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Dawn Bates: An International Bestselling Author's Insights On the Perfect Book Launch

Dawn Bates is a true international bestselling author multiple times over on five continents. She specialises in developing global leaders into real authorities who wish to give a voice to the voiceless whilst working with them to create brand expansion strategies through activism and authorship. Profound truths, social justice and human rights underpin everything she does, and at the core of her soul is a passion for being of service to humanity, giving hope, courage and confidence for others to stand in their truth and live a life of conviction. She writes for various magazines, sails around the world on yachts as a digital nomad and is currently working towards her PhD in Human Rights and Social Justice with the University of Oxford, whilst also hosting her own podcasts The Sacral Series and The Truth Serum.

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How I Went From Journaling To Heal After Loss To Publishing My First Book

My sister used to journal. On the pages, she would pour out her anger, which was largely aimed at me. After she died, I read pages...

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How A Book Is Like A Baby – The Birthing Process Of Writing And Publishing

Greetings, fellow entrepreneurs, aspiring authors, and future thought leaders!

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Parenting 101 – The Book Every Parent Needs

I guess every parent's goal is to raise a happy and well-adjusted human being.

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The New Age Of Audiobook Production

Business professionals are highly intelligent and creative people, with ideas that often extend far beyond business

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2023's Must-Read List: Check Out These 10 Book Releases!

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Top List Any enthusiastic bookworm will tell you reading is a pleasurable pastime that improves your focus,...

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Why Every CEO Needs To Write A Book Today

If you are a CEO, an entrepreneur, a small business owner or just a daydreamer, you need to write a book.

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Beyond Your Book – 5 Business Building Strategies For Authors

Learn how to repurpose and monetize your beautiful book so your legacy continues past the launch!

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Why Should Leaders Write A Book?

It seems like everyone who is famous, wants to be famous, runs a high-end company...

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How To Write A Nonfiction Book

It sounds super simple, right? When you’ve been through something personally, when you’ve lived it yourself, all you have to do is write

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"You may have noticed that the more time and energy you spend trying to avoid or get rid of your thoughts and emotions, the more you’re likely to suffer.."

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Living with chronic illnesses often feels like an endless uphill battle, but it doesn't have to dominate your life. After years of trial...

Ultimate Guide To Mastering Road Rage

Road rage is aggressive or hostile behaviour exhibited by drivers in response to perceived slights, frustrations, or annoyances on the road.

Thinking About A Mindset Coach? 10 Reasons To Say Yes

Having a mindset coach by your side can truly transform the way you approach challenges and opportunities in life.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Redesign Your Website

Have you looked at your website recently and thought it might be missing something? Or does it look a little dated? At my digital agency...

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What is emotional intelligence? - With Kristen Russell

Kristen Russell is an accomplished Transformation & Emotional Fitness Coach with a remarkable career spanning over 18 years. She has excelled in high-level management positions within the Project Management & Construction industry, predominantly in Defense Contracts and the Public Service Sector. Throughout her professional journey, Kristen has always been naturally inclined towards collaboration, leadership, and mentoring teams. She derived immense satisfaction from her roles, not only due to the sense of fulfillment they brought her but also because of the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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