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3 Self Healing Hacks

Written by: Dawn Walker, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Hack 1. Fill yourself with feelings of unconditional love by reviewing who and what you are truly grateful for. By thinking about the people around you that give you the feeling of warmth, it is easy for you to engage with your emotions and start moving the energy of pure unconditional love in your mind and throughout your body. Continue to focus on your gratitude and focus on that energy flowing by acknowledging how it feels and reveling in its essence.

Woman practicing self Reiki transfering energy through palms.

Hack 2

Visualize yourself transforming into a whole and balanced vibration of pure, peaceful white light. This is a 3-minute subconscious hack that has been proven to dissolve disease and cure incurable diseases within seconds. If it helps you to focus your mind, pop in some earbuds and play some relaxing instrumental music. Once you are centered, close your eyes and start taking in deep breaths to allow yourself to relax in your space and as you continue your deep breathing, visualize peaceful white light filling your cells and tissues. Allowing the light to bring you into a peaceful, warm balance of wholeness – moving deeply throughout all of your cells.

Cleaning your inner and outer vibration.

Hack 3

Hire a Healer. If you believe in healing, yet, you are failing to achieve your desired results, invest in yourself. Hire a Healer. Not sure who to hire? Research Healers near you. Feel free to message me. I have a network of 20,000+ healers worldwide I can direct you to. Please check out my website for private client testimonials

For additional healing hacks and personal stories about healing transformations, download a copy of Houses Of Light.

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Dawn Walker, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dawn Walker, is quickly scaling into a global luminary with her recently released Intuition Builders Masterclass and Lifetime Mentorship. A strong Intuitive since birth, Dawn quickly recognized the lack of educational and mentorship programs available to assist herself and others in understanding their super-sensitive nature so she dedicated her life to the private study and practice of intuitively reading & shifting human personal energy into transformational abundance & healing power. With worldwide testimonies of personal breakthroughs and transformations compiled, Dawn has created a Masterclass overflowing with connectivity & aha moments. Her goal: Connecting YOU to your Superpower ‒ Intuition.



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