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Effective Strategies For Work-Life Integration

Recognized as one of the Top 20 Business Leaders by Valiant CEO Magazine, and featured on The Today Show, ABC, the Global BV-TV Network, Beyond the Business Radio Show, and CEO World, Dr. Troy Hall is an award-winning talent retention consultant, international speaker and author of the bestselling titles, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent, and Fanny Rules: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons That Never Grow Old.

Executive Contributor Dr. Troy Hall

Research indicates that 71% of employees are seeking growth, development, and advancement opportunities. Alarmingly, one-third of these employees are likely to quit if they do not receive adequate career development.

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This statistic underscores a significant shift in workforce mentality across all generations, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and continuous learning over simply climbing the corporate ladder. To address these challenges, companies must focus on creating a cohesive work environment that integrates career development with work-life integration.

Cohesion and work-life integration

Work-life integration goes beyond the traditional concept of work-life balance. It is about creating a seamless flow between professional responsibilities and personal life. Cohesion plays a crucial role in achieving this integration by fostering a sense of belonging, providing meaningful work, and encouraging commitment through collaboration. Let’s explore how these elements can be infused into the workplace to enhance employee retention and satisfaction

Belonging: Fostering inclusion

Belonging is at the heart of a cohesive work environment. When employees feel included, they are more likely to stay engaged and committed to the organization. To foster belonging, companies need to emphasize inclusive behaviors that align with their core values and give employees the chance to express feelings about what is happening at home. 

For example, consider the value of integrity. A specific behavior that supports integrity is truthfulness. When employees are encouraged to tell the truth, it fosters an environment of trust and transparency.

Individuals have a golden chance to be honest about work and home life. 

To align truthfulness with belonging, organizations can:

  • Create platforms for open communication, where employees feel safe to express their ideas and concerns without fear of retribution. 

  • Foster regular team-building activities that suggest participants could apply concepts and outcomes from these activities at home.

  • Invite individuals to be part of inclusive decision making processes.

Integrating belonging into my home life started when I followed these three actions:

  1. Establish agreement that what is shared is for information only. It’s not a project to be fixed. 

  2. Share at least one aspect, activity, or issue from work with my significant other. If you live alone, then write down (physically or digitally) one aspect of the day that could be shared with a committed listener.

  3. Ask my significant other to share how they felt about what was shared. (Or, a committed listener.)

Note: This is not an opportunity to vent. This activity is designed to integrate a sense of belonging into both work and home life. 

Value: Providing meaningful work

Employees are motivated by work that is meaningful and aligns with their personal and professional goals. To infuse value into the workplace, companies should:

  • Align organizational values with employees' roles and responsibilities. For instance, if a company values innovation, it should encourage employees to take on challenging projects that push the boundaries of creativity and problem solving.

  • Map out how each role contributes to the organization’s larger mission. This allows employees to see the direct impact of their work, which enhances their sense of purpose and value.

  • Provide opportunities for career development and continuous learning to ensure that employees are constantly growing and feeling valued for their contributions.

Integrating value (meaningful work) into my home life became possible with these steps:

  1. Identify the meaningful work that I do at home. 

  2. Affirm my family and friends for how their actions positively impacted my life. Here I applied the Cohesion Affirmation concept. It is important that the person I was affirming knew that I saw them not just for their role, but their identity as well.

  3. Celebrate mini victories of work and home success both at home and at work. 

Commitment: Encouraging collaboration

Commitment is cultivated through collaboration and a shared vision. When employees work together towards common goals, they develop a strong commitment to the organization and each other. 

To foster commitment, companies should:

  • Promote collaborative behaviors that support organizational core values. For example, the value of teamwork can be reinforced by encouraging cross-functional projects and open dialogue among different departments.

  • Build commitment through Mentorship and Organizational Internship programs and collaborative platforms can also play a role in building commitment. For mentorship, individuals are paired with leaders and supervisors of other departments for learning and developing. Organizational Internships pair individuals within a department of which they have interest to observe and learn.

Integrating commitment (collaboration) into my home was successful when I focused on how to:

  1. Gain input from a trusted source to solve a work related issue or problem. (This is not the time for me to ask non-professional coaches how to deal with a rowdy individual at work. That I saved for mentors and counselors.)

  2. Volunteer my time to support others with a mutually desired non-profit cause.

  3. Let others lead a discussion that I would normally control. Spoke last, after everyone else had shared.

Being successful at work-life integration is not just a company project. It is a development opportunity for everyone.

Consider applying the easy to follow steps I provided and see if they work for you. Those suggestions for work-life integration only scratch the surface. They are intended to get you started.

I’d welcome your feedback on how these are working for you. 

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Dr. Troy Hall, Talent Retention Expert

Recognized as the Talent Retention Expert of the year by the International Association of Top Professionals, named a Brainz Global 500 Top Entrepreneur, selected as a top business leader by Valiant CEO magazine and featured on The Today Show, ABC, the Global BV-TV Network, Beyond the Business Radio Show, and CEO World, Dr. Troy Hall is an award-winning talent retention consultant, international speaker, a multi-bestselling author, and an international development educator.

As the founder of Cohesion Culture™, Dr. Troy has dedicated his career to establishing a cycle of culture wellness in the corporate and professional sphere. His consulting and executive coaching engagements are built on the strategic framework of Cohesion Culture™, making the concepts of belonging, value, and commitment easy for organizations to adopt and implement.



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