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What Is Quantum Coaching And Healing

Written by: Mell Balment, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Every time I get asked ‘What do you do’ I struggle to answer, I hate the ‘pitch concept’ but totally understand the need to explain myself really clearly so people ‘get’ what I do. The challenge is that in order to explain I have to know (or guess) what level of spirituality they have, or what understanding they have about subconsciousness.

woman in red dress touching a shiny spider web

I suppose it’s kind of like asking a meteorologist how they ‘do’ their work, you have to determine if the person you’re talking to has any scientific, climate or even geographic knowledge. The language and terminology used for each would be unique and the interrelation between the environment, land and atmosphere could quickly get complex.

What is Quantum coaching and healing? I figured an article with the ability to cross-reference terms would be helpful to use all my phrases and language into one document. I’ve listed all of the terms at the end of the article in alphabetical order for you to refer to as you read along.

So here goes!

As a Deep Belief Hacker, I support my clients to access their subconscious in order to reframe, clear or heal the subconscious Belief Systems holding them back in life or business. Using my Mindweb Analysis processes, I identify what needs to be addressed to support their success going forward. The web then filters everything that flows past it – regardless if we want it filtered or not.

These limited beliefs and associated complex systems are created, because our subconscious wants to protect our heart from being hurt, which can be as simple as judgements from others, denying or sabotaging our efforts to escape the possibility of failing, or more commonly avoiding emotional pain.

‘How’ this happens is from our Ego’s (or as I like to refer our Gremlin’s) perception of the impact on our soul.

Unfortunately, ego is usually a little (or a lot for some people) overzealous with its defence systems. Creating over-the-top protective mechanisms for all sorts of perceived threats. These are usually then what need to be unravelled for our ultimate success. Ego also works out that it’s easier to avoid starting something than become a loser by ‘failing’ at it!

The most important job for humans and especially business owners is to keep the mind free of these over-protective, unhelpful perspectives about the goals and ambitions being focused on. If we are afraid of being more stressed, with more work and less time for our family or ourselves, then ego won’t let us do the activity that would generate success… even though the success might enable to us to hire help and outsource other responsibilities!

I found that when I got to work and aligned all aspects of my superconscious, with my human conscious choices, I was able to drop the chaos, mess and stress of my subconscious and Quantum Leap my efforts, finding a new state of ease and flow in all aspects of my life.

Here's the thing though

It's not your fault, as it’s the Belief System of your subconscious that’s been layering its view of the world - without you having any authorisation of the context, perspective or decisions of what’s accurate versus what’s unhelpful – you aren’t aware of what’s ‘back there’. It’s like using a computer operating system or app, and expecting to know ‘how’ it spits out the answers or results of your interactions with it.

The hardest thing on earth is to learn how to ‘be’ a human, that’s the entire point of our existence. To understand that when we stop struggling, and ‘be ok’ with our own hardships, then we become the person at peace, with the learnings from them.

You aren’t meant to KNOW all this stuff, you are here to learn and often we don’t know what our blind spots are, (I know I can’t see my own blindness!)

How much easier would life be, if you simply felt or recognised there is a blind spot and got help to navigate around it or better still to dismantle the obstacle entirely. Or to spot the glitches of your BS (Belief System) and clean out the old cache files or even hyperlinks that aren’t accurate or relevant anymore.

The good news is that this is possible and isn’t hard to do!

So how do I know all this?

I’m Mell Balment, International Coach of the Year and Top 10 Energy Healers globally.

From 650 mindweb analysis sessions over the last 6+ years, I've worked through the entire spectrum of my BS and now support business owners and high achievers accomplish their success. Empaths are my most favourite people as I’m a multi-gifted one myself - I totally get you!

But I didn’t arrive here overnight. I’ve done hundreds of sessions and hours of work on myself with multiple coaches and healers over the last 20 years and I’m still going… in fact I won’t stop doing the inner-work until I’m on my resting bed. I’m constantly working on my Mindset Mastery to command my choices and emotions by design and conscious thoughts.

Why? Because that’s the point of my existence, to raise my awareness (and frequency) to its highest, in order for me to be at peace when I pass over. To know that I achieved everything I wanted to in this lifetime (which by the way, is to support others to address their BS to go on and achieve their greatest dreams to serve humanity better).

I know my calling, and partnering with other experts and specialists allows me to ensure the content of their brilliance is fully leveraged. So many Empath-preneurs, want to follow through on the strategic plans of their advisers, consultants and mentors, without realising their blind spots and heart-protection gets in the way. It doesn’t matter how many posts you put out or campaigns you launch, if you subconscious doesn’t want the results for any reason you won’t be able to hold onto the results. (ie, you may have some wins and success, but the money will disappear or it will be difficult clients or challenges rather than be easy and fast.)

That’s why supporting other coaches is so powerful. I’m there to ensure every action our clients want to take is not blocked or sabotaged. Supporting those preneurs to upgrade their BS so they can go on and create the money, life and legacy their soul truly desires.

How do I identify the subconscious issues using mindweb analysis?

It begins with my CRP process, which is my award-winning method of guiding my clients using meditation to switch from alpha ‘awake’ brain-state to Theta brain-state, which is the stage between awake and dreaming – you’re semi aware that you’re dreaming but not ‘waking up’ from the awareness.

This is the most relaxed state you can be in and allows YOU to access your subconscious. This is where the magic happens. Through a facilitated conversation I help you to locate, access or remember parts of your subconscious memory. The purpose is to find the exact situation that created a belief or perspective of that situation to be locked in a way that is un-helpful and un-serving.

In this altered state I facilitate a process of Mindweb analysing, to identify the issues my client has come to me with. Together we identify all of the aspects holding that particular mindweb in place.

Here’s how I like to describe it visually.

1. A very common aspect showing up in the last few years for many clients are Generational Imprints. This is when we take on the energetic impacts from our ancestors (studies have suggested these can go back 14 generations). This frequently displays as the energy of poverty and hardship from our grand- grandparents and great-grandparents going through the World Wars. Their suffering and survival struggles were very real and strongly integrated into their epigenetics being passed on through their genes as a result.

2. All cobwebs require anchors to hold a web in the air. I refer to the anchor lines of the web as Attachments or Karmic Ties. These are what anchors a belief in place and can be associated with any sort of outcome, person or emotion. Our psyche holds onto that anchor, keeping what it wants to keep safe ‘locked-in’ or what it believes to be true as a fundamental part of its identity or BS.

Attachment example: my client ‘L’ was struggling to attract new clients – she felt stuck. We found their belief ‘my success in the past has happened by chance’ = it’s not really easily repeatable.

Her anchor was a big Mindstorm that she couldn’t get past, she was anchored to being in the chaos of a storm cloud that she had no control over, everything was unpredictable and matched the heavy energy she felt about her business. We cleared the storm for smooth sailing.

3. Next is DNA damage, which is often – but not always - caused by the attachments crating energetic wounds. Using Epigenetics, I’m able to support my client to heal the wound and even replace the area with nurturing supportive energy. Similar to bulbs that have bene left in a planter being drowning, going putrid with too much rain, we get rid of the rotten matter and clean it out for new bulbs to be replanted. The planter remains in place, it’s just the contents that are refreshed.

4. A frequent issue to be supported with is forgiving those that have caused us emotional trauma. There is a gentle approach that does not require reliving or re-experiencing the episode or situation. A delightful process can simply be forgiving ourselves for ‘allowing’ the situation to happen to us, or forgiving ourselves for not being able to avoid or escape it. We carry so much self-loathing and guilt un-necessarily, we can only respond or react with the knowledge we had at that moment of time, so why beat ourselves up for not knowing any different ‘back then’?

5. I also want to take the opportunity to explain the difference between an Axiom and Limiting belief.

Limiting beliefs are perceptions or perspectives that have been interpreted from an experience directly encountered.

Whilst an Axiom is a belief accepted as truth, without having experienced it first-hand – in this context, often in an unhelpful way. Another client ‘S’ uncertainty about her future was technically an Axiom, as we discovered it was her brother’s uncertainty rather than her own fears. She experienced his emotions when she was young and carried her perspective about life being uncertain from that point forward. Her young self, didn’t even know the full scenario, but the fearful emotion was still locked into her body whenever the same dynamic of conflict came up with other loved ones as an adult – not just her brother.

6. Let’s move onto memories of our mindweb, which is the layers of different thoughts, emotions and beliefs, like the interwoven threads making up the web itself. Some are directly linked and others are like the cross wires that are convoluted connections.

The trick is discovering all of the unhelpful Quantum of consciousness’s that our mind has locked away. We can unlock through talk therapy, but Quantum Healing is the key to dissolving the locks entirely.

Some of these memories and their associated emotions or energies can also be locked-in, at various parts of our development. Occasionally our soul creates a belief right at the point of conception into this lifetime existence. It can be as simple as apprehension of ‘change’ which could affect us for our entire lives – but thankfully can be addressed subcosnciously.

Past memories example: Client ‘S’ had a secondary different feeling of uncertainty every time she had an argument with her partner. Without knowing why, she was anxious that their fight would lead to them breaking up – rather than an opportunity to learn about each other and grow their relationship to be stronger.

Through some enquiry we identified the nervous energy was labelled ‘I’m scared about my future’ (which is the first clue to me, that her fears weren’t actually about the relationship).

When we located the memory that was generating her whirlwind of anxiety, it was from a time during her schooling years when she ‘dropped out’ of her chosen career path. Her uncertainty had nothing to do with breaking up.

7. We also have exposure to energy whilst in the womb – by being aware of something mum is experiencing when pregnant. Sometimes the embryo absorbs energy into it’s world and carries that energy into adult hood. Additionally, the time of birth can generate emotions felt by mum and adopted by the child.

We are simply energetic being absorbing messages, signals and emotions into our being, energetic transference isn’t that complicated to understand when you consider that you’ve felt a charged atmosphere when walking into the middle of an argument or conflict.

8. And it’s been proven time and again that regardless of whether my clients believe in reincarnation, our soul’s past life experiences in other time-lines or lives absolutely carry the lesson or energy into this lifetime – until it’s resolved. It can be remarkable to see the pattern of energy repeating through multiple centuries and life experiences. Clients often laugh at the way it shows up in multiple ways in this life, so it’s not a big stretch to comprehend the memories that come through from previous lives lived.

What are empathpreneurs?

Another key part of my work is supporting empaths to understand their Claire Senses, so they can increase their Intuitive knowing and trust their instincts and downloads.

This is when we enhance our connection with our Higher Self creating more Neuro Knowledge and Empathic Intelligence. When we can tell the difference – and better still the cause – of emotional responses we can calm the Reticular Activated System therefore having more balanced and meaningful connections with those around us.

It takes time to be conscious of our blocks and recognise when we are self-sabotaging our relationships and efforts. This is when a soul become unwavered in the alignment of their soul and human endeavours.

If you’d like to read more about being an empathic employee, empathic leadership, being a business owner in any service sector or on a spiritual journey of learning you can find more articles in my empathic series.

Glossary Index of Terms for Quantum Coaching and Healing

  1. Adviser – a person sharing opinions and suggestions for consideration

  2. Attachment – an energetic connection to another person

  3. Axiom – a belief accepted as truth without having experienced it first-hand – in this context often in an unhelpful way.

  4. Belief System or BS – the operating manual that the subconscious uses

  5. Blocks – a subconscious BS that isn’t aligned with your current desires

  6. Breakthrough – a sudden or dramatic discovery or new helpful insight

  7. Claire Senses – perceiving things or energies beyond normal, tangible sensory proximity

  8. Coach/ing – a person that helps you find your own answers

  9. Conception – the formation of an entity by the union of a human sperm and ovum, resulting in a pregnancy. The moment when a human embryo and its consciousness merge from its origin of source

  10. Conscious – the logical ‘awake’ aspect of a human

  11. Consciousness – the state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings. A person's awareness or perception of something.

  12. Consultant – a person that tells you how you can fix your problem

  13. CRP - Cognitive Reframe Process – the method used to switch brain states from alpha conscious to theta subconscious

  14. Deep Belief Hacker – person who uses quantum healing processes

  15. Deep Belief Hacking – process of altering, shifting or dissolving unhelpful thoughts or intentions,

  16. DNA Damage – energetic damage or collection point in our cells of toxic or unhealthy energy (similar to an emotional release from a massage)

  17. Ego – the protective part of a human that is in the subconscious

  18. Elite – a group of people with advanced gifts, potential or abilities

  19. Elite Mindset – a person with or is developing with an advanced mastery of their subconscious thinking gifts, potential or abilities

  20. Empath – a person with one or more abilities to energetically resonate with the thoughts and feelings of other people and the world around them.

  21. Empath-preneur – an empathic person that uses their gifts and traits as their source of income – often with heart-centered endeavors, ideas or focus

  22. Empathic Intelligence – the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's empathy - both signals and emotions - to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically

  23. Epigenetics – how your behaviors and environment affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but can change how your body reads and therefore responds to a DNA sequence

  24. Expansion – the development of gifts, potential or abilities

  25. Forgiveness – the act of conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness

  26. Generational Imprint – an inherited energy, memory or belief system from ancestors

  27. Gremlin – a term for ego or a BS both subconscious

  28. Healing – the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again, in the case of energy, removing the cause of the pain or emotional suffering

  29. Heart-centered / centered – a person with conscious awareness of the impact they make on others

  30. Higher-self – the wisest and purest knowledge and wisdom of a soul, spirit and human

  31. Identity – the affinity of being who or what a person 'is'

  32. Intuition – the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning

  33. Karmic Tie – an energetic connection to another person, object or belief system

  34. Limiting Belief – the operating manual that the subconscious uses

  35. Meditation – the act of accessing subconscious belief systems

  36. Mentor/ing – a person that has walked the path you wish to embark

  37. Mindset Mastery – complete control or knowledge of our own thinking and views

  38. Mindset Mentor – a person with control of their own subconscious thinking that supports others with theirs

  39. Mindstorm – collection of subconscious thoughts and BS bombarding or overly occupying a person’s thoughts and feelings

  40. Mindweb – the entire cause of unhelpful subconscious thoughts or intentions, anchored in place

  41. Mindweb Analysis – the identification of all parts of a mindweb

  42. Neuro Knowledge – the latest information about the brain to empower people to make informed choices about their health and well-being

  43. Past Life – a human experience lived in a previous historical time - this could go back as far as cave days

  44. Potential – qualities or gifts that may be developed for future success

  45. Quantum – the smallest unit of energy, referred to as an electron

  46. Quantum Accelerator(s) – people | ongoing training of advanced gifts, potential or abilities

  47. Quantum Healing – process of altering, shifting or dissolving unhelpful thoughts or intentions

  48. Quantum Leap – an overhaul of a subconscious belief system

  49. Quantum of consciousness – a thought or intention, conscious or subconscious

  50. Quantum Transformation – a complete conversion of a subconscious belief system often from a negative to a positive

  51. Referral – the act of recommending your positive experience to another – and being rewarded for it

  52. Reframe – a positive change of perspective about a situation, person or experience

  53. Reticular Activated System – a network of neurons located in the brain stem that affects and mediates behaviours

  54. Self-esteem – having confidence in their own abilities

  55. Self-love – taking full responsibility and with a high regard for their own happiness

  56. Self-respect – treating themselves with honour and dignity

  57. Self-sabotage – the act of disrupting or abandoning actions that will take them to where they want to be

  58. Self-worth – deeming themselves worthy of receiving respect and love

  59. Soul success – a system to align and integrate heart centered people with their superconscious

  60. Soul-purpose / dharma – an innate knowing of the meaning of a person’s life

  61. Spirituality ‒ the recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than self, something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which humans are 1 part of

  62. Subconscious – the computer software and operating system of a human

  63. Superconscious – all 8 aspects of a human and their spirit self, comprising, higher-self, spirit, soul, heart, mind, gut, ego

  64. Synchronicities – an occurrence of events that seem related but have no tangible connection or reason for occurring

  65. Theta Brainwave – low, deep, slow brain waves. Occur during the light sleep stage or early dream stage, also when relaxed, meditative states of mind (commonly referred to as being on "autopilot") 4-8 Hz

  66. Unwavered – a person that is resolute on their decisions and steadfast in their actions, cannot be swayed or diverted from their intentions

  67. Womb experience – a memory or experience felt by the baby fetus through or around its mother

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Mell Balment, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mell Balment is a change-maker in the space of energy, mindset, and super-conscious mastery. She’s on a mission to help EmpathPreneursTM have unwavering confidence to accomplish the ambitions they currently only dream about.

Soul-driven leaders desire to be fulfilled but worry about their success being built on others suffering. In her first 4 years as a fully declared Quantum Healer, Mell B has facilitated 650 Mindweb Analysis sessions to address these limitations and more.

She loves partnering with secret empaths using advanced epigenetic processes, so they can make their impact on humanity.

Multi-award-winning healer, Mell B has blended spirituality and rapid results into a new accelerator system called Deep Belief HackingTM.

With a reputation for her courage, grace, and empathy, Mell was honored for her Cognitive Reframe Process as one of the world’s Top 10 Healers and the Top 1% of Leadership coaches in Australia.

Known for her transformational retreats and cutting-edge quantum programs including ‘EmpathPreneurShip', she is a published author and vivacious public speaker on Navigating The Chaos Of Life As An Empath.



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