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How To Achieve A Strong Mind-Body Connection For More Creativity

Written by: Peter Paul Parker, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We live in fast-moving times. Or, as the old saying states, we live in interesting times. As Edward O. Wilson wrote, "Our species has begun to cross what is the most important yet still least examined threshold in the techno-scientific era. We are about to abandon natural selection, the process that created us, in order to direct our own evolution by volitional selection--the process of redesigning our biology and human nature as we wish them to be" (from The Meaning of Human Existence, p. 14). We can see this with the discovery of Epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body reads a DNA sequence.

We, as human beings, are beginning to realize how much power our mind has in the creation or even re-creation of our lives. We are beginning to realize that we have lived through quite a few centuries now where the focus has been outwards. But what about inwards. Are there many more places to explore outwards? Definitely, but how many of us are going to get the chance to travel in space and observe the amazing universe from outside the Earth’s atmosphere? How many of us are going to be able to travel to the moon?

Not many, I would say, with some confidence. But how many of us are capable of exploring what we have inside of us and breaking the barriers and obstacles that are hindering us from seeing what we are capable of. That would be all of us. We are encouraged to stop using our imagination at a very early age. My suggestion would be to encourage the use of our imaginations again to realize how much we are actually capable of.

Have you looked into remote viewing?

Suppose we look at remote viewing, for instance. In Wikipedia, the practice is written off as pseudoscience. If this was the case, why did the USA and Russian military take it so seriously? If you watch the film ‘The men who stare at goats, you will see there was a group of people who trained for this particular practice. There are now experiments happening all over the world, where the practice is coming up with some amazing findings.

I was shocked to see high-profile scientists having what they call a Zen-like experience and looking into this phenomenon seriously, with compelling results. Edward O. Wilson is correct in saying we are in the midst of an enormous change of perception, and this evolution will not be televised.

As the studies mount up, there are still scientists holding onto outdated belief systems that the universe is just made up of matter, where the evidence now showing us is that energy creates matter. I feel it would be fair to deduce that energy came before matter, and that changes the perspective of everything. When you realize that consciousness is energy, we are now seeing studies where consciousness actually sees objects in front of us before our eyes do. Having two out-of-body experiences explains to me scientifically, how it was possible for me to see my surroundings without the use of my eyes. This also explains near-death experiences, where people see what happened around them at the time of their death before coming back to life.

Caroline Cory has put together a documentary called ‘Superhuman, The Invisible Made Visibly.’ There are many incredible studies going on in that documentary that really makes us realize there is far more to human potential than we know about. There were two aspects to this documentary I was particularly interested in. One of them was viewing without the use of your eyes. From some of the studies, the subject could predict what slide was coming next when blindfolded. Also, there were children who were blindfolded. All they could see was blackness. With these blindfolds on, they could read, see colors, play games, play football, ride bikes, in fact, do anything they could do without the blindfolds. They then taught the technique to a lady who had macular degeneration. Once she learned the techniques, she no longer needed her magnifying glass to read menus when she went out for dinner. This was truly incredible to see.

Have you heard of telekinesis or psychokinesis?

The second phenomenon that made me think was telekinesis. Also known as psychokinesis. This is the ability to move objects with your mind. During one test, Cory was asked to lower the Ph balance of a glass of water after it had been sitting there for a while and was stable. She placed her hands around the glass and focused on removing the hydrogen from the water and make it more alkaline. This started to happen after a few minutes. If we have the power to change the alkalinity of water with our minds, imagine how we could change our health.

We are 70 % water, and we need to have a balanced Ph level. When our body becomes too acidic or too alkaline, we become diseased. Imagine using our minds to bring our bodies back into balance, and therefore back into good health. This takes epigenetics up a notch to realize we can do this. Also, this goes some way to explaining the placebo effect, where someone thinks they take a form of medication, but really it is a sugar pill and believes so strongly that the medication works, they actually get healed from their ailment.

There were also interesting exercises to move objects through glass, which shows we can project our minds outside of our bodies and alter our surroundings. How much can we change our surroundings? That is a very good question, as more and more people are starting to take these phenomena more seriously. Who knows where this will lead humanity to?

How do we achieve a strong mind-body connection?

How do we achieve a strong mind-body connection then? The key to all of these exercises and tests the people were doing in this documentary, and in fact, experiments around the world, are that the subject has to be relaxed and completely surrendered to the situation. That is, being 100% in the moment mindfully, with no distractions. Then the magic happens. The key is relaxation and focusing the mind. In a world where we are bombarded 24 / 7 with information, how many of us take time to exercise and relax the mind, let alone our bodies? The good news is, the numbers are growing.

More people realize that they are far more productive when in a relaxed state and can figure our problems much more easily. I have also seen this in my meditation coaching course, where people have turned their lives around by learning to relax properly and focus on what they actually want. This has helped them make their business far more successful. I personally did this through the practice of Ki Gong, which is the Korean version I teach. You can learn this too from the comfort of your own home.

I learned so much from my work with the elderly.

What made me set up the Bright Beings Academy was the work I have done with the elderly in my local area. I have set up a charity called Brighter Living, where we go out and teach Ki Gong classes and meditation and sound toning sessions in the local area to the elderly population. We have witnessed some amazing stories, like a woman of 84 being able to open jars again. Her hands were in such a state because she had arthritis, and the Ki Gong exercises have strengthened her hands to open jars again. One lady had a serious stroke, which left her disabled all down her left side. This made her unable to move her ankles or wrists. Now, after a year’s training, she is rotating them again and also being able to almost walk unassisted.

Another lady, who has been on blood pressure and anti-depression medication, has trained with me for over a year. Her doctor saw such an enormous improvement in her health, and he has decided to take her off her medications. She is 78 years of age. What I love about Ki Gong is that you are never too old or even too young to start. It is simple to pick up and difficult to master, which is why people practice it all their lives. You can find the impact report we have created from our charity work at the Bright Beings website.

The Bright Beings Academy

I have set up the Bright Beings Academy, where you can learn simple Ki Gong techniques to connect your mind and body quickly, become more focused and less stressed. Ki Gong has been scientifically proven to help with so many aspects of our lives, and they are too numerous to mention here. I have read many of the studies and seen this manifest in the material world through my work. We are seeing that when we connect to our energy bodies in a relaxed manner, we can achieve miracles.

Our energy bodies create our physical bodies, and when we look after both our physical and energy bodies, that is when the magic happens. You can check out the Bright Beings Academy at this link to see what Ki Gong can do for you.

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Peter Paul Parker, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Peter Paul Parker is an expert in the mind-body connection, a sound healer, and working with both the energy body and the physical body. Peter is a Ki Gong champion, having entered a competition with the British Team in Korea in 2016, winning the International competition. Peter has run a successful coaching business for many years and has particularly done some amazing work with the elderly. He has set up a charity called Brighter Living to help the elderly with their health and well-being using Ki Gong and meditation. Peter has also worked with schools in his local area, helping people connect with themselves, from grandchild to grandparents. Peter has launched the Bright Beings Academy, which is his online business, which incorporates everything that he does to empower people to reach their full potential as human beings. Peter's motto is 'If you don't own your future self, somebody else will!'



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