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10-Hours of Clubhouse — And This Is What Happened

Written by: Maxwell Nee, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


My business partners, family & friends didn’t believe me when I told them the 7-things that happened to me after my first 7-days on Clubhouse.

If you know… Clubhouse is an exceptionally addictive mobile app for ALL the right reasons.

Whether you’re looking to connect with fellow Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, or people who share a similar appreciation for spirituality or cannabis - you will find your people on Clubhouse.

This is my account for reference: @maxwellnee

When people ask me - “What is Clubhouse?!”.

I usually answer with - “It’s basically an audio-only social media platform.”

And for some reason, people do NOT hold back on the value they share on Clubhouse.

Just this week, I’ve received coaching and advice from people with 9-figure business owners like Grant Cardone & JT Foxx.

And guess what?!

It was all absolutely free!

You may have heard of ‘proximity’ in the world of networking. You may have also heard that anyone on the planet is just 6 or 7 connections away from you.

Well, Clubhouse has changed all of that because everyone on Clubhouse is 0 connections away from you.

In fact, they are in the next room that you can join for free and pretty much ask them whatever you want.

Without a doubt, Clubhouse is the #1 relationship-building tool on the planet right now.

After reflecting on my first ever 10-hours in Clubhouse, 7 amazing things happened:

  • A $120m business owner offered to mentor me for free.

  • Booked an open conversation with a serial entrepreneur to explore how we can help each other

  • Connected with partnerships expert to help us take our online events to the next level

  • Booked an interview on a Podcast that was built on 100 conversations with extraordinary entrepreneurs

  • Brought 2 Coaches to tears with the value I shared with them.

  • Been offered free Social Media help & strategy in return for the value I shared

  • Discovered a brand new channel for building authentic relationships from the comfort of my couch!

AND this isn’t including the countless golden nuggets I learned following up with all the people who inspired me!

If you would like help to get going in Clubhouse, please feel free to connect with me in the app @maxwellnee, and I will answer any questions you have. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and visit my website!

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Maxwell Nee, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Maxwell Nee is a Co-founder & Head of Growth at High Performing Coach - a 7-figure business in a saturated industry, which grew 300% during the COVID-19 Lockdown selling out online events. Maxwell started selling tickets for events when I was 16, generating $3,000, with zero marketing budget.

To date, with his team, he sold out 8 live events in the 12 months during the crisis, helping thousands of coaches to build their businesses during huge uncertainty. They partnered with influencers such as Marisa Peer, Daniel Priestley, Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt (17 times Oprah guest speaker).

From quitting his corporate job, being hit with bankruptcy after his first investment fell flat, to sleeping on a friend's couch and selling his Bose Bluetooth Speakers to get by - Maxwell a unique and powerful understanding of what it really takes to succeed.


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