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How Blue Light Heals Earth's Atmosphere, Plants, And Water Bodies

Dorit Kozlovski is a researcher of truth and enthusiast in holistic therapies. Her expertise is in higher frequency natural energy healing, hypnosis, pendulum, card readings, art/color therapy, feng shui services, liberating spiritual retreats. Dorit is a CEO of Higher Consciousness Energy & founder of one off sustainable clothing brand Durga.

Executive Contributor Dorit Kozlovski

Welcome to an enlightening collection of articles derived from Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) sessions, where subjects under deep hypnosis have revealed extraordinary connections with the enigmatic Blue Star and its inhabitant Helenor. These narratives explore the profound healing, consciousness-raising, and environmental cleansing properties of the blue light that emerge when a connection is established with the Blue Star. Each article offers unique insights into the miraculous transformations and heightened awareness experienced by individuals during their encounters, shedding light on the profound impact this celestial phenomenon has on both personal well-being and the collective consciousness. Dive into these mesmerizing accounts to uncover the mysteries and marvels of the Blue Star's blue light and its potential to elevate humanity and heal our planet.

Blue Star's Healing Light entering Earth's Atmosphere Plants and Magnetic Shield

Interview prayer and intention

QHHT practitioner Dorit: To begin our session, we ground ourselves and connect to space with a short prayer to Elin:

"We call in angel Elin to bring us calm and to ground us with golden-white angel light. Please remove all excess thoughts and make our energy fields very peaceful. Please Elin fill this room with peace. We pray that this session will be for the highest benefit, just to find out the truth and that it will bring the highest benefit to us and the World. We ask to connect only with the highest consciousness beings and frequencies. We remove all preconceptions of any knowledge we may have and enter this with a pure Self so that we are completely unbiased. We just welcome the highest consciousness truth."

QHHT practitioner Dorit: "Is it possible for us to ask questions to speak to Marieke's subconscious? Do I have permission to ask questions?"

Marieke: "Yes."

QHHT practitioner Dorit: "Is it possible for us to speak to the inhabitant of the Blue Star named Helenor? The same Helenor who has a very high level of consciousness and who we connected with through Marieke in the previous hypnosis.

Do we have permission to connect with the Blue Star and the inhabitant Helenor to ask questions?"

Helenor through Marieke: "Yes."


How the blue light purifies Earth's atmosphere

QHHT practitioner Dorit: "Is it beneficial to infiltrate the blue light into Earth’s atmosphere?"

Helenor through Marieke: "It needs to break through the shield and then go into the Earth. So it goes first through the portal, through the shield, into the atmosphere, into the air, into the Earth. And then it goes back into the air around the Earth."

Dorit: "Why is it needed for us to infiltrate the blue light and break through Earth's shield into the atmosphere and into the earth?"

Marieke: "It's purifying the air."

Dorit: "Why does the air need purifying?"

Marieke: "Because it needs to become a higher frequency. It's for cleaning and for raising the frequency for better air quality."


Impact on plants and trees

Dorit: "When you informed us about the blue light making changes in the structures of the cells, what benefit is that for the plants?"

Marieke: "Plants become more adapted to blue light. The blue light alters the cells. It's still the same plant. It just has an extra or different adaptation within itself to receive this blue light. The plants become stronger."

Dorit: "Does it mean that each tree needs to be dealt with separately or do they spread that light between other trees through the roots?"

Marieke: "When the plant is born from the seed, it's easier for it to carry through the blue light, but when it's a tree that already exists, it takes a bit more for it to absorb enough blue light to go through the roots and further to share it with the other trees."

Dorit: "How many times would one adult tree between 50 -100 years old need to be shared with the blue light to absorb it fully?"

Marieke: "Five times. Four or five times the average for one big tree."

Dorit: "For one tree?"

Marieke: "One tree."

Dorit: "And then that tree would be able to pass the light on through its roots to other trees?"

Marieke: "Yes, then it goes through the system of the tree and passes through the roots as well."

Dorit: "If I would share the blue light with one tree in my garden and do it four or five times, it would give that information to other trees."

Marieke: "Yes. It depends on how healthy the other trees are."

Dorit: "Do you mean that if I visualize and connect with the Blue Starlight and share it with a couple of trees in the forest, the whole forest becomes infiltrated?"

Marieke: "Yes, it can."

Dorit: "Understood."

Marieke: "If one would infiltrate, let's say, a couple of healthy trees. That's the best. A couple of trees that are healthy in the forest can give and spread the light to the other trees more easily."

Dorit: "And what happens if we try to infiltrate an older tree that is not very healthy?"

Marieke: "When the plant is born from the seed, it's easier for it to carry through the blue light, but when it's a tree that already exists, especially an older tree that is not very healthy, it takes a bit more for it to absorb enough blue light. It may need more sessions to fully integrate and be able to pass the light through the roots to other trees."

Marieke: "The Blue Star light chemically changes the air. It provides a different type of oxygen that is more beneficial for humans for the lungs and the trees. It is very beneficial. The blue light is cleansing the air similarly the way you would say as for health purposes for humans and for higher frequency purposes."

Dorit: "When we open the portal for blue light to come through. Does it continue to infiltrate also when we stop visualizing the light in that spot? For example, when let's say you do it on the Earth somewhere in a spot you're infiltrating that particular spot with the blue light. Does that light continue to infiltrate even if we stop connecting with it visually? Or does that continue? Is that connection made now with that spot?"

Marieke: "I first have to visualize a particular spot."

Dorit: "Now, let's say that I sit in a forest, and I visualize the blue light in that particular spot in the forest. After I've connected that blue light with that particular spot on Earth does the light continue to spread there?"

Marieke: "It depends. Now I see you sitting on the ground in a forest and you're sending blue light into the earth. It depends on how long you sit there and how much blue light is coming into the earth. Whilst you're sitting there you have infiltrated yourself by wanting to infiltrate the earth. As I see it - there's a blue light coming from above through you then there's blue light underneath you and that's spreading."


Additional insights: Duration of beneficial exposure

Marieke: "When you ask that then the whole beam goes off. I don't see any more blue light. But then if I look underneath the ground I still see little glistening or glitters of blue. Meaning a lot is needed for it to then be there and then to be spreading by itself or just to be contained there to be able to stay there."

Dorit: "And how long in human minutes would be beneficial for example to visualize and spread the blue light in nature?"

Marieke: "Well anything's beneficial. But it could be from 5 minutes to 5 hours."


Benefits for water bodies

Dorit: "And what about the beneficial changes in the water? What happens within the water when we infiltrate this light?"

"Is it more beneficial to infiltrate bigger water masses like rivers, oceans, and seas?"

Marieke: "Yes, in a way. But then it's the same story. It is more beneficial because it's bigger and it's more connected. But you also need to infiltrate more way more blue light to then fill it up so it can carry the blue light through."

Example: Transformation in the north sea and baltic sea

Dorit: "And if it's bigger water? For example, let's take the Baltic Sea or in Holland the North Sea. If we would now go to IJmuiden (an area in Amsterdam by the sea) and sit there by the North Sea, how long human hours would we need to be there to infiltrate the North Sea?"

Marieke: "If only one person infiltrates the light, it would take years."

Dorit: "Okay."

Marieke: "One person takes years. But if many people will do it near the IJmuiden area... That is hard to say. For example, first I see you near the Baltic Sea and there are more countries around it. If people in their country sit on the coast, then it would be coming from more sides as well because it's streaming, you see. Water carries information and it goes and comes.

For example, in the North Sea, some parts of the area stream more or mix with the different ways they stream.

If you have a water body that sits tight then it of course still depends on how many people and how long they would beam the blue light into it. It's easier to fill water up with blue light when many are doing it. On the other hand, when the water is more contained, it doesn't spread so much to other waters to infiltrate them, but it would always infiltrate the Earth - it will go up in the clouds and spread."

Dorit: "Every bit of connecting and sharing of the blue light counts basically?"

Marieke: "Yes."

Dorit: "Will the water that is infiltrated sustain that information of the blue light?"

Marieke: "Yes eventually. But in the beginning, it will also disappear as in human beings. I see the water as in little individual drops. And now I see a few blue drops. They're kind of like the same but a little bit lost. Let’s say you have a whole stream of water. Now imagine the water in little drops. There is blue light being infiltrated into the water. There are the drops of water but then there's also space in between those drops and then the blue light goes in the space in between the drops before it gets into the drops of the water. I don't know how to biologically describe this because this gets very chemical and it's not my expertise. I see a vision of that blue light carrying on. When it comes to the drops of the water I now see it from a different image - the individual drops are blue. Then some of them are blue some of them are not. And then the water just needs more blue light for other drops to become blue as well. To be infiltrated with the blue light."

Dorit: "By doing that, will it clean the water? Does that have the benefit of really cleansing the water systems and oxidizing the water? And does that balance the ecosystem of the water?"

Marieke: "Yes."



The QHHT sessions reveal that the blue light from the Blue Star has the potential to purify and uplift Earth's atmosphere, plants, and water bodies. This celestial phenomenon holds the promise of a healthier planet, urging us to connect with and spread the blue light for the betterment of our environment.

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Dorit Kozlovski, Holistic Healer

Dorit Kozlovski's mission is to discover the truth. She is commited to guide others on a journey of curios Self discovery, healing and reconnecting with their purest Selves. Currently Dorit is a CEO of Higher Consciousness Energy, Reiki Master Teacher and Cosmoenergy healer. Besides natural higher frequency energy channeling, she is dedicated in holistic well-being therapies like quantum healing hypnosis technique, yin yoga, meditation practices.

She loves receiving Higher Self guidance through pendulum and excited to share readings/healing through intuitive tools like Tarot, divination cards, crystals.



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