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The Key To Getting Hired

Written by: Miriam Freeman, Executive Contributor

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The top-performing industries see 12–14% interview-to-hire conversion. This means out of every ten candidates selected for a job interview, only one person is hired. In addition, we know that those candidates invited to interview are among hundreds of applicants. So, if you do quick math, you realize that the success rate of each job seeker is quite slim. Now you may ask, so how can I make it to that 12% that are finally hired?

I bet you have heard stories and tips from friends & family and read many articles on the subject, but here is the thing: what worked for your friend or dad may not work for you in your job search. Why? Because you are applying to a different industry, a different role, a different team, etc.

The truth is that other people’s experiences and stories will not be helpful if you do not analyze them to take away the underlying elements. So, in this article, I want to give you the key to success. I share with you the core principle that applies to all hiring decisions so that you can devise a plan that works for you in your own job search journey.

In a nutshell, every hiring decision is based on two main factors: Results and Character

Now let us look at each one in detail:


A hiring process starts when a position/role is newly created or when someone leaves a company and their role becomes vacant. Either way, it means that there is a demand: A need for someone to join and take action.

Employers look for someone who can make a positive impact on the productivity of their current team and the outcome generated for the company as a whole. Now, this positive impact comes in a variety of forms. However, if someone fails to demonstrate how he or she can improve the productivity of the team in one way or another, they will not be chosen!

Recruiters move the candidates up the steps of the hiring process, with the intention of finally hiring a candidate who will have the most significant impact on one of the team. These impacts could be one of these: saving or making money for the company, helping the team to meet their targets, increasing efficiency, making the work easier for the whole team, or finding a solution for specific problems that the team is facing.


In addition to the results, a candidate must also get the checkmark for the character. Despite great education and experiences or skills, many candidates fail based on the personality match.

Not that the hiring managers are favoring a certain personality type over another, But the reality is that each team has its own unique dynamic and culture and the new addition must be able to blend in and be a good fit to the existing team. Otherwise, it will be a lose-lose situation.

Employers want to hire someone who can add value to their team and not be a burden to the current situation. They want to choose someone who can pick up a load and help whatever the whole team is working on. A team player who can build the relationship with other business partners in the company, a candidate who can improve the image of the team among internal/external Customers, a personality who can negotiate well with vendors or attract New Customers.

The difficult part is that candidates will not know which one of these results or characteristics a hiring manager or recruiter is looking for. So think of each one of these as a draw in a lottery! The more of these skills and traits a candidate can highlight in their application and interviews, the more chances they have in getting that job offer.

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Miriam Freeman, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Miriam is a Career-Mindset Strategist and a certified coach. With more than two decades of professional experience in critical and leadership roles in some of Canada’s largest corporations and has been a committee member of the board of directors for a leading organization in Toronto. Continual learning and personal development have always been core principles in her life and work. After graduating from an MBA, she pursued additional studies in Law, Taxations, Positive Psychology and Tiny Habits.

She has worked, lived and studied in different countries, learned to adapt to different cultures of the East and the West. Her life experiences in addition to her positive attitude helped her expand her appreciation for mindfulness, honesty and focus on heart and mind at the same time.

Miriam helps her clients pivot their mindset, create winning habits, change the trajectory and build the career they desire while enjoying a meaningful life.



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