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Transformative Knitting – SINK & RIMI Redefine Slow Fashion With 3D Knitwear

Written by: Rimi Nygi, Executive Contributor

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When I started SINK & RIMI, I had a dream to shake up the fashion world. But my real goal was always to lead the charge towards a more sustainable, mindful approach and push the boundaries of knitwear to the limit!

Pastel warm knitted clothes sweater hanging in the closet.

Our knitting machines are programmed with computer software that optimizes stitch patterns, delivering premium quality knitwear with minimal waste or rework. Whether it's bold stripes or colorful geometric designs, SINK & RIMI offers a range of eye-catching pieces that empower everyone who wears them.

The upcoming Spring 2023 collection showcases a range of capsule pieces that draw inspiration from the art of borrowing from the boys with a deft touch of creativity and flair; the collection reimagines classic styles and puts forth a fresh spin on timeless looks. So this season, we have carefully curated selections that capture the essence of spring- soft and light materials, vibrant yet elegant hues, and effortless silhouettes that can transition beautifully from day to night.

We have accomplished our goal through 3D knitting technology. Our knitwear makes the most materials while generating minimal waste, creating whole garments without cuts or seams. Our software analyzes fabric type, thread count, and seam allowances. In addition, this eco-friendly and safe process eliminates hazardous dyes in conventional apparel production.

At SINK & RIMI, our commitment is to inspire a shift towards more conscious consumption while creating pieces that look great and respect the planet. As pioneers of slow fashion in New York City, we are leading the way in innovating the industry and revolutionizing how people think about fashion.

Let's lead by example in setting new stylish and sustainable fashion standards.

In the words of Coco Chanel, "Luxury must be comfortable; otherwise, it's not luxury" – let's redefine luxury to incorporate environmental and ethical consciousness.


Rimi Nygi, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rimi Nygi is a vibrant entrepreneur who has a vision for the future. Global SME investor, a big data engineer forecasting trends, she sees a future in which apparel, global roots & her personal experiences have inspired her to create Sink & Rimi, a Japanese-inspired collection of elegant wardrobe items that uplift the spirit. Made in the heart of Brooklyn, that reminds you of a hug from your loved ones and activates your "cuddle hormone." To celebrate the beautiful life and to remind all of us that we can hold space for joy while navigating loss.



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