Forget The Resolutions, You Need a Personal Revolution — 3 Steps to Achieving Everything You Desire

Updated: Jan 13

Written by: Susan Francis, Executive Contributor

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We all know 2020 was not the year anyone expected. It was certainly a year full of lots of challenges, surprises, and lots of distress for many people. Lots of people lost jobs, struggled financially, felt lost and isolated, and quite possibly put on some extra lockdown weight too. (I know I did!)

So let me ask you… did you come into 2021 with high hopes? With a list of New year's resolutions? A list of intentions and goals? Were you determined to make 2021 a better year?

Perhaps you decided it's the year you will get control of your health, drink less, lose some weight, get fit? Or perhaps you decided it's the year you will start a new business or blow up your existing business and really take it to the next level?

It's easy to start the new year with gusto, with excitement, with all the best intentions. It’s halfway through January now, though, which means a lot of that excitement of the new year is starting to wane. The enthusiasm is wearing off. The new exercise routine is probably slipping, and the new business goals might be feeling hard.

You see, what you need isn't another New Year's resolution. What you need is a personal revolution. By personal revolution, I mean a shift in identity, in who you are, in what you believe.

The reason why most people have given up on their resolutions by the time February rolls around is because they have focused all of their energy on implementing new behaviors, not on their beliefs. They have focused on the new exercise routines, new eating habits, or new marketing strategies in their business, and focusing on behaviors alone is doomed to fail.

They haven’t spent any time on shifting their internal reality, their beliefs, or their identity. You see, the way our minds work is that our subconscious mind is always delivering on who we are, on our identity. This means that if you have beliefs that aren't in alignment with your resolutions/goals or desires, then it's difficult to create them.

For example, if you have a deep belief that it's hard to lose weight, that being slim means you have to starve yourself, or eat tasteless food, or work out 7 days a week, then you will struggle to create lasting results. Similarly, in business, if you believe reaching that next level goal is hard, that it will require too much time, or skills you don't have, or you don't feel worthy of achieving it, then your subconscious, and ultimately what you are attracting is working against you.

Your subconscious mind will always deliver on your identity and the law of attraction will always deliver on how you feel and what you believe, not on what you want. When these are vastly different, we keep creating more of what we don't want, usually more of the same, and fall short of the hopes/dreams/New Year's resolutions that we intended on achieving.

Fear not though, all is not lost. In fact, nothing is lost. We are all powerful creators, and if you have the ability to imagine it, then you have the ability to create it. You simply need to approach it differently. Your energy needs to be spent changing your internal reality first, because your external world always reflects your internal world.

If you’re ready for a personal revolution, here are my top 3 tips:

1. Tune into your desires.

Take some time out to sit with your resolutions or desires. Write them down, close your eyes and tune in to how you feel about them. When you really tune in to how you feel, ask yourself... How much on a scale of 1 to 10 do I really believe I can achieve this? How certain am I? Listen to how you feel in your body, rather than what you think in your head. If you came up with anything less than a 9 or a 10, simply ask yourself… Why don't I believe this is possible? What would stop me? What am I afraid of? Why won’t this happen? Simply listen to what comes up and write it all down. Journaling is such a powerful way to do this.

2. Clear the resistance.

All of the thoughts that come up are your limitations to clear. None of these things are true. Even if you haven't created it in the past, even if you have struggled before, that doesn't mean you can't achieve it now. We all do new things all of the time. Your point of attraction is right now. All of your power is in this moment.

All of your power is in the thoughts, beliefs, and energy you choose to activate now. Ask yourself… what else do I know to be true that would help soften this limitation? What else could I choose to focus on that would help me to feel better in this moment? How could I choose to see this differently? This is your work. There is always a better feeling story. Always. This is your personal revolution. Shift your internal beliefs (or stories), shift how you feel about your desires, shift your identity.

3. Aligned Action.

There is a version of you that shows up when you FULLY believe in yourself and a version of you that shows up when you don't. Your point of attraction and creating everything you desire lie in being the person who fully believes in your desires. The actions will follow. Spend more time focusing on the active stories and beliefs, shifting those, and then following inspired actions. Do what you feel pulled to do. Listen to the guidance. Your intuition will guide you. Often the path of least resistance isn't what we expect it to be. Follow what feels good. Take inspired action.

Do this and watch your world shift. If you want 2021 to be unlike any other year, it will require you to change who you are being. If you’re ready for this to be your best year ever, then it's time to take control. Take control of your internal world, and the external world will follow.

It's time for a personal revolution!

To learn more about this, you can listen to my podcast episode, (#23) Resolution or Revolution

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Susan Francis, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Susan Francis is a leading Mindset, Manifestation and Business Mentor and Coach empowering female entrepreneurs to create more income and impact their soul-aligned businesses. She helps women unlock the truth of who they are, helps them to fully step into their power, and teaches them the secrets to taking quantum leaps in their success. She believes life was meant to be easy, to feel good, to flow, and you can create anything you damn well want! With a background in senior management in the fashion industry, she escaped the 9 to 5 hustle after her daughter's birth to follow her passion for helping other women create epic time and financial freedom. Trained in NLP and Time Line Therapy, and obsessed with the Law of Attraction, she knows at a very deep level that everything is an inside job, and as she helps clients make shifts in their mindset, and energy they become magnetic to their dream lives and business success.



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