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What Is “The Healing Trap” And How You Can Avoid It

Written by: Michall J. Medina, Executive Contributor

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The “healing trap” is something that happens when you find yourself constantly needing more and more healing. Many times, we go to a practitioner seeking healing from a trauma or struggle that we experience in our life. We often do find some relief and do feel better afterwards, but then something else comes up that needs healing, and we find ourselves going back for more sessions or seeking other healing modalities and practitioners to see if something else will work and create the lasting shift you’re wanting.

The problem with this approach to personal growth and healing is that it doesn’t ever truly create the deep lasting shifts. The reason for this is that in this approach of healing, you’re viewing your experience as a problem to be solved, and by doing so, you only ever reaffirm to your mind that there’s something to fix. What you focus on, you get more of, and so as you view your experiences as a problem that needs solving or fixing, you may find a temporary solution, but you will always find more and more things to fix or won’t ever be able to get quite to the root of it to finally be free.

On the flip side, if you see yourself as already whole and that you don’t need “fixing” and instead, you set your intention and vision on what you do want to create in your life, you then allow for the possibility of you actually being able to create the deep lasting shifts within yourself because now you know where you’re heading – you give your brain something to shift into and it can begin creating the neuron connections to the version of you you’re becoming.

The next step is to release your resistance. Oftentimes when we focus on what we do want to create, it brings up a lot of resistance within ourselves. Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s tension in our body, maybe it doubts. The key is to then identify and release that resistance. The way we do this is to generate a determination and resolve to become that version of you that you intend to shift into —the version of you who has manifested their desires. Decide within yourself that there’s absolutely no way you’re going to continue on the path you’ve been on and that the time to become that new version of you is now. Once you’re able to generate that determination and resolve, the shifts within you that need to happen in order for you to become that new version of you will happen effortlessly.

Healing and personal growth don’t have to be hard, and it certainly doesn’t have to take time. The only part that makes it hard is your own resistance to changing. Once you’re able to release that resistance, the shift is easy. It happens effortlessly, and when you become that new person, you are magnetically attracting to you the experiences and opportunities to create the outcome in your life that you desire.

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Michall J. Medina, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Michall J Medina is an award-winning spiritual and mindset coach and an international bestselling author and speaker. She helps aspiring heart-centered visionaries to claim their true calling without waiting to feel ready, by amplifying their ability to intuitively attract opportunity. Before she launched her business, Michall had trained in over seven different healing modalities in search for a cure for her anxiety. As a former electrical engineer, she brought her analytical skills to the world of healing and spirituality and developed a ground-breaking method of resolving the core root of any struggle and shifting it into expansion and freedom. She now shares this method with her clients to help them to access clarity, ease and flow as they connect to and embody their true calling. Michall has been featured for her work in Yahoo Finance, Fox News, International Business Times, Wall Street Select, and Digital Journal. Originally a Texan, she now lives in Israel by the forest with her beautiful cat Stella.



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