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13 Gym Bag Must-Haves

Written by: Gina Leslie, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Gina Leslie

Finding time to work out isn’t easy and you might even find yourself having to squeeze in workouts whenever you can find the time. A well-packed gym bag makes gym sessions less stressful and helps you get back to your busy schedule after finding time to get a good workout in.

woman at the gym with black gym bag an headphones

Finding the perfect gym bag is crucial to being prepared for the gym and for your day. A gym bag that has a compartment for your gym shoes, plenty of pockets, and just enough space to fit everything you need is perfect for on-the-go. A personal favorite is the FocusGear bag.

Shoe covers are perfect for keeping your gym shoes clean and protecting your gym bag from dirt, mud, or water that could come in on your outside shoes. These bags fold up to save space and will cover the rest of your gym essentials from dirt or moisture from your shoes.

Packing a gym towel or two is always a good idea to help absorb moisture and keep you cool and comfortable during your workout. These basic cotton towels are a budget-friendly option that’s sure to wick moisture away.

Most gyms don’t provide towels to their members, so it’s good to always keep a towel and flip-flops in your bag so you can shower and get started with your day, even in a rush.

Getting ready at the gym is usually limited to a small space and a short time span. Packing a toiletry travel bag like this one will help you organize all of your toiletries so you have everything you need to get ready all in one place.

Staying hydrated is a must when you’re on the go. Having a water bottle packed in your gym bag is sure to keep you hydrated and going all day long.

Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good hair day! Having a can of dry shampoo in your gym bag is perfect for when your hair needs a post-gym pick-me-up.

Bringing full containers of shampoo, soaps or lotions isn’t always an option when your gym bag is getting full. Bringing travel-sized containers like these is the perfect solution to make sure you always have what you need.


Don’t forget to pack any lotions, skincare products, or creams that help you look and feel your best!

Cleaning Items

Even the most excellent gyms can sometimes have messes, sweat, or spills. Make sure to have some cleaning wipes and hand sanitizers in your bag so you’re ready for anything.

Is there anything worse than getting to the gym and realizing you forgot a hair tie? Throw some extra hair ties in your bag and never get stuck working out without one again.

Just because you want to get a gym session in doesn’t mean you can’t look your best! Pack a small makeup bag with some essentials to make you feel like yourself after a good workout.

After a good workout, the last thing anyone wants is a soggy gym bag. Packing a wet bag lets you separate your gym clothes or swimwear from the rest of your clothes and keeps your gym bag clean and dry.

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Gina Leslie Brainz Magazine

Gina Leslie, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Gina Leslie, the founder of the Light Side of Health, is a sport, fitness, and health enthusiast. She received her business degree with an emphasis in sports business and a minor in economics from the University of Oregon. While there she worked for the football department and her love for sports and sports training blossomed. From there, Gina worked in sports marketing and assisted in running a sports training facility. She has run multiple marathons and even competed in a fitness competition. While training, she began to acquire multiple fitness and nutrition certifications. In conjunction with running Light Side of Health, Gina currently works in the finance field and is involved in her community.



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