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How To Manage Change With Confidence And Clarity

Written by: Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads where you knew something had to change, but at the same time you didn’t know what to do to make it happen? You may have been in a strained relationship, an unfulfilling job, or simply had an inner sense you were meant for something more meaningful or purposeful. During these restless moments, you are being prepared to enter a season of growth which can be quite exciting when you have made the decision to do so. However, when unforeseen events force you to pivot it can be stressful.

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Whether you are facing change by design or default, in either case it may be overwhelming. When inundated with too many decisions at once, you may experience situational paralysis which further complicates matters as it prolongs necessary action. It's normal to feel a wide range of emotions during periods of transition as your brain senses fear and to keep you safe, immediately creates resistance. This may show up as procrastination, self-doubt, or imposter syndrome and left unchecked you risk becoming trapped in a vortex of familiarity, aka your comfort zone.

To successfully navigate through transitions and changes, the key is to home in on your desired outcome so you can move forward with focus, confidence and clarity. 

Here are 3 steps to help you stay aligned as you move in the direction of your goals and dreams to ensure success:

1. Connect with your vision

First and foremost, fast forward to fully connect with your vision. Identify what you want and why. See yourself having achieved it. I guide my coaching clients through an immersive exercise where they visualize every detail about their desired goal. You can do this on your own by setting aside 5-10 minutes of quiet time, creating a mind movie of a significant moment leading up to or after you have actualized your goal, objective or dream.

Visualize yourself from every angle, and allow yourself to fully experience the sights, sounds and surroundings. Now that you have defined what you want, ask yourself why it matters and who else will benefit. Elaborate on who helped you succeed and the obstacles you overcame. Lastly, reflect if, by your own inaction, it doesn’t happen who or what is impacted? (Do not spend too much time on this point, the point is to understand how stepping into your vision affects others.) Journal the insights from your mind movie and repeat the mind movie immersion exercise daily.


2. Shift your focus

Once you have crafted your vision, brain dump key milestones or action steps you believe are necessary to help you reach what you want. Keep your focus on where you are going, not where you are currently, or where you’ve been. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious as you think about your big-picture objective, shift your attention to three small action steps you can take now. Anytime you feel fear, it may be a sign looking too far in advance triggers anxiety or uncertainty because you are not where you want to be and do not know how it is possible for you (yet).

By recalibrating your focus to the next best, small steps, you gain clarity and reduce fear. Completing smaller digestible tasks also builds confidence as you move forward. Show yourself grace; consistent action over time compounds quickly and leads to results. 


3. Model behavior

It’s going to take more than good intentions to successfully transition through change, you must identify and eliminate the old patterns, habits and beliefs or risk holding yourself back. Self-awareness is essential to creating pattern disruptors to override habits no longer serving you. Pay attention specifically to negative self-talk and sabotaging behavior.

Develop powerful intentions, and empowering statements that lift you up. Consider new behaviors you may need to adopt that are aligned with where you are going. For instance, if you are seeking a job promotion, what leadership skills will you need to improve upon? One of the fastest ways to close the gap is to build a library of personal development videos and books. (You can grab my reading list here for suggestions.) Adopt and model the habits of successful people you admire. Start showing up as the future version of yourself now. 


Does this process work? Years ago, during the financial collapse in 2008, everything in my world crumbled; I lost my home and had to close my business. As I surveyed the ruins of my life, I felt deflated, defeated, and discouraged; inaction wasn’t an option, so the only way out was through.

The steps outlined above are part of the S.H.IF.T. process I created to transform my life from being broken rebuilding my life from the inside out and stepping into the vision I dared to imagine. I had to see and believe the transformation long before it would become a reality.

Motivational author Jim Rohn once said:

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight. If you want to reach your goals and fulfill your potential, become intentional about your personal growth. It will change your life.”

If you would like guidance and support as you navigate transitions in your life and want to do something fulfilling and meaningful, I would be happy to connect with you. I invite you to schedule a free virtual coffee chat where we can explore what’s interfering with you having the life you want. 

For more info, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and visit my website!

Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds Brainz Magazine

Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds, Senior Level Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor

Elle (Eleanor) Oliver-Edmonds is a writer, speaker, and certified virtual coach. She pivoted from her advertising/marketing career as a creative strategist crafting consumer-directed messaging for top household brands and applied her creative problem-solving expertise to coaching individuals.

She’s the founder and creator of the S.H.I.F.T. Factor, an online transformational space where Elle empowers women over 40 to reconnect with their dreams, overcome barriers, and strategize a path to success. The five-part inside-out process is based on the guiding principles, tools, and resources Elle successfully used to reimagine and redesign her own life after losing of job, marriage, home, and business.

She now lives a life where every day looks like a vacation. She relocated from hectic city life in Los Angeles to the Palm Desert area where she lives with her husband and is affectionately referred to as “Coach Elle in Coachella” by her clients. Elle is the proud mom of two entrepreneurs who inspire her to follow her passion of living with intention and creating a ripple effect.



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