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Why Every CEO Needs To Write A Book Today

Written by: Julie Lokun, JD, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Julie Lokun, JD

If you are a CEO, an entrepreneur, a small business owner or just a daydreamer, you need to write a book. Audacious results multiply when you position your expertise in writing. Your book is your calling card. Most importantly, your book is the most powerful marketing tool you possess as a leader.

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In the past books were written by famous people, politicians, and business moguls. Having your name embossed on a book cover was a coveted title that felt unobtainable. In 2007 the playing field was leveled with the launch of KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), which is owned by Amazon. KDP has opened the flood gates for every Tom, Dick, and Sally to publish their book (with ease). While, in my opinion, KDP has watered down the prestige of becoming an author, if you do it correctly, you can create a legacy piece that becomes the iconic centerpiece for your brand.

Why write a book?

As a leader in business your book establishes your authority in your industry. Most recently, I had the privilege of publishing a book for the former national security advisor to the president. He currently enjoys his established position as a keynote speaker and speaks all over the country. When we were first introduced, I was confused as to why he did not have a book. He has the credentials as an Admiral, a Fortune 500 CEO and secures tenure on Pennsylvania Avenue. I suggested to him that his story would be the cornerstone of his speaking career. I emphasized his book would be a catalyst for more speaking engagements. I knew that publishing a book on leadership would confirm his status as an expert.

Fast forward a year, Rear Admiral Garry E. Hall’s book, Navigating Leadership, is met with critical acclaim as well as hit number one on Amazon. While I cannot speak for the Admiral, I do speak with certainty about the transformative exercise of putting pen to paper clarifies your purpose and secures your legacy as a thought leader.

4 reasons you need to start writing your book today

1. Establishes credibility and thought leadership

Authoring a book is a powerful way for CEOs to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. It demonstrates expertise, deep knowledge, and a unique perspective. A book can enhance the CEO's personal brand and elevate their reputation, making them a go-to resource for media, speaking engagements, and industry events.

Mediacaster Tip: Conduct thorough research and incorporate real-life case studies, examples, and data to support your arguments and ideas. Include personal anecdotes and stories to make your book relatable and engaging.

2. Inspire and motivate others

Books have the ability to inspire and motivate readers. As a CEO, your insights and experiences can serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and even your own employees. Your book can offer practical advice, lessons learned, and strategies for success, providing valuable guidance to those who seek it.

Mediacaster Tip: Include actionable takeaways and practical exercises at the end of each chapter to encourage readers to apply the concepts in their own lives and businesses.

3. Expand networks and build relationships

Authoring a book opens doors to new connections and networking opportunities. It allows CEOs to engage with a broader audience, including potential investors, partners, and customers. Writing a book can lead to speaking invitations, panel discussions, and media interviews, providing a platform to showcase your expertise and expand your professional network.

Mediacaster Tip: Leverage social media platforms, industry forums, and speaking engagements to promote your book and engage with readers. Encourage discussions, offer additional insights, and seek feedback from your audience.

4. Leave a legacy

A book is a tangible legacy that can endure for generations. It encapsulates the CEO's wisdom, experiences, and lessons, ensuring their insights live on even after their tenure. By sharing their knowledge and expertise, CEOs can make a lasting impact on future leaders and contribute to the collective knowledge of their industry.

Mediacaster Tip: Consider including a chapter on your leadership philosophy and guiding principles. Share your vision for the future and inspire others to continue building upon your legacy.

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Julie Lokun, JD Brainz Magazine

Julie Lokun, JD, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Julie Lokun is a best-selling author and podcast host of two shows, which rank in the top 1.5% globally. She is known for elevating the voices of impact through her company, The Mediacasters. With her exceptional skills in media and public relations, Julie has built an impressive client roster that spans across various industries, from Presidential Appointees and TV personalities to Inc 5000 corporate clients. Julie helps individuals and organizations share their stories through publishing, presenting, podcasting, and public relations. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to her clients' success have made her a sought-after media expert and changemaker in her field.



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