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Written by: Katrina Valente, Executive Contributor

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Within all my treatments/sessions I use the Altarah Bio colour therapy products (which I am an Ambassador for) to let me know how my client is feeling and how I can truly hone in on the exact thing they need to work on in that moment...Let me explain.

Colour is everywhere, in our homes, the clothes we choose to wear, the car we drive, the paint that we choose to put on our walls in our homes, the flowers that we plant in our gardens...literally everywhere we look. It is something we take so much for granted. But there is actually an underlying reason as to why you choose certain colours.

Colour actually balances us, yes, the subconscious mind chooses colour according to our mood. Let's look at that for a moment.

The chakras of our body are the energy centers that run down the middle of our body on our spinal column and are invisible. They are connected to the various organs within the body and also correlate to certain emotions and thought patterns. The chakras are responsible for disturbing the life energy, also known as Qi or Prana. They are also specific colours for specific charkas, so let's go through what exactly they are and their meaning.

The 7 Chakras

  • The Crown center; Top of head. This is the center of Spirituality, our connection to God, and all that is our connection to our Ancestors and it brings balance to our lives.

  • Third Eye Chakra; Center of the forehead. This taps into your intuition, it helps get clarity of mind, and is a colour that helps you focus when meditating.

  • Throat Chakra; The center of expression, speaking up for what you believe and the center of peace and calm.

  • Heart Chakra; there are two centers here the masculine and the feminine energy. The masculine is about standing in your power, recovering your sacred space, oxygenating your body and setting your boundaries, the center of giving love. The feminine is about receiving, loving and nurturing yourself and being kind to you, giving back to yourself.

  • Solar plexus; Middle of the rib cage and center of the body. This is the center of emotions, good and bad, and it is about happiness and joy.

  • Naval Chakra; Just below the belly button. Tap into your Gut instinct, creativity and feminine energy center. It's about letting go and giving birth to life. Holding on here is also something that needs to be brought into balance.

  • Base chakra; Bottom of spine. This is abundance, prosperity, energy. It is your connection to your home life, career and how you make money. It gets you up in the morning. Sexual power colour.

Now, these are the 7 basic chakras that most people know. Altearah Bio took it further and went into the in-between chakras. So here they are;

Turquoise is between the throat and the heart chakra; It is about tranquility, speaking your truth from the heart center and being your true authentic self. Saying how you feel.

Green is between the heart and solar plexus chakra; it is the center of letting go, crossing the bridge from the old to the new and finding the freshness in life, Spring time, rebirth.

Gold is between the solar plexus and naval chakra; Spleen. It is the inner wisdom, self confidence, being your true authentic self and great for major change in your life such as divorce or menopause.

Royal Purple Chakra; Feet. Grounding, being in the present moment, not thinking about the past not worrying about the future but being fully present NOW.

White has all the colours within it and is great when you want to feel pure and clean, gives you purity and clarity of mind. It deflects the dark.

Silver; regeneration, detoxification and rejuvenation. It is a calming colour, a reset. Used when you have had a shock.

So now you know why you choose the colours you do, it is such a subconscious decision, but it really helps to balance your energy field to assist you in all areas of your life.

Altearah Bio Products

These are Organic perfumes, oils and serums that work to balance the emotions. Each colour is a combination of essential oils that makes up the vibration of the chakra itself, and there are 14 colours.

Inhalation of the perfume makes you feel instantly at ease as the subconscious chooses what colour you need. I do a test where you pick 4 colours. The first is your connection to what you need right now. The second is your block, what you lack in. The third is the support to open the block, and the fourth is where you want to be in the not so distant future.

IE. Pink, blue, green and yellow -

Pink - what you need right now is love, love for yourself, you need to love and nurture you right now. You may be feeling lonely in love.

Blue - You are blocked in expressing yourself to the world, you probably are also not finding peace and calm.

Green - what will help you unblock blue is if you let go, cross that bridge from the old to the new and find the freshness in life.

Yellow - where you want to be in the not so distant future is in happiness and joy for life.

It is an amazing modality and allows me to be more specific in treating my client as I get to know exactly how they are feeling the that moment. So the next time you choose a colour you will be more informed as to why. It's a fascinating topic.

I work online with my coaching and healing work if you do not reside in Dubai. 40 min free discovery call for all my readers.

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Enjoy living in colour.



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Katrina Valente, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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