Why You Shouldn’t Rely Solely on Job Boards

Written by: Arthur Gluzman, Executive Contributor

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Job boards may have been born out of the need to make job postings more visible and easier to access for job seekers. However, with the constant innovation of technology, Job boards might lose their value and effectiveness. Hence, potentially rendering it old-fashioned very soon.

While job boards may have done a great job at bringing various job vacancies to light, this does not dispute the fact that its effectiveness is continuously declining. According to, job boards have a 2-4% effectiveness rate, which is relatively low compared to networking, which has an effectiveness rate of over 50%.

If we decide to dive into the numbers, you will discover that the statistics of job boards’ are appalling. For example, you must know that for the average two hundred and fifty applications received for a job vacancy, only two percent make it through the interview stage. Also, for every six candidates invited for an interview, only one ends up getting the job. Looking at these statistics alone, one is left to wonder if the stress of reviewing hundreds of jobs and applying via these job boards is worth it?

So, if not job boards, you might wonder what else could be of great help to job seekers.

Well, the answer is simple because Networking + Referrals = A Gold Mine.

According to a study by LinkedIn, the preferred way for people to discover a new job is through referrals. Also, another research by Career Builder revealed that 82% of employers rated referrals above all sources for generating the best return on investment. Now, when we consider certain hiring metrics, you would discover that when it comes to hiring, referrals are better than job boards.

To further strengthen the effectiveness of referrals, professional platforms like LinkedIn have greatly encouraged networking among recruiters and professionals. In such a case, it is not uncommon to see a job seeker network with a recruiter via LinkedIn. Sometimes, if the recruiter is interested in such a candidate, he/she might be willing to refer the candidate to a job that suits the individual's skills.

Furthermore, with a platform like LinkedIn, sourcing for quality candidates for a job post has become more accessible. Hence, pushing networking to become the major currency shaping the recruiting industry. A 2018 Survey by Jobvite proved this to be true as it revealed that seventy-seven (77) percent of recruiters now rely on LinkedIn for their hiring purposes.

Now, when we compare job boards to networking or referrals, we can't help but agree that there are better ways to apply or get a job than via job boards. So, instead of wasting numerous hours scouring through job boards, that time could be better-utilized networking with top recruiters and decision-makers.

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Arthur Gluzman, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Arthur Gluzman, founder is CEO of a million-dollar recruitment company, and a career coach. For more than 20 years, Arthur has coached and helped various individuals to get their dream jobs within 30 days. He has also helped top reputable companies recruit the best-talent in their organizations. Using his 20 years of recruiting experience, he have helped CEO’s, CFO’s, VP’s, and Talent Acquisition Pros who are looking to hire and retain the best professionals and executives in the known Universe. "I encourage you to take your career to the next level. I believe it’s time for you to receive expert assistance in pinpointing your hidden strengths and passions while building unshakable confidence. Build your brand as an expert in your industry, just like any other leading expert. You will never feel stuck, undervalued, unappreciated, unrecognized, or underpaid - Ever again in your lifetime. So…"



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