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How To Navigate Uncertainty

King Nerio is a ICF Certified, Holistic Embodiment Coach. He is a 3rd Generation Medicine Man utilizing the experiences and wisdom from his forefathers and a holistic and result drivern appraoch to his coaching practice.

Executive Contributor King Nerio Sibulo

In this short blog, you’ll gain practical tools on how to navigate the uncertainties of life. By the end of this brief read, you’ll be equipped with the mindset and strategies to move forward with confidence and clarity.

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Dealing with uncertainty can be nerve-wracking. It can create anxiety, nervousness, and all sorts of negative emotions that drain our energy and take us away from the present moment. When we’re unsure of what the future holds, we tend to panic and make impulsive decisions that often result in unproductive outcomes.


Oftentimes, we imagine the worst-case scenario of what might happen, and this thought pattern often manifests itself and shapes our reality.


Health, finance, relationships, or any area of life can experience uncertainty. Perhaps you've encountered situations where you lost a significant amount of money, were suddenly laid off from work, experienced a breakup, or are dealing with an illness.


Simple practices can remedy these harsh, heavy-hearted situations


Change of perspective

When negative events occur, we often say to ourselves, “Why is this happening to me?” “My life sucks!” or “I hate my life right now.” This perspective often results in self-sabotaging actions that exacerbate your situation. Changing your perspective to view your situation through the lens of gratitude gives you the antidote to fear, anxiety, and all negative emotions. Ask questions like, “What am I learning about myself from this situation?” “What can I be grateful for in this situation?” “What am I learning from this?”


Stay grounded in the present moment

When dealing with uncertainty, we often flashback to past similar situations or worry about future outcomes. Anchoring yourself in the present moment helps you realize that everything is okay, you will find a solution, and all will be well.

When you truly become present, the past and future dissolve. Uncertainty is simply fear of the future, so grounding yourself in the present moment provides clarity on the best action to take. Ground yourself with deep breaths, pay attention to your body and breathing, and focus on your immediate surroundings. Doing so brings peace to your mind and enhances your ability to think clearly for solutions.


Circle of control

Uncertainty often brings fear due to a lack of control in our lives. We dislike feeling out of control because deep down, it doesn’t feel safe. When this happens, use the circle of control. Identify what you can't control and let it go; surrender it to a higher power. For things you can control, take action. There are really only two things we can control: how we perceive a situation and how we respond to it.


In the end, we will always face uncertainty at different times in our lives. It’s what makes life exciting. Whether uncertainty brings positive or negative outcomes, remember it is not forever; it’s simply part of the human experience. What's certain will become uncertain, and what's uncertain will become certain. It’s the ebb and flow of life that we must learn to navigate.


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King Nerio Sibulo, Holistic Embodiment Coach

King Nerio is a ICF Certified, Holistic Embodiment Coach, and a Cold Plunge Practitioner. He is a 3rd Generation Medicine Man utilizing the experiences and wisdom from his forefathers and a holistic and result driven approach to coaching. He helps men embody their most confident self and create a positive self-worth so they can create healthy and meaningful relationships with women, live the life they desire and become a healthy and positive role model for society. King Nerio also hosts meditation and mindfulness workshops to teach people mindfulness practices to deepen their awareness, increase their clarity and live a life grounded in the present moment.



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