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Thokozile Eunice Mahlaola

The CherryBlue House

Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Thokozile Eunice Mahlaola is a published author, performing artist and a purpose advocate. She has always been driven to use her talents, yet when she understood what her life's purpose is, her drive shifted to a higher dimension. She now runs The CherryBlue House, through which she helps others to find what their life's purpose is; and to align their lives, careers and businesses with that purpose by taking her signature course, Born to Be. She also inspires her community to strive to be better through her book, Pearls - Sophisticated and Mysterious and through her music that spreads the message of love for the Creator, self-love and love for humanity. She truly believes that we are both artworks and artists who are constantly learning, changing and creating to make our world better for everyone.