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Katrina Valente is a Holistic Transformational & Wellness Expert. A seeker of truth and Spiritual enlightenment. She has been in the beauty industry for the past 25 years as a leading International Holistic Wellness/Anti-aging Expert. She is unique in the way that she looks at the whole Mind, Body, Spirit of a person and uses her skills of skin analysis, anti-aging facials, NLP, Coaching, Shamanic Healing, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy and Reflexology to help her clients find their balance.

Katrina Valente

Your motto is: " Inner peace outer beauty". What exactly do you mean by that?

- Being an anti-aging aesthetician and Holistic healer for over 25 years I came to know that without inner peace you cannot truly have outer beauty. We must work on our emotional self, healing our childhood issues etc. Once we balance our inner self we shine and glow for all to see. How many times do see you beautiful people but they have no light? This is because the sadness within shines through allowing the phrase, Beauty is only skin deep!

You have traveled all over the world. Tell us a little bit about your journey. Have you "picked up" knowledge from specific countries?

- I have been on a Spiritual quest for over 20 years now, diving into what drives me, my insecurities etc. I have went on journeys to Peru, Egypt, India, Bali and Mexico learning different modalities and healing myself of trauma, childhood blocks and mother/father issues. Each country has something beautiful to teach me, as I healed the past and let go of that which no longer served me. This in turn, helped me help others to do the same and become the powerful healer and coach I am today. The answers we seek are within us, we just have to go within more often than our daily lives allow. Meditate, be still. Be in the now moment. Only in this space will you find what you seek.

Who should hire / work together with you, and why?

- Women who want to become their best self, who want more than they have at present or who are transforming their lives and are confused on how to move forward. Women who keep repeating the same scenario over and over and cant see a way out. Women who are successful in one area of their life but not another.  I first look at what's blocking them and we work on the inside with a course of sessions. Then if they are with me physically we can work on the outside (appearance) and skin as well as doing a really powerful re-alignment massage using 9 essential oils neat on the spine and feet. I have a full spectrum of knowledge so we look at the whole being, mind, body and spirit. 

If I would ask you for your 3 best tips on how to gain both inner peace and outer beauty. What would it be?

- I would say stay in the NOW moment as much as possible. In the NOW we always have everything we need. Eat well and drink lots of water. Nutrition is so very important. Use good skincare products as well as having professional treatments to keep your skin in peak condition.

What is your ambition? Where are you and your business in 10 years. What is "the big goal" ?

- Good question....I am now in the chapter of my career to educate others and help them truly define who they are inside and out. I have a wealth of knowledge that must be shared. I would like to be global, offering courses, packages, maybe even a training school for Aestheticians to teach them the holistic way to treat a skin using alternative methods like crystals, reflexology and color therapy.. (I work in a very unique way). My big goal is to be financially free with my Soulmate partner by my side, and most of my business online. I want to serve humanity and the less fortunate.

How do you stand out from the rest?

- I studied many different beauty and holistic modalities. Anti-aging and facials were always my thing but I had so much knowledge I wanted to use as many within one treatment as possible. Then I came up with my bespoke treatments using Color therapy, Crystal healing and Reflexology within a facial, working with CLINICAL and ORGANIC professional product lines.  Since I was young Emotional therapies always interested me greatly so I qualified in Reiki, Shamanic Healing, N.L.P., Kineseology, Coaching to Excellence and Timeline Regression therapy. I traveled to different retreats over a span of 15 years really working on myself. I have so much experience through my own life lessons that I am now sharing that knowledge and expertise with others to help transform them into their best self, free of limiting beliefs and self worth issues to love the skin they are in.  End goal...Inner Peace; Outer Beauty

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Katrina Valente, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Katrina Valente has been in the beauty Industry for the past 25 years as a Holistic Anti-aging Expert as well as a Celebrity Facialist.  She has traveled the world treating the rich and famous as a Visiting Practitioner with resorts like Six Senses, Anantara and Aman worldwide She is now more interested in educating people with her wealth of knowledge in Beauty and Wellness on how to look good from the inside out...Inner Peace Outer Beauty is her motto. She has now evolved to be a Trusted Holistic Transformational & Wellness Expert.



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