Why You Need to Work on Your Personal Healing Before Hiring Your Next Business Coach

Written by: Viviana Di Leo, Executive Contributor

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It's been 4 years now since I started this journey as a Coach, and I wished I had somebody told me this before hiring my business coaches.

What has healing my life to do with business? Well, let me tell you, it has EVERYTHING to do with your business. If you are a coach, therapist, or service provider online, it is something you need to know before you hire your next business coach.

Healing your life means understanding your own limitations that prevent you from reaching your potential and live with peace of mind and joy in your life. Heal your life means to stop questioning and being hard on yourself when you do not reach those financial goals.

I loved each of my business coaches, do not get me wrong, they have taught me so much, and only now I can say I can enjoy working out the best strategies for me. But on every process, there was healing to be done, on past stories, on limiting beliefs, on insecurities and subconscious blocks.

Nowadays, there are so many business coaches out there that you can become attracted by their sales pitch and get immersed in the next coaching program and jump from one to another without even noticing, and it's been a whole year or maybe more.

If you are experiencing this, you need to stop and ask yourself whether it is the strategies that do not work or that you need to start working on yourself. If you do not stop to question yourself, you can end up frustrated and stressed out. I see this a lot!

Following this, now, I want to give you more clarity on why you need to heal your life before working with your next business coach:

1. Your business clarity depends on you. Of course, they can guide you with their experience, but if you do not know what you want, with whom you want to work, your process behind your coaching, and where you envision your business to be, your business coach will not tell you this. They can ask questions and guide you, but you will end up changing things a million times without confidence and clarity on what you want.

2. Your limiting beliefs are yours, and no strategy will work unless you work on them. If you have deep subconscious limiting beliefs, there is a chance that you can put all the strategy together thinking who are you to get the clients, or what if it doesn’t work or I don’t deserve to have the business I dream and let me tell you this will happen.

3. If you don’t work on your self-esteem and self-worth and you look for a business coach to tell you what to do, you will end up getting one that will do that, and you will be doing what you are told to instead of what you believe in your heart you need to do.

4. If you are not self-confident, you will end up comparing your chapter one of your business with chapter 20 of someone and copying wrongly what they are doing. SELF-CONFIDENCE will not only give you the ability to rock on your business it will help you believe you can do it, and that is what makes the difference between the people that start a business and the people that stay in business.

5. Saying Yes to yourself and NO to the noise outside. You will learn what you need your business and success to look like. Maybe you don’t want or need to make 100.000 USD a year to feel successful, or maybe you do, but there are hidden blocks that prevent you from reaching those goals.

6. You will stop spending more than you earn. This is a huge one I have seen happen not only with myself but with clients. More if you believe in money is energy and to scale, you need to spend more to vibrate what you want to earn. This is something many “business gurus” are saying and believe is true. I can tell you that if there are stories with money you need to heal, this will not work, and you will get frustrated and blocked. In my case, there were stories I had with money that were deeply rooted in my first 5 years of life that only were reachable with Hypnosis. They had nothing to do with me but were stopping me from earning what I felt I deserved.

7. FOMO (Fear of missing out) hunts so many people because everything is moving so fast. It makes you do more than what you can or want to. Once you heal your relationship with yourself, you will understand that what you are looking for is external recognition and acceptance, which needs to come first from yourself.

I am sure that we can find together many more reasons to work on yourself before hiring the next business coach. I am not telling you not to do it. I have my own business mentor myself, but I know what I want for my business and for my life to look like and will not end up following anyone else agenda as before.

This has been a huge realization for me, and as I told you before, I wished I had done the work on myself before I got on the online world to prevent myself from bumping into the same stone, yet I know that was supposed to be my journey so I could share this with the world now.

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Viviana Di Leo, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Viviana Di Leo is a Certified Peacefulness & Fulfilment Coach. She helps women on their self-healing journey to live a more peaceful and fulfilled life. She's an Expert in Biodecoding & Emotions.



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