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5 Signs That You Are Transforming Into Your Sexy Confident Self When Single

Written by: Zofia Slowik, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Being single gets a bad rap. Society makes you feel like something is wrong with you, like you should follow the script without giving it much thought. Hear me out though, you can make your singledom the BEST TIME of your life. You can totally flip this archaic narrative by refocusing your energy on YOURSELF, your dreams, your desires that make your soul sing and build from there.

You are a powerful divine being, able to expand in every area of your life. You have the freedom and space to build, create, become and evolve. Explore who you are, get to know yourself, tap into your potential of becoming anyone you want to be. Why? ‒ so you can be your best self, feeling abundant while building a solid foundation of who you are that goes a long way. Being sexy is that magic you already have. I want all women to understand that it goes hand in hand with your confidence and self-worth. The way you feel about yourself is EVERYTHING. It is not a look but a feeling. It is magnetic energy that you already have in you. So stop saying to the mirror ‘ I am not sexy ‘. Girl, you are! You probably haven’t tapped into your magic yet. Being confident, feeling sexy, feeling deserving, always secure in yourself, acting like you are all those things is the energy for you to embody. It is never ‘ done ’, it is constantly enforced, a muscle that needs regular exercise to be and remain strong. You might be asking, how do I know I am beautifully transforming into my best magnetic self? You start with being with yourself, where it all begins, becoming aware of how much magic you carry within yourself and how important it is to cultivate it RIGHT NOW. You can show up as a completely different woman in the span of a few months. From there, you can build anything you want. Your self-confidence, self-worth, feeling sexy, feeling magnetic come from within. It’s closely connected and dependent on one another. You focus on it and it grows. Today I want to discuss 5 points that will help you identify the key areas of where to start observing the change in becoming your next level self. 1. You are overprotective over your time, energy and your vibe. This means you are fully aware of who comes to your environment and who doesn’t. This is closely connected to learning how to get comfortable with being alone, spending time with yourself, and dating YOU. It’s time to comfort yourself. Once you face your fears, they are no longer scary. When you experience that with yourself, any potential interference to your sacred space and peace of mind is not even an option anymore. You understand that the way you feel is EVERYTHING, and it’s a choice you make every day requiring consistent work to maintain it. This work is making you incredibly attractive, trust me ;)

2. You are committed to serving yourself first before showing up for anyone else. You take time in the morning to make sure you are good. You have the morning routine that you love and you meet your own needs throughout the day such as taking care of yourself with nourishing food, daily exercise, mindfulness practice, creative activities. You understand that making your soul happy comes first so that you can be your own best expression for the day. You value yourself and your time teaching everyone else how to respect you. This is the best filtering system for attracting like-minded people who will love this about you!

3. You embody the feminine energy in your life, meaning you trust that being yourself is safe. You are in tune with your body through movements such as dance, yoga or other body practices. You trust your intuitive feelings more, rather than logical reasoning. You know that there is an innate intelligence system in your body and all you have to do is listen more to yourself. You express yourself as a woman, believing in yourself and your magic. You understand there is no limit to what you can do and create in your life. This is not to say to eliminate your masculine energy completely, you need both. However, it is NOT who you are. Feminine being is WHO YOU ARE. Tap into that as much as you can for balanced, grounded, magnetic, confident YOU.

4. You are becoming more self-aware every day. You spend as much time training your mind as your body. This is a big one! Training just your body through fitness and nutrition is simply not enough. Your mind is key to achieving any life and body goals. You’ve got to SET your mind right. It’s not one thing you do, it’s a consistent set of habits you implement every day. There are so many ways you can do that depending on what you love the most, it changes your energy and the way you feel about yourself. It gives you the leverage over people who lack their self-awareness hence you will NOT be easily attracted to those.

How to start working on your self-awareness? You can start simple.

LISTEN to your favourite podcast or YouTube videos that uplift your spirit, topics you love learning about. JOURNAL two pages on what’s your intention for the day, for the week, if you don’t feel like yourself today, ask yourself what your best friend would ask you, write it down, be there for yourself. THINK of 10 things that you are incredibly grateful for ‒ hold that feeling in your heart for as long as you can. READ a book that will inspire you to be your better self. CONNECT with people who are a few steps ahead of you for support. We all need others to help us!

5. You are clear on your goals, confidently investing in yourself. You are committed to yourself, your mind, body and your soul. You invest in yourself to build your life on your terms which requires building yourself. You have conversations with others that enlighten you and open your mind even more. You are not afraid to invest in yourself and in your mindset. You know this is the way to create a new path for yourself. You invest your time, energy, money to make sure you are constantly evolving into your next level version.

Because let's face it, life is all about growth and evolution. We should never be stuck in one place, EVER! And finally, YOU TOTALLY GOT THIS!

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Zofia Slowik, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Zofia Slowik, B.Sc, is a Single Women Empowerment Coach, certified in Wellness and Holistic Health Coaching. After leaving the corporate world and going through her own personal heartbreak, she decided to go on a mission of empowering other women to never settle for less than they deserve. She now helps high achieving single women rebuild their relationships with themselves, reconnect with their self-worth and focus their energy on the creation and manifestation of their dream lives.


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