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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Thokozile Eunice Mahlaola is the founder of The CherryBlue House, a consortium where they deal with career development, personal development, content writing, and music entertainment. Since 2015 she has self-published three books and has two books and a music album coming out in 2020. Her online courses have changed the lives of people from different parts of the world. She has studied Creative Writing and Editing through the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism as well as Language and Literature and Public Relations Management both through the University of South Africa. The eighteen years of combined corporate and entrepreneurial experience she has gathered has prepared her to work with individuals, employees, and new entrepreneurs who want to know their life’s purpose, align their priorities with their values and be more productive in their lives, work, and businesses.

Who is Thokozile?

I am a child of Elohim, an empowered woman, a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and an eternal student. I live my life based on my life’s purpose, which is to live my best life and to help others do the same by aligning their lives, careers, and businesses with their lives’ purpose. Being authentic and artistic is at the core of who I truly am. I am an ambivert, and I am comfortable spending hours by myself reading, writing, working, yet I also enjoy working with many different people from all walks of life. Three words that describe me are ambitious, inquisitive, and kind.

How did you get into entrepreneurship?

Becoming an entrepreneur was a natural transition for me as I went from assisting my family in their businesses to establishing my own. My late father was a tuckshop owner; my mother is a seamstress; my late sister was a deli chef in the making, and my brother runs a hair salon and a carpentry business. I grew up helping in their businesses after school, which led to me being bitten by the business bug. I made my business transition by establishing my company while I was still employed, so I can test the market and build my clientele before I go into it full time.

How do you balance having three different titles?

The work I do in all three of my fields has the same foundation, which is my life’s purpose. Whether I sing soulful music, write fictional stories or create developmental content, all I do is help my audience, readers, and communities to embrace their journeys towards becoming their truest selves. I believe in using my talents, gifts, skills, and knowledge as resources to deliver my products and services.

Tell us about your signature course, Born to Be.

Many people never give a thought as to why they are alive. They live their lives on repeat, merely existing. They never realize that there is more to life than attempting to make money by having jobs they hate. When we realize this, life starts to be precious and time becomes valuable. Born to Be helps people see themselves and life in a new light as we help them make sense of who they are and what they are meant to do with their lives. We help them find their place in the world, to align with their highest values so they can be efficient in their lives, careers, and businesses.

What is your book Pearls – Sophisticated and Mysterious about?

I wrote this short story collection because I felt that in the age of influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, people want so much to appear perfect, successful, and influential in societies that they somehow forget that they have human needs that need more attention than appearances. The stories follow the lives of four characters, and their stories invite the reader to walk in their shoes and to change and grow in their own life as the- characters do. These are stories of hope and dreams, courage and ambition, identity and self-love, and growth and strength.

Give us a glimpse into your upcoming music album Love Legacy.

The truth is I am a romantic who is in love with love, and I show that in my album as I celebrate love in all its forms. In essence, I celebrate eternal love, self-love, romantic love, love for all human beings. The songs are delivered in soulful melodic and poetic forms. We are still in the studio working on it; however, you can hear what it sounds like on my YouTube channel!

What projects are you currently working on?

We are excitedly preparing for three paid memberships, which will commence in January 2021. The first one is Enriching Lives and is for individuals who know that something needs to change in their lives but have no idea what that change is and how to bring it about. The second is Equipping Professionals, and through it, we assist employees in positioning themselves to excel in the corporate world. The third one is Establishing Entrepreneurs. It focuses on helping business owners build strong foundations for their businesses and apply current industry requirements to stay relevant in their specific markets.

To register for any of the memberships or the course, contact us at We are also open for bookings and collaborations.

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