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Unlocking Success In Real Estate – An Insightful Interview With Jessica Hastings Lesperance

Fierce and epic all rolled into one, she’s an absolute rockstar. Jessica Hastings-Lesperance was Raised with Real Estate™ her entire life. She is co-owner, Marketing Visionary, Director of Operations, and REALTOR® at the Terri Hastings Real Estate Group/Keller Williams Realty Centres, one of the top producing Keller Williams teams in all of Canada. Jessica is an inspiring entrepreneur, real estate investor, coach, speaker, and published author. She has been featured on major media outlets including podcasts and real estate TV talk shows and has been published in various magazines. Recently, she was recognized as one of Canada’s Top Fitness Instructors for 2023 by Impact Magazine.

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Jessica Hastings Lesperance, Realtor®, Director of Operations, Co-Owner

What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know?

Starting a career in real estate requires a proactive approach. My top recommendation is to:

  • Network extensively. Interact with experienced Realtors® and be visible in your community. Every connection can be a doorway to opportunities.

  • Know your purpose. In the face of challenges, remember why you embarked on this journey. Your motivation will be your anchor.

  • Be prepared for the grind. Success in real estate doesn’t come easily, although is immensely rewarding for those who persist.

If Starting Today: Lessons and Adjustments

What would you do differently if you were starting in your real estate career now?

Reflecting on my journey, key adjustments would be easing up on perfectionism, avoiding the trap of multitasking, and mastering the art of saying ‘no’ to focus on value-driven activities.

Learning and Growth: Influential People and Books

Which people or books have been pivotal in your real estate journey?

Mentors like Dianne Jamieson, my amazing mother and authors like Gary Keller (The ONE Thing) have been instrumental. Their insights accelerate the learning curve, offering navigational aids through the intricate paths of the real estate world.

Mastering Fear: The Quintessential Element of Success

What is the #1 key to success in real estate?

It’s all about mastering fear. Turning apprehensions into stepping stones and silencing the external noise allows real estate professionals to unlock their full potential and attain unprecedented heights.

Overcoming Business Hurdles: A Personal Anecdote

Can you share an experience of a significant failure and the learnings it ushered?

My journey was inhibited by a lack of self-trust. Learning to mute external noises, trusting my intuition, and fully investing in my visions marked the turning point from stagnation to exponential growth.

photo of Jessica Hastings Lesperance

Navigating Objections in Real Estate Transactions

What are common objections in real estate, and how do you address them?

Objections are inherent in real estate transactions. The key is to acknowledge that not every prospect is your ideal client and to focus on building relationships that align with your service offerings.

A Week in the Life of a Realtor, Co-Owner, mom of 3 and Award-Winning Fitness Instructor

Could you walk us through a typical week?

Balancing my roles as The Terri Hastings Real Estate Group’s co-owner and devoted parent, my week is a blend of managerial tasks, community engagements, and familial responsibilities. Each day is a step towards scaling our real estate enterprise while fostering a nurturing home environment and of course teaching fitness.

The Driving Force During Business Adversities

How do you stay motivated during challenging times?

My ‘why’ is the beacon. It illuminates the path during tumultuous times, offering clarity, and instilling perseverance. Every entrepreneur should carve out their ‘why’ to navigate through the ebbs and flows of business dynamics.

Mastering the Art of Parenting and Real Estate

Balancing parenting and a booming real estate career is no small feat. How do you manage raising three kids while running a 7 figure Real Estate Business?

I appreciate this question—it's a significant aspect of my professional and personal life. My strategy is anchored in effective time management, goal setting, and total commitment.

Time-blocking is instrumental. By allocating specific blocks of time to individual tasks and roles, from parenting duties to real estate team management and client engagements, I ensure each aspect of my life receives dedicated attention. This is one of my paramount time management skills that fosters efficiency and productivity.

I’m also a firm believer in SMART goal setting. Creating Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals directs my daily actions, keeps me aligned with my professional development targets, and ensures I’m advancing in both my business and my roles at home.

Lastly, the principle of 'Going All In' is integral. It’s about being fully present and engaged, whether I'm spending quality time with my kids or strategizing on scaling a real estate team.

photo of Jessica Hastings Lesperance

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