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10 Key Drivers To Find The Perfect Career Path

Written by: Miriam Freeman, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Although there is an array of directions one can take their career, plenty of intelligent and talented men and women struggle to find their perfect occupation. For every individual, there is a sweet spot of skill, passion, and fun – this sweet spot is where a person’s unique, “perfect” career path is hidden. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a career that is perfect in every aspect, but if one can be realistic, honest, and strategic – you might find a more fulfilling work-life than you ever thought possible.

To help you avoid the most common mistakes professionals make in a career change, today we’ll dive into ten Career Assets that are the key drivers for finding a career and personal success. A kind of success that makes you stop and realize that you love your career field enough to see a long, bright future.

1. Interests - This may seem obvious, but when starting from ground zero – a career candidate should consider innate interests. You’ve heard the cliché that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life – and although you might not be able to get someone to pay you for every one of your hobbies, there’s a chance you can find a field that will get you close. Take a moment to consider your interests, research fields, and career paths that align with those interests.

2. Values - Values are things that are important to you. Personal values can play a big role in determining whether you want to take a job. This could mean assessing the values of a company or assessing your own values. Do you value making your own schedule? Maybe entrepreneurship is for you. Perhaps you value being backed by a large corporation’s benefits, then most probably a corporate job would make you happier.

3. Personality - there truly are some jobs that require a specific personality to be successful. A shy personality does not lend itself to sales. A quiet personality may not be the first person to enjoy public speaking and therefore may need to reconsider a career path in law. However, a shy personality could be extremely successful as a computer software developer or an engineer, where there is more limited required conversation. This doesn’t mean that a shy person won’t be a great salesperson, rather it implies that the journey would be through a bumpier road.

4. Knowledge - information, facts, data, and experiences that are gained over the course of your education, career, and life. Most career paths require academic studies and degrees, and some require constant learning to stay current with the advancements in that field. We all want our doctors and nurses to know about the most advanced technologies to ensure we feel comfortable in their care. Consider what level of education you are willing to commit to when considering a career.

5. Skills - When looking to shift career paths, take an inventory of your existing skills. Do you have a knack for being quick with your words? Maybe copywriting is for you. There are many ways certain skills can be applied to an entirely new job that is different than the one you currently have.

6. Competencies - To get hired at a job, most are going to have some core competencies that every employee must possess. To be competent means that the company can trust that you are an asset and will get the job done. Take a look at job listings and consider your competencies and how those can connect to the need of the employer.

7. Experience - Although education is very important, it’s the experience that adds depth and breadth to the knowledge. Experience allows the person to see the impact of any decision and how to face or prevent any future challenges that may arise from it. In some fields, experience can replace education and in other fields, experience makes the knowledge more valuable. The more experience you have, the more doors are opened for your next job.

8. Abilities - Both physical and mental abilities are a core part of confirming what your career path may be. Someone who is not extremely strong would not be a good fit for a warehouse job where heavy load lifting is required. All the same, if a person’s education goes only as far as a high school diploma, but the job is in a technical field – there may not be a fit and there are some fields such as nursing that require both: a strong body and mind.

9. Network - many of the jobs you see listed online will be filled through a friend of a friend of someone already at the company. Connection not only can help in landing a new job but also gain insider information and other valuable insight into the company. Expanding or finding connections is a time well spent if you want to get a step inside the door.

10. Mindset and Natural Tendencies - the mind is a powerful tool. There are so many people who have beat the odds. Personally or professionally – your mindset can get you from one level to the next. A tendency to work hard, explore and have a positive attitude throughout the process of your current job or even while in a job you don’t love, your mindset can make all the difference.

If you are ready to make a move, or just want a second opinion on whether you have the qualities to move into a new career field or take a new position, don’t hesitate to invest in yourself. You are the most powerful assets you have in your life and career. An outside perspective can sometimes uncover abilities and skills you may have forgotten you have, or confirm how truly valuable you could be to an employer. Take your career to the next level when you work with a career coach who can help you find the perfect career match. If you decided to work with us, we offer a free consultation that could accelerate you onto your next path. You will never know until you try – and you are worth trying for.

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Miriam Freeman, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Miriam is a Career-Mindset Strategist and a certified coach. With more than two decades of professional experience in critical and leadership roles in some of Canada’s largest corporations and has been a committee member of the board of directors for a leading organization in Toronto. Continual learning and personal development have always been core principles in her life and work. After graduating with an MBA, she pursued additional studies in Law, taxation, Positive Psychology, and Tiny Habits.

She has worked, lived, and studied in different countries, and learned to adapt to different cultures of the East and the West. Her life experiences in addition to her positive attitude helped her expand her appreciation for mindfulness, honesty, and focus on heart and mind at the same time.

Miriam helps her clients pivot their mindset, create winning habits, change their trajectory and build the career they desire while enjoying a meaningful life.



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