There is no job I would prefer. I love it and feel honoured to be doing it!

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Can you tell us more about your signature programme ‘Reconnect?’


Yes, please! This is like my baby, and I am so proud of it and so grateful to all the open-minded spiritual warrior clients I have worked with, and to my spirit team and ultimately to my soul that led me to give birth to it.


It was back in February 2021 that my soul made me aware of the programme ‘Reconnect’ I was to bring into form. I knew it was the journey I was on, and the path I was guiding my clients on. But back then I still had healing and work to do. It was to be early in 2023, after remaining focussed and dedicated that I would experience another upgrade and acceleration in my healing and growth and finally give birth to the full programme. Initially working with this framework 1:1.


By October 2023 I was guided to do my first group zoom live online representation of it. This was such a turning point for me and another profound upgrade in the communication with my soul and my spirit team. I was becoming such a clear channel for receiving guidance, information and interpreting the messages, signs and synchronicities, that were amplifying in my life due to my healing which was raising my frequency.


I was surprised at what I was tapping into and how effortless it was all coming together as I transformed my ‘Reconnect’ sessions into a programme that could be received by a wider audience no matter their challenge, without watering down its impact.


The programme itself began as a 7-week programme, however with the recent launch I did during April, ‘Reconnect2.0’ became an 8-week programme.


Each week starts with a 1–2-hour Energy Transmission and Soul Masterclass. These activate the energy bodies beyond the logical mind, although it also satisfies the mind. You can expect pieces of your own puzzle to just start clicking into place. I use visual images which act as activators for me to bring through potent information and messages in a way that can be integrated rapidly by the body within the subconscious realms. I use my own personal experiences for people to find their resonance on a practical physical level.


This part of the programme is very powerful, and whilst I had created a framework for the programme, I never quite new exactly how each week would be structured until the run up to it, as spirit would guide me, and I would align with and interpret the messages. I was in awe of the magic that unfolded during April’s launch. This is the programme I have recorded and can be purchased on my website to start today. 


The recordings show clearly due to them being date and timed stamped that the future was interacting with the present and the past, and that there is a higher power guiding us and working with us. I received a prophetic global message during the recording of this programme which is also captured.


After the energy transmission we then move into the hypnotic guided meditation where you get to relax and go on an inner adventure with me. These meditations are also transmissions of which usually I get visions, and these visions come with messages that just flow. I am always in awe at what comes through in these, and how even though I am writing them each week without planning, they all seamlessly build on each other and fit together perfectly.


When we enter the quantum world and start journeying the landscapes of our inner terrain, life will never be the same again. Work in the energy world is powerful because it is the source of everything. Everything that is in physical form first started in the energy world, as thought, an energetic construct, a picture, an image, a geometry. Just like Albert Einstein (scientist) knew and quoted ‘Everything Is Energy”. Nikola Tesla (scientist) knew the same and said, ‘If you want to understand the universe think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency’.


When we work in hypnotic meditation we are changing the energetic landscape, building new foundations based in light as we dissolve foundations based in fear, lack and diss information.


I was attracted to hypnosis, which led me to meditation and journeying for 2 main reasons: First, due to my love of past lives, as already mentioned; Secondly, because I was exhausted through my finance job, and I wanted a rapid solution to change, that was as effortless and relaxing as possible. What could be better than simply closing your eyes, laying back comfortably, all cosy under a blanket and going on an inner adventure?!


You can find full details of this on my website.


Do you have to already have a foundation in spirituality to do this programme?


No, you do not need to have any prior knowledge or experience when it comes to spirituality. However, you do need to have an open mind. It is our belief systems that create much of the reality we feel and experience. So, if you have a concrete belief there is no soul, and no higher power then it’s unlikely that what I present to you would be received as you would be in resistance to it.


With a little look to the left we can consider ‘perhaps there is a soul?’ and this is all the shift that would be needed to begin opening you up to a whole new exciting world, that awaits your arrival.


I strongly believe the people that are meant for this programme will know it, they will feel a curiosity, an impulse, whether they have a strong knowing or not about the existence of the soul.


My work often attracts people that are just beginning to awaken that are sometimes in crisis. Usually, they are not aware they are going through the awakening process. Or people that are on the awakening journey already but looking to deepen their discovery of the self, healing and expansion.


Can you tell us more about the new trial you have started to support people with Chronic illness?


Yes, I have recently put out a call to those that are ‘sick of being sick’ of being told ‘we don’t know why you are suffering and there is nothing we can do except medicate you’. I am currently working with 2 clients who were diagnosed with MS.


My intention is to guide them to their healing and support them through awakening. My expectation is that this healing will dissolve the presenting symptom (MS). I am clear that I cannot guarantee this as contracts are held at a soul level. However, I do believe that it is more than possible. The body is designed to regenerate and heal itself when it is given the right environment. Epigenetics in scientifically backing this up now. I believe most illness is down to blocks in the energy system caused by unprocessed trauma and negative beliefs that lead to negative behaviours and habits.


The body holds this trauma until it feels safe to release it. For most people the body never gets this feeling of safety for long enough to do the healing it needs to restore health and wellness. Most people live in chronic stress (that was me!) that has been normalised. In the end it begins to breakdown the body as it cannot continue to function as it was designed to do so.


The symptoms that the body gets through differing illnesses is the body communicating to the person that there is something wrong and changes are needed. It is not because the body is bad. We can be grateful to get these messages, so we have an opportunity to course correct.


When a person medicates, which I am neither advocating for, or not. I am not a doctor, and it is a person’s individual choice. In some instances, a person’s body has gone so far without correction of environment that it needs medication to survive long enough to make the necessary changes. What I am saying though is, I believe we need to go to the source, clear the blocks so that life force energy can flow fully through the body, so that it can, in partnership with the soul heal itself.


People are questing more and more, why is it that so many people are sick and there is no cure? All these trillions of pounds in research, yet no cures? Many people are looking to take their health back into their own hands and away from institutions that when you look behind the curtains is not all it appears on the surface.


When I was training as a hypnotherapist, I was taught ‘depression’ was a chemical imbalance in the brain and other than helping them relax more, there wasn’t really anything I could do, there was no cure, they needed medication. I believed this at first, why wouldn’t I? I was being taught by an NHS professional who had trained and practiced as a Hypnotherapist for decades. I was later to discover through further training that I did with Marisa Peer (RTT) that this simply wasn’t truth. She did a Masterclass on depression, and suggested reading Johann Hari ‘Lost Connections’. I recommend reading it for yourself and making up your own mind.


I am about halfway through this trial so I will keep you posted with an article later in the year to share our results.

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What is the difference between soul coaching & life coaching


Traditional coaching tends to see a person as a material being which is part of who we are but not the whole. Whereas soul coaching recognises that whilst you have a body and a mind, and these are divine and important, and must also be worked with, you are not these things, the essence of you, the true you is soul, is conscious intelligent energy.


You are a spiritual being having a human experience and you came here for soul growth, to awaken and to remember who you are. Mainstream society is set up to keep us disconnect from this truth, confused and disembodied from our own beautiful souls.


I’m on a mission to change this, as I believe it is the root of so much depression, illness, suffering, anxiety, addiction, stress, imposter syndrome, lack of self-belief, or just a general lack of motivation, direction and inspiration in life and for life.


Can you tell us about the different options clients have to work with you?


Sure, I have created a 3-tier offering which includes:


Online 8-week pre-recorded ‘Reconnect2.0 Embodying Your True Soul Self to Embrace Your Highest Potential’ which you can start today. This comes with a 21-day money-back guarantee and includes many bonuses.


Alternatively, you can join one of my live group zoom sessions. I am currently launching these twice a year and you can visit my website for the date of the next one and register your interest.


Or you can work with me 1:1. In person if you live in the West Yorkshire, England area, or online over zoom.


I created these 3 tiers to satisfy personal preference and to offer differing price points so that all can take this journey if they choose to.


My only recommendation is, if you are really suffering, and your body is showing physical signs, I would always recommend working with me or another therapist 1:1 so that you can get the required level of personal support.


If in doubt of what option is for you, feel free to book a free online 15-minute consultation with me where we can discuss your needs further.


You can visit my website to purchase. book or inquire about any of the above.


Can you share a story where you really helped someone change?


Yes, I would love to. Many of my clients use words like ‘Life Changing’ for the journey I guide them on, to their own healing. You can find some of these reviews on my website. However today I would like to share a story about an amazing client, now friend that I worked with back in 2020 and then again in April 24 when I invited her onto my ‘Reconnect2.0’ live group sessions and she said yes!


Lauran, a mum of 3, reached out to me during 2020, she was suffering from debilitating panic attacks, and had a deep fear of illness. I was to discover the root of this as we went on our journey together.


When we had our first free consultation, I was curious about her childhood. What was her experience? Did she have both parents at home? What were they like? I suspected before speaking to her one or perhaps both were suffering from an illness, be that mental or physical, although both go hand in hand.


As we talked this was to be confirmed as I would discover from a young age she was dealing with a sick dad, an anxious and stressed mum, and many other stresses resulting from this.


This led to her developing a need from a young age to try and fix things. Patterning which is common for children as they find it deeply traumatising to see their parents who they love unconditionally suffering. Their innocence and pure hearts lead them to try fix the problem.


This, however, isn’t possible, and it creates another deep wound of helplessness that carries into adulthood. When you think about most adults, they feel helpless to help themselves when they are suffering from mental and physical illnesses. This is an illusion and not true and comes from their own unhealed childhood trauma.


I just want to add here before I continue with Lauran’s story, that many adults do not believe they have unhealed trauma because family trauma created through addictions, depression, anxiety, stress, struggle for survival, illness, overworking parents, has been normalised in our society. Parents are often in the dark about their own trauma then they unconsciously pass this on to their children, and the generational trauma cycle continues. Trauma creates more Trauma.


This is one of the reasons I love my work with clients like Lauran, who are the spiritual warriors of our time. Who have chosen to do the work their ancestors could not. To do the healing to clear the ancestral line of trauma so it does not continue to be passed onto their children.


This is powerful work that has positive implications beyond the here and now. It transforms the past, the now and the future for the person doing the work but also for those around them, and those still to come. Many souls are incarnated currently with a contract to do this work and clear out their ancestral line. These souls have many ancestors surrounding them, supporting them and cheering them on.


I was to work with Lauran over 4 sessions. My main tool here was spiritual hypnotherapy and RTT, using regression therapy to explore these past scenes and to rearrange the patterning of how they had been laid down in the subconscious.


Our sessions typically lasted 3 hours, with the first part of the session spent in conversation, discovering more about Lauren and her past, and proposing new higher perspectives. During this time through compassion, kindness, love, acceptance, authenticity and understanding, we were beginning the process of transmutation of old patterns that are not based in light (truth. knowledge. wisdom). We began to change the mind and the neuropathways of the brain.


Lauran quotes in a recent LinkedIn post review,


‘Corinne was the first person to say it’s lovely you look at the positive in every situation, but it is ok to say this has been unfair (maybe a stronger word used!). That allowed me to look back and start to heal past trauma that was blocking me and attracting into my life things that would keep me stuck or replay past hurt’.


What Lauran is recognising here is how important for healing it is that we acknowledge our pain. There is a dangerous miss leading message that we just need to remain positive, and whilst I am absolutely an advocate of positivity, when we are in denial of wounds, or an addiction then is it not possible to heal it. No matter how positive you remain it remains unchecked and will impact your life and your health.


Step number 1 to start healing is ‘Acknowledgement’. From there we can start moving into ‘Acceptance’ which comes more naturally when we bring in the higher perspectives of light (truth. wisdom. knowledge).


During hypnosis we would go through much emotional release as pain would surface that had been buried deep in the body, so we could transmute it together, again with the light. The light is the tool of emotional release.


I would do this work often through intuition and through my own inner knowledge, wisdom, seeking and exploration of the soul. Whilst I had trained in certain frameworks and there was much merit in these, they didn’t acknowledge the actual healer, the soul.


Ultimately Lauran healed her messenger signal ‘panic attacks’ and she found more peace and resolution for her past pain and experiences. We did a lot of healing in a short space of time, and Lauran would go on to continue deepening this journey with some new tools that were all designed to connect her to her own inner healer.


Lauran will say that I changed her life, and you can see the full review she posted recently about our time together on her LinkedIn page.


However, in truth she also changed my life. Any healer stood in integrity and authenticity will tell you that each client changes your life also. It is such a humbling experience and one that holds a win, win, win outcome. The client wins, the therapist wins and the collective of humanity win every time there is a new higher version of a human.


I am sure within this story you can find your own resonance, for we all go through challenges and trauma as children, and it is not our fault. However, it is our responsibility as adults to do the work to heal for our children now and the ones to come.


If you share a desire to do this work, if you feel an inner calling just as I did, and just as Lauren did, you can access any one of my 3 tiers of support by clicking here.

Together we can change the fabric of creation and reseed the sacredness of life back onto the planet. That is my prayer and intention.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and visit my website for more info!

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