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An Interview With Holly Jean Jackson, Leading Female Holistic Business Coach To Help You Scale

Holly Jackson is a certified Holistic Business Coach. Through Holistic Business Coaching, Holly helps holistic entrepreneurs and business owners start, build or scale their business without burning out. Holly’s clients learn how to cope with stress, define their life priorities, and rediscover their passion for business. She helps them see blind spots that often cost them exposure, clients, and income.

Having undertaken a thriving career as an executive in Silicon Valley, Holly chose the road less traveled. She decided to leave the corporate world. She has dedicated her life to helping individuals design the life and business of their dreams. For over 12 years, Holly has provided insights, strategies, and fresh perspectives across multiple industries.

Holly states, “My clients can expect accountability, growth, and an individualized step-by-step game plan for success. I believe every professional must develop their internal compass and decide what their legacy will be. Holistic coaching goes beyond helping your business and helps the whole person.”

Leading Female Holistic Business Coach To Help You Scale, Holly Jackson

As the host of the Inspiration Contagion podcast, Holly seeks to inspire millions of business owners and individuals to live the life of their dreams. Holly is in the process of writing her first of three books based on Inspiration Contagion. The first being focused on health.

Holly Jackson, you were recently named one of the top 5 female business coaches to scale your business in 2021. What’s your mission and driving force behind what you do?

My mission is to help as many individuals start and scale their businesses to reach millions of individuals who need their holistic approach to life. I am deeply passionate about serving the whole person. Not just glossing over problems or symptoms. Rather, help people take responsibility for their healing. Empower them to take the reins of their life and thrive. Reach their greatest potential.

The best way I can help most people in the world is by helping business owners thrive. Help these holistic business owners scale their business so that they can serve even more people.

Given my own personal journey and continuous struggles with health, I feel it’s my personal mission to help others avoid the mistakes and missteps I made. I have walked the path of struggle, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. I have worked with numerous health professionals who did not have the answers.

I know that real healing happens when we take full responsibility for our health. And that includes finding a team of holistic healers that work to help you with your health challenges. A holistic team that helps you bust through any blockers in your way. A team that helps you break through any mental walls or ceilings you have placed on yourself.

I believe that our world will thrive when we each take ownership of our lives. When we each achieve our personal potential, then we can find better solutions. Better collaborations. New inventions. New healing lifestyles. And so much more. I am here to help inspire the holistic healers of the world. To empower them to do what they are so great at healing.

Your title says Holistic Business Coach. What does that mean? How is a “holistic” business coach different from a regular business coach? And how does one know if they are a “holistic” business?

A holistic business coach serves the whole business owner. It means I can not only help my clients with their business challenges. I go beyond that. I help them optimize their personal health. We dig into their life values, priorities, and the legacy they wish to leave behind. I designed the My Life and Business Compass to help my clients stay on track.

When they get stuck, we identify and bust through limiting habits, thoughts, beliefs, or identity challenges. As a certified health coach, life coach,, and transformational method coach I bring value to my clients in a way other business coaches cannot.

Often when my clients are doing all the right things tactically and yet not experiencing the outcomes we would expect, it means there is something emotional, spiritual, or physical that we need to push past. I have the tools to help them bust through any blockers they have.

Holistic businesses are serving the whole person. They are helping heal people in non-traditional ways. They are providing healing solutions outside of the traditional medical system.

Here are some examples of holistic businesses: A chiropractor who works with individuals to heal emotional blockers inside the body showing up in physical form. A doctor who also works with homeopathic medicines and herbal remedies. A counselor who works with energy. An acupuncturist who helps heal past traumas.

If your business’ mission is to help heal the individual by getting to the root cause of their pain or illness, then you are a holistic business owner. If you are in the business of really trying to understand and get to really know your patients/clients in order to help them heal on a deeper level, then you are a holistic business owner.

At the core of the holistic business is whole healing. We are healing the whole person. Looking at their whole life.

When you speak with lots of holistic business owners and entrepreneurs, is there a common challenge many of them face? How are you helping them face this challenge?

The biggest challenge I see with holistic business owners is that they struggle with how to market their services. They feel bad about marketing and selling their services. They feel guilty for charging their worth or the real value of their services. Or they simply don’t know how to communicate what it is that they do to the general public.

They know that what they do works, and yet they struggle. They feel a great deal of guilt and resistance around marketing and sales. They don’t know how to price their services. They are incredibly talented at healing, but they don’t have the business savvy needed to share their story, market their services, and build a business foundation that works.

And without a firm business foundation, you cannot scale. Without marketing and sales, you have a hobby, not a business.

I help my clients build firm business foundations. Together we build a roadmap for launching and scaling their business—step by step. We set up the right business tools, technologies, systems, and processes for where they are in their business today. And we build the plan to get them to their next vision of growth. I help my clients identify the best strategies for building a sustainable business.

I help my clients get past the fear of sharing their stories. Past the fear of marketing. Past the fear of having the sales conversation. I help them redefine their relationship and mindset around marketing and sales.

After working together, my clients have the confidence and system to have successful sales conversations that feel great. They walk away knowing they served their potential client. Satisfied that they are doing what they were meant to do. Grateful that they are serving people who need their services for healing.

You talk a lot about fear and the importance of facing our fears in your talks, podcast interviews, and when you speak. What’s so important about this, and how do you help your clients overcome their fears?

Fear is the number one reason people are failing in life. And failing in their business. Fear is what keeps us stuck. It keeps us small. It keeps us from telling our story. It keeps us from growing and changing. Fear is what stops us from making the changes we need the most to thrive in life.

Fear is its place. Yes, listen to your fears because sometimes they are valid. But do not let fear take the steering wheel. Fear should never be in charge of your life. It is only a spectator providing you with the occasional relevant warning.

Honestly, most of the key decisions in my life where I know I am on track are the ones where I am 50% excited and 50% terrified. The sweet spot is to be equally excited and equally scared. That’s the edge I am always looking for because it means I am growing. It means I am ALIVE!

A lot of what I help my clients with is around managing their fears. Many of the challenges my clients have around marketing and sales are 100% related to their fears. They are afraid of how they will be seen, what people will think of them. They are afraid they might fail.

The reality is as a business owner, you can’t win without failing. There are always failures along the way. It’s about reframing our failures. It’s about learning from our mistakes. It’s about growing and pivoting as you make missteps.

This is where I help my clients around their fears. We identify their fears, and I provide them with tools to push through them. And I offer the support and cheerleading they need to thrive.

People would love to hear more about your journey. What are your top 3 pointers for people who want to scale their business in the holistic space?

This is such a great question. It’s hard to narrow it down to three.

1. Get Started Today

What are you waiting for? Life is way too short to wait another second. I encourage you to get started today even if you don’t have all the answers, even if you are working full time.

If you are already in business, what’s keeping you from setting that next stretch goal? Set it, speak it, commit to it and build a plan to make it a reality.

Take one small step towards building the business and life of your dreams. Tell those around you what you want to build. Learn what you need to learn to make it happen.

2. Get a Coach

If you don’t want to waste time and want to stay on track, get a coach and a mentor. I can’t tell you how much time many of my clients have wasted waiting to work with a coach.

It’s one thing to take your time and find the right coach. It’s another entirely to not seek one. Having a coach helps you see your blind spots. They keep you on track. They cheer you on when you hit a speedbump. They give you a kick in the butt when you are way off track.

And when you are looking to hire a coach, ask them who their coach is. If they don’t have at least one coach, keep looking. You want to work with a coach who is also committed to continuous growth.

3. Invest in Marketing

If you aren’t marketing your business, you aren’t growing. Stop shying away from sharing your story.

If you’re afraid of walking onto that stage, get a speaking coach. Push past your fears. There are way too many people out there who need to hear your story.

If you’re afraid to go live on video, practice. Get past it. Do it.

Whatever your fear around marketing is, get over it. Push past it. Your clients are waiting for you. Instead of blaming the medium, simply focus on the message. Focus on who you want to serve.

Make sure you are investing at least 7% of your earnings back into marketing to grow your business. Way too many business owners build it and expect people to magically show up. Without marketing, no one knows you or your services exist.

Get the word out there. They are waiting for you.

So, what’s the next big goal or project for your business?

My next BIG stretch goal is a shared goal with my two co-hosts, Matt Rouse and D. Smith Scott, on the Business Builder Throwdown.

We have a stretch goal of serving over 2,000 holistic business owners within the next year. We want to help these business owners build the best marketing and growth strategies for their businesses.

We also have a massive stretch goal of building one of the biggest and best marketing networking channels worldwide over the next 5-10 years for small business owners.

If you want to learn more and tune into the business channel of the future, be sure to subscribe and watch live!

[FREE GIFT] If you would like to get clarity on what’s next for you in your business scaling journey, please visit for your complimentary copy of the Business Visualization Audio.

For more information, follow Holly on her website, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook!



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