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5 High-Performance Habits To Become Unstoppable

Written by: Holly Smith, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


High-Performance Habits are those which we NEED to become a 'High Performer.' How do you become a high performer? By simply adapting high-performance habits, constantly having the desire to aim higher and create more impact within what you desire. The bridge between you & your success could simply be your daily habits.

Below are 5 high-performance habits to help you become unstoppable!

Wake Up At The Same Time Daily

Wake up at the same time every day ‒ Your body is like a clock. Have you ever woken just before your alarm? Maybe you lay in bed thinking…” What the heck is the time," and then your alarm goes off? That is because your body is literally like a lock with the way it functions, just like the world knows when the sun is up, it means 'daytime.' When going to bed and waking up at the same time daily your body simply gets used to it. Waking up at the same time daily will allow your body to start waking up with Energy! And who doesn't want that?

Action Step: Go set your alarm on repeat Mon-Sunday or just start with Monday-Friday.

Create 3 Most Important tasks

Create 3 MIT'S ‒ '3 most important tasks.' Having the three most important tasks written down & scheduled in, it allows you to complete specific tasks in productivity and without feeling overwhelmed. You don't want to create a long to-do list! If you do have a to-do list, pick the 3 most important tasks that need to be done to move the needle forward the next day. This will allow you to be more productive and less overwhelmed.

Action Step: I Suggest at the end of every day, you write down your three MIT’S for the next day. Your MIT’S will consist of the 3 most crucial tasks you NEED to get done that day, so the needle moves forward tomorrow.

Implement End Of Day Reports

Create EOD Report ‒ ‘End of day report.’ Have you ever finished a work day and were so busy you just sat there and thought.. “what just happened and where did the day go?” We have all been there, but it's important we re-evaluate the day and reset for tomorrow otherwise, the overwhelm will get the best of us. At the end of your work day, you want to answer specific questions that allow you to roll out of bed every morning and already know what you need to do for the next day PLUS look back at the current day and see what went well and what you could improve on. Remember: What gets tracked gets results!

Action step: Answer these questions at the end of your workday to gain clarity!

List your 3 MITS for tomorrow!

List everything that you have to do that is not scheduled in my calendar.

What did I do well?

What can I do better?

How can I help someone else tomorrow?

Sleep Is Key

Sleep ‒ Get to bed on time and create a nighttime routine that works for you! As high performers, we think we can do it all and there are 60 hours in one day. The truth is and we all know it, we NEED rest and sleep so we can function as a ‘high performer’. What happens whilst sleeping? Your body rests, rejuvenates & heals itself. You’ll find when you lack sleep, you end up running on adrenaline which can eventually affect your adrenal gland function. Also, when running on adrenaline, we tend to act and react in fight or flight mode, which generally courses us to make rational decisions. To improve your sleep quality, I suggest removing all technology and stimulants before bed, reading, foam rolling, stretching, mediating or journaling are great ways to relax.

Action Step: Stay away from work and technology 30 minutes before bed & try to replace it with a relaxing activity.

Implement Daily Exercise

Exercise ‒ Exercise naturally increases energy levels & is good for your physical, mental & emotional health. The statement “Health is Wealth” constitutes a significant part of our growing-up journey, and we still don’t realise the magnitude of these words and how they give a broader meaning to our life. If you have your health, you will have fewer issues to deal with, less anxiety, negativity and more motivation to live a happy and healthy life. To obtain good health, an invaluable asset, we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Exercise not only naturally increases your energy levels but also releases happy endorphins like serotonin and dopamine. Exercise doesn't have to be boring, you can make it fun! If you want to become a high performer, make exercise part of your lifestyle and watch your productivity grow!

Action step: Pick 4 days this week where you will move your body. Try different activities or join a gym class!

What's your favourite high-performance habit?

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Holly Smith, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Holly Smith is an entrepreneur, accountability coach & author of 30 days To Happiness. She coaches entrepreneurs who NEED the clarity, structure & discipline to reach their full potential. Also known as the CEO of Biz Fit, an online personal training platform for busy individuals. Feeling lost in her teenage years and amongst several mental health challenges, Holly had a miraculous healing which led her to now fulfil her mission: To change the world one habit at a time. Her purpose: To Help individuals wake up happier every single day.



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