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Want Better Relationships? Here Is The Quickest Way To Accomplish That

Written by: Denise Drinkwalter, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


What is the first thing that you think of when you reflect upon the relationships you have in your life? Are they healthy? Are they functional? Are they weak? Are they strong? Are they working? Are they broken? Even more importantly it is important to break the cycle of challenging relationships and increase the opportunity for more fluid, healthy and supportive relationships, wouldn’t you agree?

There is a LOT of discussions currently being shared, supported and talked about in social media around such invasive and harmful relationships that can be categorized as Abusive (mentally, verbally, physically), Resentful, Carefree, Stagnant, Enabler, Insecure, Blaming, Lying, etc..

There is one thing that rings true in any and all relationships, understanding the variety of relationships and the categories can allow us to learn more about the relationships we have in our lives and what “some” possible solutions may be to those situations.

There are trained professionals who are best equipped to support you in challenging relationships you have; however, make sure that you align with the support person you choose to access, to gain control back into your life.

If you are not happy, or feeling stressed in a relationship and know that the relationship you are experiencing is not working for you, for whatever reason, it is time to begin to make changes for you.

Step back, and take some time to think about these questions to see where it is best for you to begin your work.

If there is any kind of danger of any kind you MUST seek help immediately and connect with your nearest hotline to get immediate assistance and out of danger.

Process the following questions to help you build clarity for what is best for you in your situation.

  1. What do I like about myself? What do I love about myself? What do I want to learn about myself?

  2. Where can I recall that I had a good healthy relationship in my life? What are some of the specific actions that worked well in that relationship? Where did those actions generate from, them or me?

  3. I feel my very best when ______________________________.

  4. What new understandings have been revealed to me from answering these questions?

  5. What is the next best step that I will take to help me move forward in my relationships, now that I know this about myself?

There are two key aspects that are important to share as I wrap up this article and those are these:

  1. 1here is only ONE person in your life you have control over and that is YOU. How you choose to respond in relationships that you are in is a direct reflection of how you actually feel about yourself. So if you wish to change your relationship, the ONLY way in which to do that is to change yourself.

  2. Unhealthy relationships cause a great deal of stress, and this stress when prolonged and consistently applied can and will be a source of illness and stress on the body. A person can only consume so much negativity in their lives before it begins to manifest itself somehow in their body. Having said that you too have the power to change the negative effect by taking action to heal yourself through purposeful inner work, and relationship development.

I will plant this final seed of thought for you here:


Are you a Mom wanting to build better relationships with family, friends, work, and yourself? Join us for a 6-day workshop where we will be guiding, supporting, teaching and coaching you in a variety of relationships that you are currently experiencing.

Mom, are you in a good relationship with …?

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Denise Drinkwalter, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Denise Drinkwalter is an Empowerment Life Coach fulfiling extraordinary work with women in their midlife years. She has an intuitive gift that affords her the ability to assist women in gaining clarity, perspective, and strength from within.

Denise’s specialty is supporting women experiencing the complexity, strain and stressors of the Empty Nester Syndrome. Denise’s expert guidance assists women to tap into aspects of themselves they have never explored. Women who work with Denise share that she has a unique gift, a genuine kindness, and the ability to help women release burdens, expectations and false beliefs that they have carried around for years. With her unique perspective and experiences she brilliantly institutes her powerful listening skills and intuitive gifts to hear, appreciate and connect with everyone she meets. She consistently employs her elite level coaching skills, leaving a trail of positivity, expansion and soul led growth with whomever she has the privilege to guide.

Denise has been featured on a variety of Podcasts sharing her expertise as a Certified Priestess Numerologist, a Parenting Coach for Empty Nesters, and maintains a full-time coaching role in the Clutter Boss Academy. Denise’s signature 8- week course Cut the Cord-Not the Ties is a complete game-changer for all Moms experiencing the Empty Nester Syndrome.



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