Tips to Make the Best Mudpies Ever

Written by: Carole Sanek, Executive Contributor

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Children. We have them, we may even have grandchildren, or we may not have them. The one thing we have in common with everyone walking this earth is that we were all children.

As children, we had amazing imaginations. We could throw on a sheet and be a ghost. We could take that same sheet and become a superhero. We slayed dragons, we were knights in shining armor with the help of tin foil, or we were the princess held captive by an evil prince imprisoned by a chain-link fence in a yard. We fell down, we got dirty, we had grass stains on the knees of our pants. We wiped our dirty hands on our clothes and we kept playing.

We were fascinated with nature and we would watch tiny insects climbing delicate stems of plants. We picked berries, we got stuck by thorns, we laid in the grass and stared at the sky to see what we could find in the clouds.

Then the skies would cloud up and the rain would come down and once it stopped we ran back outside and jumped in the puddles. If it was a gentle rain we did not even go home. We would stand with our faces tilted upward to the raindrops and laugh. We might run home to get an umbrella and pretend we were magically able to stop the rain from touching us. This was how we played.

The best thing of all was making mud pies. We had mud pie contests. We decorated the mud pies with flowers, stones, little sticks, whatever we could find, and then we set them in the sun to bake.

Then we grew up and we did not do any of these things again.

You are undoubtedly wondering why I am writing about mud pies and rain, and cloud pictures and the fun in getting dirty. The answer is simple—everything I wrote about grounded us as children.

We were happy and then we grew up and somewhere along the way we possibly stopped grounding ourselves.

Being grounded should not be foreign to us as adults, children get it, animals get it, we seem to forget it.

I will leave you with one tip and isn’t about making the best mud pies ever, that was just to catch your attention.

Get outside. Weather permitting stands on the ground barefoot. Feel the earth, smell the air, listen to nature, touch a tree, taste the essence of it all.

Just be…grounded.

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Carole Sanek, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Carole L. Sanek is a certified life coach specializing in personal coaching with her specialty being working in grief. Carole is also an author and her first book “Fractured” is with a publishing house in Chicago, scheduled to launch by the end of the year. Carole is especially excited that even though she was diagnosed 27 years ago with breast cancer, she wiped that slate clean and thrives on in her life. Reaching Carole is easy as she believes in transparency and authenticity and welcomes people to reach out to her.



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