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Exclusive Interview With Tarah Dove And Cheree Sauer Of Success Without Sacrifice

Tarah Dove is Co-Owner of Success Without Sacrifice, LLC with Business Partner Cheree Sauer. As CMO/Marketing Success Coach, Tarah brings over 17 years of Marketing experience to the Partnership. Using the proprietary system, The RAMP Method, created by Co-Owner Cheree, the duo works with Entrepreneurs to merge the gap between business and life. Their mission and The RAMP Method of coaching help reduce burnout and improve team performance and fulfillment for female Insurance Agency Owners.

Image photo of Tara and Cheree

Tarah Dove And Cheree Sauer

Introduce yourselves!

Tarah Dove: My journey as an entrepreneur began after welcoming my third child, giving me valuable insights into the unique challenges working moms and CEOs face. Before completing college for Business Management, I was offered a full-time position as a Marketing Director at a premier law firm. So began my Marketing career over 17 years ago! I love to think outside the box and find creative marketing solutions that align with the values, priorities, and budgets of female-owned businesses. I reside in Pennsylvania with my fiancé and our four boys. I enjoy yard sales, crafting, family adventures, boating, travel, and outdoor concerts. Fun Fact! I found my way into the Philadelphia Phillies locker room during the Billy Joel/Elton John “Face to Face” concert at Citizens Bank Park.

Cheree Sauer: I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years dabbling in various direct sales and started my own business seven years ago. I have a master’s degree in Sports Psychology and was an Athletic Trainer for 14 years. I am from Washington State, but my husband of 16 years and our two boys live a life of freedom and adventure traveling the United States in our home on wheels. My passion is helping high-performing women live intentional lives of faith, freedom, success, and fulfillment. I enjoy theme parks, national parks, camping, outdoor adventures, and margaritas. Fun Fact! My husband and I almost got married in Italy while visiting the 2006 Torino Olympic Games.

So, tell us, how did two moms on opposite coasts come to meet?

Tarah: In July 2022, we traveled to Miami, Florida for the Millionaire Mompreneur™ Ignite Retreat. I remember being intrigued by Cheree’s life on wheels. I love camping, so naturally, I had a ton of questions. We stayed in touch afterward, and in November, Cheree posted she was looking for a business partner. I immediately reached out and expressed interest. By January 2023, we created Success Without Sacrifice, LLC. Together we are on a mission to help women bridge the gap and align business, life, and leadership.

What does Success Without Sacrifice do?

Tarah: Harnessing each of our zones of genius, Cheree is the CEO and life and business coach, and I am the CMO and marketing coach. Together we are revolutionizing the way female Insurance Agency Owners do business. Traditionally, the insurance industry is male dominated. However, more women are entering the industry for flexible work schedules and income potential. Interestingly, still only 31% are female agency owners. Female entrepreneurs often find themselves burnt out after 3-5 years in business because of the responsibilities of juggling business, life, and family. Or they succeed past the 5-year mark, but usually because of sacrificing their health and well-being. We find that insurance agency owners lack the support and resources to lead in a way that aligns with their values, personalities, and home responsibilities, resulting in higher levels of stress and burnout. We have seen firsthand how providing female agency owners the tools and resources to balance business, life, and leadership, has made a significant impact on their health, relationships, employees, families, and communities. We want to continue making a positive impact and recently launched a weekly Podcast, “Insurance Revolutionized.” Our guests are female innovators who are changing the face of insurance for women. Cheree and I also got involved with Women Of Insurance, a 15k community created by women for women in the insurance industry. Cheree regularly hosts workshop training. I took a volunteer position as National Chapter President.

What inspired you to start a coaching business, and how did you get started in this field?

Cheree: Being a high achiever my entire life, I experienced burnout in my career, as a stay-at-home mom, and as a business owner. I did not know how to chase a goal, be present in my life, and maintain balance. I lived under high stress and experienced negative mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. After the third time experiencing burnout, I decided to dig deep and figure out why. Once I discovered processes that worked, I created The RAMP Method to help alleviate burnout for women like me. Once Tarah and I joined forces, we identified that The RAMP Method works particularly well in the insurance industry because of the natural ebbs and flows of this business. I combined my expertise in business, sports psychology, sports training, and team performance into the entrepreneurial space to better support female insurance agency owners to continue their success without sacrificing themselves.

What are some of the most common challenges your clients face, and how do you help them overcome these obstacles?

Tarah: The clients we work with are high-achieving female business owners. They have success but are often unfulfilled, feeling out of alignment, stressed, and exhausted. They struggle to shut off their work brain to be fully present with friends and family because of their never-ending to-do lists. They often sacrifice their own health and well-being to keep up with their business and life. Many of our clients feel their calendars manage them because they lack boundaries and say yes out of people pleasing.

We take a holistic approach and provide women with life, business, leadership, and marketing coaching using our proprietary system, The RAMP Method. The RAMP Method of coaching helps reduce burnout for teams and agency owners while improving overall team performance, fulfillment, and work-life balance.

Just like pro-sports teams have training plans designed to avoid burnout, and injury, and achieve peak performance, the RAMP Method gives agencies a roadmap to structure their day, week, month, and year to fully optimize business trends and physiology so they can be in peak performance at the right time, instead of all the time.

How do you tailor your coaching approach to meet the individual needs and goals of each of your clients?

Cheree: We host a discovery call and analyze the client's life and business. We learn what is not working well and what the client wants to improve. We determine their life and business goals and create a customized RAMP Method roadmap to help get them there. Each of our clients is unique and has different needs. We take a holistic approach and provide life, business, leadership, and marketing coaching.

How do you measure success in your coaching practice, and what metrics do you use to track progress?

Tarah: We measure success in our coaching practice through positive change in the client's life, business, and team culture. We follow up with clients 3, 6, and 12 months after coaching to ensure continued progress. Positive change could be financial, but it is often multifaceted. For example, one of our clients reported improved team culture, decreased stress for owner and team members, fulfillment, improved team performance, and improved relationships with loved ones.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

Cheree: After a 14-year career working with high-performing athletes, I became a stay-at-home mom. I thought it would be easy, the house would be clean, and home-cooked meals would be on the table by 5 pm. Instead, I was overwhelmed, depressed, and hated being a mother. I thought if my kids behave better, I would be more peaceful. If I had a bigger house, I would be happier. If I had more money, I would be content. In that season, God made it clear to me that my house, kids, and bank account were not the problem. I was the problem. I expected my circumstances to make me happy, joyful, and peaceful. I expected other people to be better and do better to change how I felt inside. I reacted to my circumstances instead of proactively creating the life I wanted. After that, I decided to take ownership of my life. That is what led me to coach women.

What are your long-term goals for your coaching business, and how do you plan to continue growing and expanding your services in the future?

Tarah: By January 2024, our goal is to hire moms and women in key support roles so that they too can help support their families by doing what they love. By January 2028, our goal is to hire and certify other women as RAMP Method Certified Coaches, so we can collectively help one million women grow successful businesses without sacrificing themselves or what is most important to them.

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