Unconscious Bias - Are You Moving Beyond Yours?

Written by: Mary Ann Bojor, Executive Contributor

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As humans, we run a complex operating system, with approx 85-90% energetic thoughts derived from our subconscious mind processing at least 50,000 thoughts a day. Meaning the odds of micro bias surfacing in our daily interactions are probable. Unconscious bias is our distorted thoughts and beliefs that can impact a personal perspective and unfiltered integrity, influencing decision making, opportunities, and growth.

Suppose we are to examine our unique experiences in life based on many different criteria, including wealth, race, culture, gender, nationality, health, diet, education, family upbringing, etc. It reminds us how remarkably filtered our lens is to situations, and how we respond to others can reflect our internal self-bias perceptions. We also have the macro projections of bias, unconsciously becoming the predisposed structural building blocks of society, often becoming the modus operandi for many unless consciously questioned and challenged.

With so many variations of awareness encountered in daily interactions, be it online, workplace family, media, it may be opportune to assume a person can operate from non-bias. The willingness to do so provides a robust opening for those who wish to flourish beyond unconscious historical constraints, which remain a challenge.

The truth is we all hold unconscious bias, which can impact our inward reflection of personal wealth and self-connection. It's not limited to a specific demographic. However, it can determine opportunities, when left unresolved, especially around outdated beliefs involving equality, yet a fait accomplishment.

To mitigate unconscious bias is to understand internalized perceptions from a space of self-awareness and actively consider if your thoughts and emotions are authentic or born from somebody else's projected ideals and the real gain and drivers for using them. Our unconscious bias perceptions are often multi-faceted and, once actively engaged, enable reviewing what lurks below the 90% surface to be brought into awareness and updated through mindset training and holistic expansion.

As a gauge often when we are unable to connect, respond, acknowledge, or associate with denial or distraction, it can be an indicator of self-awareness not supporting the micro behavior and emotional intelligence available at a more expansive layer. Our emotions, which often run unconsciously, are energetically intertwined with personal perceptions and are transmitted to others without saying a single word. Hence, a reframed mindset can improve awareness and translate as enhancements in interactions with peers, engagement, risk-taking, growth, and inclusion.

Scheduled practice being present, moving gently through some of the unresolved thoughts often born from learned left-brain logic and repeated patterns, can bring more in-depth insight, reflection, self-connection, and support to an inner journey of self-awareness. I recall that my consciousness upgrade was steeped in generations of gender, cultural, and race inequality. The internal conflict of determination not to become a statistic while navigating a macro culture of accepted behavior was profoundly transformative.

The most subconscious unresolved genetic and macro bias, which impacted my opportunities, were external projections I had unconsciously assumed as my ingrained perspective and become my limitation.

Below each thought is an energetic foundation, often an unresolved emotion and outdated epigenetic, when stored, can become a block to wellness, awareness, opportunities, and connection to our spiritual nature leading to imbalance. Our inner workings reflect our external environment. The realignment of the mind and body through energetic balance reignites a flow of potential and innate connection, which aligns with a deeper external perspective and fulfillment.

Outdated micro and macro-environmental and intergenerational beliefs can suppress how we choose to express innate potential. Knowing this is unconsciously reflected externally in our personal and professional lives became the galvanizing force to work holistically. Equality and Change is not exclusively an external process. We can choose to take accountability and lean into the inner journey of upgrading our unconscious bias and limiting belief structures to support potential and live in alignment.

Through my experiences, a desire was born for evolved self-leadership from self-awareness, intuition, authenticity, integrity, and wisdom, reflecting externally as conscious wellness and success.

Practical awareness and pointers for elevating beyond bias

  • Check, do you have access to unconscious bias training at work, and if not, ask or self-invest.

  • Are you aware of your peer's experiences might be vastly different, and perhaps yielding different results, your annual work survey might display vastly different results from protected characteristics employees? If so, what engagement are you taking to ensure these target areas are improving?

  • Have you ever engaged your colleagues about the subject, if so? Be ready to listen and grow and ask how you can help (this might mean consciously supporting visibility, inclusion, attending meetings, job exposure, introductions).

  • Be mindful clients/ investors increasingly wishing to invest in people/companies who can interact with conscious unbiased policies. Are you showing the same discernment for your services?

  • Lean in and review your thoughts, are they bias, learned opinions, or truth.

  • Consider mindset training and holistic modalities to reframe unconscious patterns (NLP, Theta, Reiki, and body therapies are a few).

  • Are you treating everybody with the same opportunities? Noting future potential is undefined, so it shouldn't be based on the past, personal or macro filters.

  • Updating old patterns of internal bias brings in a transformative mind perspective and emotional awareness.

  • Updating mind perception can change the energy of how people perceive and engage with you.

  • When you lean into uncomfortable situations, you are internally reprogramming neuro brain signaling channels and effecting a new habit.

  • The mind we see is only a fragment of who we are engaging in. For alignment nourish the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects.

  • Schedule time and mindfulness activities that support being more present and connecting to positive emotions will support deeper life alignment and self-connection.

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Mary Ann Bojor, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mary Ann is a holistic facilitator of inner wealth. She uses a combination of her intuitive, analytical, and spiritual abilities to help facilitate transformational growth by supporting emotional, energetic and mindset alignment for life and business.

We are now living in a world where people are opening to embody a more conscious way of life and lead from an expanded space of personal awareness and connection to our innate spiritual nature.

The essence of healing and transformation is to bring inner embodiment of our truer nature, to let go of the old layers and to come into deeper alignment.”

After spending many years in the corporate sector, Mary Ann holds a Certification in Psychology of leadership, Equality and Diversity whilst being a spiritual mentor and a master energy practitioner (Reiki, Theta healing, Access Consciousness). Mary ann specializes in helping people thrive beyond limiting unconscious patterns for outer success.



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