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From Spice Of The Classroom To Global Innovator - Pam August's Remarkable Story

Pam August is an insight activator, curious co-creator, culture whisperer, and, according to her 4th-grade teacher, the "spice that every classroom needs", always learning and learning all ways. She knows a lot about the power of potential in work and life and, more importantly, how to connect it. Her expertise stands on a solid foundation, including certification in fitness and nutrition, a Bachelor of Adult Education, a Master of Arts in Leadership, and numerous facilitation and coaching certifications. It springs to life through her diverse experience of fitness teaching and nutrition counseling, award-winning learning facilitation in higher education, a people and culture developer, and being the Director of Culture Activation at WestJet Airlines, one of Canada´s most admired corporate cultures.

Today, she is a trusted partner for high-performance organizations worldwide through her firm, Connecting Potential. Pam expertly guides them and fiercely champions the potential already there in three dimensions of organizational performance: within us as individuals, between us in relationships and teams, and around us in this thing called "culture". Her range and depth of experience in each dimension give her a unique trifecta of expertise in the people and culture development space as she fluidly facilitates connections between them for exponential impact.

Article Highlights

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How To Build Brand Loyalty – 6 Elements Of A Strong Brand

“Branding” a business in its own right that has turned into one of the most frequently misused buzzwords online.

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10 Powerful Practices For A More Peaceful Life

What if the secret to a calmer, more peaceful life lies not in the big gestures, but in the grace of our smallest, everyday reactions?

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Protein – Top 3 Misconceptions & What You Need Each Day

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7 Proven Strategies To Enhance Both Personal And Professional Relationships With Reflective Listening

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The Benefits Of Life Coaching What You Need To Know

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Five Ways To Parent Through ADHD, With ADHD

This article touches on ADHD in children, that carry into adulthood as reflected in parenting and five ways to parent through ADHD...

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Master Your Mindset – 7 Steps To Reverse Your Mindset From Outward To Inward Thinking

Discovering the power of inner wisdom and self-awareness is a transformative journey that leads to profound personal growth and inner peace.

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Hair Within Leadership – Do We Like Her?

Have you ever considered how someone’s hair can dictate how you perceive them? In any industry, your hair can profoundly affect the vibe...

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9 Simple Ways To Start Exercising Again After A Break

If you've taken a break from your regular workout routine, these tips will make it easy to start again.

Quote of the week

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Brainz Podcast With Pam August - What Turns Potential Into Ability?

Pam is an insight activator, curious co-creator, culture whisperer, and, according to her 4th-grade teacher, "the spice that every classroom needs" always learning and learning all ways. She knows a lot about the power of potential in work and life and, more importantly, how to connect it. 

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