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7 Tips To Help You Nail Your Next Interview

Expert Panelists are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within the areas of Business, Mindset, Leadership, Lifestyle, and Sustainability. Members of The Brainz Magazine community of experts will share their best tips, advice, ideas, and hacks on different topics.


Expert Panelists

1. Seal The Deal With Authenticity

There’s been a shift in companies hiring based on skill alone as many businesses have become more focused on relationships and longevity. Before your interview, do some research on the workplace culture to see which personal strengths you can highlight that match the company’s vibes. If you want to make a good impression, it’s important to be authentic and show up as your true self. In the words of the great Maya Angelou, “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

2. Build A Theme Matrix For Impactful Narratives

To complement your preparation for documenting responses for forecasted interview questions, develop a one-page theme matrix. On the left side, list all the themes from the job posting (e.g., team leadership, project management, client service, stakeholder engagement). On the right side, briefly document 2 specific examples of each theme. This way, when you are asked a question, you can quickly pinpoint its theme (Is this a leadership question? Or a project management question?) and align a career story to share that showcases proof and evidence you have done your job well in the past. It's a quick way to recall your specific examples and a great "cheat sheet" on the day of the interview (or keep it handy in a virtual interview, if notes are permitted). And – if you are asked two questions from the same theme, you will have a new "happy ending" story to share and a fresh example that showcases your fit for the job.

3. Identify The Aspects They're Assessing In You

Your initial interview will usually be with someone who will be there to see whether you meet the minimum criteria for the job they are trying to fill. Their questions will often sound like little more than them going through a checklist – 'Have you done this?', 'Have you done that?', 'How did you do this or that?'. Always answer their question about how you did this or that in the context of the role they are trying to fill. That is what they care about. They also care about your self-confidence, character, chemistry, & charisma, that you care about what you do, and that they can connect with you. These, coupled with your competence, reflect their ability to trust you. That they can trust you to do what they want you to do is what everyone in the hiring process is evaluating you for.

4. Showcase Your Inner Energies To Impress & Succeed

You have 3 seconds to impress and just a few minutes to succeed. First, focus on presenting yourself with your core energy. Next, if you want to succeed and receive a tempting job offer, introduce the whole you. That means your inner strategist, warrior, carer as well and companion. You are a complex human being, and you bring so much more than just your expertise.

5. Master The Art Of Making A Lasting Impression

Thorough research about the company and its core values will help you align your answers to the employer’s needs, demonstrating your keen interest in joining their team. Prepare a list of common interview questions, practice concise and skill-oriented responses, and incorporate real-life examples that showcase your problem-solving abilities. First impressions matter; dress professionally, wear a genuine smile, maintain eye contact, and offer a confident handshake to create a positive impact on the interviewer. During the interview, listen carefully to each question before answering thoughtfully; don’t rush or interrupt, as it reflects your communication skills and ability to handle pressure. Finally, ask insightful questions about the company or position at the end of the interview and send timely thank-you emails to all involved parties expressing gratitude for their time. Now is the time to harness these tips and secure that dream job – start transforming your interviews into great!

6. Unleash Your Authentic Voice

When doing a video recording or podcast interview, being embodied is key to sounding both confident and natural. It allows you the freedom to express yourself as you do with the people you're most comfortable with, so you come across authentically and genuinely. I recommend doing any kind of enjoyable movement like dancing, light jogging, stretching or walking that will connect you to your body and get you out of your planning mind. That way, you can have some fun, gently shake off your nerves and become more present to what's happening in the moment rather than being overly rehearsed.

7. Elevate With Authentic Stories & Insights

Instead of just listing accomplishments, concentrate on creating captivating stories that highlight your abilities and experiences when you're getting ready for your next interview. You can give concrete examples of your skills and illustrate how you've overcome obstacles in the past by structuring your comments as anecdotes. Additionally, spend some time learning everything you can about the organization and the position, then modify your responses to reflect its goals and core beliefs. Always keep in mind that sincerity is essential; show your enthusiasm for the position by being real in your comments.



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