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Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Lars Friedrich

Senior Level Executive Contributor

Leadership Expert

Lars Friedrich

Leadership Expert

Lars Friedrich, a seasoned expert in personal and professional leadership development, brings a unique 'Touch of Zen' to his approach. This distinctive method, honed over a proven track record of over three decades, sets him apart in the field and piques his curiosity.

With a career that has spanned from being a former Officer and Special Forces Operator to a COO in international and intercultural corporate business operations and development positions, and now as the founder of his boutique business, Lars has accumulated a wealth of practical leadership, resilience, discipline, motivation, endurance, commitment, persistence, and dedication.

This diverse experience provides a solid foundation for his expertise.

Notably, Lars's unwavering commitment to continuous learning is a beacon of inspiration. His 43 years of training in traditional Japanese martial arts and frequent travels to Japan for ongoing tuition, which he refers to as his 'Touch of Zen', underscore his dedication to intrinsic personal and professional growth.

Lars Friedrich's diverse background, encompassing study, work, and life in multiple countries, is a testament to his deep-rooted understanding of diverse cultures. This global perspective provides reassuring support, service, and guidance for his clients worldwide.

His extensive, widely recognized, and multi-awarded expertise in leadership stands as a testament to his profound understanding of diverse cultures and contexts, instilling confidence in his capabilities.

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Happiness As A Leadership Priority – A Critical Examination

Recognising that satisfied and happy employees are the backbone of positive outcomes. Nevertheless, happiness should be 'A' priority...

The 'Sisu Factor' – How Finnish Culture Inspires Exemplary And Courageous Leadership

The unique Finnish concept of ‘Sisu’ is worth cultivating and fostering for executives, leaders and entrepreneurs in their unique business.

Mortals And Empires – Timeless Leadership Lessons From History

During crazy and uncertain times, knowledge of and education in the classics of ancient history, philosophy and even myths have proven...

Promoting The Reality Of Leadership And Not The Perception Of It –Exclusive Interview With Lars Friedrich

As a globally recognised and multi-awarded leadership expert, Lars proudly serves and guides executives and leaders in English-speaking...

Debunking The 'Practice Makes Perfect' Myth – A Harsh Truth About Leadership

Practice Makes Perfect! Undoubtedly, we've all heard that phrase many times before, often linked to motivation or self-leadership...

The Posture Advantage – How Good Posture Can Elevate The Leadership Game

Generally, a confident posture that opens up the body and takes up more space conveys a sense of power. Specifically, when leading others...

Exemplary Leadership – Taking The Plunge Into The Unknown While Facing Fears

Without a doubt, it's the job of executives and leaders to lead!

Failure As A Leadership Learning Experience And Opportunity For Growth And Success

Generally, failure for anyone in a position of leadership or authority in corporate and entrepreneurial business environments is perceived.

Powerful Argumentative Strategies For Leadership

Leadership is about skillful communication and also facing unavoidable arguments.

It's Lonely At The Top – Choosing Solitude Instead Of Loneliness

Often, and due to the nature of their demanding and exposed positions, executives and leaders in corporate

Over-Confident Leaders – Illusionary Superiority & The Dunning-Kruger Effect

These days, "Illusionary Superiority" and the "Dunning-Kruger Effect" are sadly very common in corporate and entrepreneurial environments...

Small But Mighty – The Advantages Of Small Teams As A Companies Tactical Force

In Special Forces military units, the advantages of small teams are well-known and applied actively...

Beating The Odds – A Story Of An "Impossible" Full Recovery After A Kidney Transplant

After a desperately needed kidney transplant aged 50, I committed to a recovery journey to regain full health...

Resilient Leadership – What It Means And What Is Often Missing

Why solely focusing on building and improving resilience is only one element of ongoing and much-needed successful leadership development

All-Or-Nothing-Thinking Vs Not Giving Up – Making Decisions That Are Good But Not Perfect

Why is finding your personal & natural play to face arising challenges as a leader without going to extremes

The Curse Of Knowledge In Leadership – A Significant Barrier In Communication

Why do leaders need to know and understand a cognitive bias called 'The Curse Of Knowledge' / 'The Curse Of Expertise'

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CREA Global Awards presented to

Lars Friedrich

Leadership Expert

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Brainz 500 Global Awards presented to

Lars Friedrich

Leadership Expert

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Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

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