Bring Out Your Womanhood

Written by: Thokozile Eunice Mahlaola, Executive Contributor

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Use this time.

What an exciting time to be alive! It truly is the best time yet to be a woman, and more is still to come. I do not need to go back to history; we all know how the female gender has been silenced through centuries.

Shake things up.

Today though, females from young girls to lively grannies are making waves and shaping the future. Women are shaking things up because now we have platforms to use, we are gaining back our confidence, and we are telling our stories ourselves.

Voice your power.

My dear ladies, we all have what historical game-changers such as the late Winnie Madikizela-Mandela had, and we have what icons such as Serena Williams have. We have our voices, and I do not just mean what we speak. Our voices are what we stand for. Never hide your voice because of fear. Never silence yourself to benefit others. Your voice is your power. Use it to tell your story because your story is strength for another female. Do not use it to gossip; use it to build others.

Stand with confidence.

The world, your workplace, your community, and your family are waiting for what only you can give because your growth is their growth. Therefore, stand with confidence and make your mark on this world starting today. Play your part, knowing that you are a strong and unshakable woman. Believe in the greatness that God has put in you. If it were not there, you would not be alive.

Step into your greatness.

You just need to step into your greatness and do what you need to do. You are a leader, innovator, nurturer, trailblazer, goal-getter, world changer and so much more. Be inquisitive, excited, adventurous, optimistic, dream, and believe. Allow your greatness to come alive in all you do, and you will see that nothing will be able to stop your flow. As a student, do not just read to pass, read to question common knowledge. At work, do not just follow structures, understand the reasons behind them. As a person do not just exist as a number, let your presence be felt and demanded.

Choose yourself first.

Your power will not ignite if you do not choose yourself first. If you choose friends, your partner, and people’s opinions, then your power and voice will be afraid to come to the party. If you make your dreams to come first; your development will come first; your happiness will come first, and you will have much more to give to those around you. Love yourself first, respect yourself first, have values, and not settle for what is beneath your standards in anything. Give yourself some alone time and figure yourself out. Have a meeting with yourself instead of just flowing with whatever wind that is passing your way.

Know your value.

You know why? Because you are precious, and your worth is much more than gold and diamonds. Teach others how you should be treated. Show them that you are a rare pearl that should be treasured. Raise your standards and your values, but do not be disrespectful nor should you look down on others because classy women do not sweat, we radiate.

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Thokozile Eunice Mahlaola, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Thokozile Eunice Mahlaola is the founder of The CherryBlue House, a consortium where they deal with career development, personal development, content writing and music entertainment. Since 2015 she has self-published three books and has two books as well as a music album coming out in 2020. Her online courses have changed the lives of people from different parts of the world. She has studied Creative Writing and Editing through the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism as well as Language and Literature and Public Relations Management both through the University of South Africa. The eighteen years of combined corporate and entrepreneurial experience she has gathered has prepared her to work with individuals, employees and new entrepreneurs who want to know their life’s purpose; align their priorities with their values and be more productive in their lives, work, and businesses.



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