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5 Easy Steps to Satisfy an Overachieving Mind

Written by: Lelia Ceausu, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When accomplished wisely, your aspirations can become a great reason for celebration and contentment.

On the other hand, when those aspirations are surrounded by confusion, rush, or pressure, they can feel like intense sprints, where you can barely catch a break to breathe. Before you know it, you’ll be already running again to accomplish the next big goal on the list, hoping to find the satisfaction level you desire deep down.

I am not here to tell you that you can’t have it all or that you’re dreaming too big.

I’m here to tell you it’s all possible: you can actually enjoy “having more” and reach that satisfaction feeling that you’re craving to experience through your achievements.

In this article, I give you a step-by-step practical guide so you can create a sense of satisfaction for your overachieving mind.

Step 1. Set clear goals and desires

Start by writing down all your goals- even the “impossible ones.”

Bring up all your ideas, thoughts, goals, desires.

What do you want to create the most in the coming period?

Put all those goals on a piece of paper or a white dashboard.

This step brings you three wins: it gives you clarity by bringing everything in front of your eyes, it creates space in your mind and it helps you to release the fear of missing out on something important.

Step 2.Choose smart working over hard working

The next step for you is to use your energy smartly.

The key here is to focus your mind on three priorities at a time.

From the goals list you’ve just created, choose three main goals you want to achieve for each week. Make those goals your main priorities.

I know that you might feel good about creating a busy, endless “To-Do list,” but in that case, I might see you burning out from all the hard work or never finishing the endless tasks.

Focusing your energy on clear, specific priorities makes it easier for you to decide what is aligned with those priority goals and what isn’t aligned with your desires.

This step is important because when your actions are aligned with your goals, you’re getting a sense of progress each day.

You’re getting a sense that your work is meaningful. It has a specific purpose.

Progress and meaningful work are what will lift your overachieving mind.

Step 3. Change your standards around time and speed

If you have a feeling that you’re running out of time, check all the activities to which you said “yes.” What have you committed to do, from a sense of fear or “missing out”?

If those activities aren’t aligned with your goals, nor do they bring you joy, start removing those activities and say “no” to what creates a distraction.

You might believe that doing more things will bring you faster results and that this is the key to the satisfaction you’re craving deep down.

Here’s the truth: the speed at which you move towards your goals doesn’t really matter.

What matters is the impact of what you create, the impact you have in the time you work, when you do an activity, when you show up in your business—the impact of all your actions and results.

When you act intending to create an impact, the quantity of accomplished goals and the speed at which they are accomplished doesn’t matter anymore. Backing your actions with the intention to create impact will change your perspective about time because those types of actions create satisfaction far beyond your deadlines.

Step 4. Empower yourself with the right motivation

In the process of accomplishing your goals, there are two paths you can take: motivating yourself through the energy of push, pressure, stress, busyness OR motivating yourself through the energy of desire, excitement, trust, and ease.

Both types of energy are equally powerful, although we might have been conditioned to value only the first type of energy when working.

If you’ve been motivating yourself through the first path, you might also try to see the results you can achieve when you work from the second energy.

Have you ever wondered why you feel the need to achieve more?

Most likely, it’s because the things you achieve aren’t bringing the amount of contentment you desire to experience.

We aren’t achieving enough things that bring us contentment because we don’t value joy in the same way we value other emotions when we take action.

For example: how many times have you trusted the feeling of progress when taking an action that brings you joy and excitement, compared to when you felt busy while moving towards your goals?

If you want to feel a greater excitement about your achievements, start to acknowledge and implement more actions that light you up that bring you joy. Try this other type of motivation and be surprised by what you can create with it.

Step 5. Celebrate each day as you’ve just made a quantum move forward

Your mind needs evidence that the small achievements matter. This feeling of contentment becomes bigger when you add up the small wins. Immerse yourself in five minutes of bliss each day by taking the time to acknowledge the already achieved things.

What are you celebrating today- from small to big achievements?

Now, take it a step further and feel gratitude for all the accomplishments you’ve had in the past month, past year, past 5 years. Write it down, or reflect in your mind’s eye.

Can you acknowledge how each move brought you where you are right now?

In the same way, each big or small move you’ll make every day, with intention and alignment, will inevitably bring you exactly where you desire to be. How much relief does it bring you to know this?

Train your mind to celebrate the small steps because they all are disguised quantum moves. Celebration keeps you excited for what’s coming next and creates the feeling that what you’ve done today is enough, and it matters.

We are all in the process of growth over our lifetimes. We can achieve all we desire and more than we can envision from the present moment. The most important aspect in this journey of achieving our ambitious goals is to observe the energy behind the actions and decisions that are taking us where we want to be. We have the power to create an energy of celebration, satisfaction, excitement, all aligned with the ultimate impact we want our goals to have.

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Lelia Ceausu, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Lelia Ceausu is an Intuitive Spiritual Leader and Certified Mindset Expert for women in business.

She helps women awake the conscious leader within themselves and activates quantum leaps in their energetic codes so they can smash their income ceilings, magnetize in the right clients, and fully claim their space into this world.

She believes that the next leadership level is all about community, and there’s enough space for each brilliant woman to rise and lead through her unique presence.

Trained in NLP, EFT, and energy work, Lelia leads powerful signature programs, where she awakes the feminine magnetism within business women so they can fully stand into their sovereign power and give voice to their inner fire.


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