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The Secret to Attracting Clients

Written by: Aimee Teesdale, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


If you ask a group of business owners what their biggest challenge is, the vast majority of them will tell you:

Finding clients and making money.

I can certainly relate: this was always my biggest struggle too. I was constantly worried about where my next client was going to come from and wondering, ‘what do I need to do in order to find clients?!’

Eventually, I realized that finding clients had very little to do with what I was doing, and everything to do with who I was being. And who I was being was: ‘I am not valuable.’

Of course, I didn’t say that to people, at least not verbally, anyway. In fact, I didn’t even realize that that was what I believed. But I was saying it non-verbally. It dictated what actions I took (or avoided!) and the quality of those actions. It was my energy.

It was only when I shifted my energy, changed who I was being, and saw myself in a different way, that my business finally took off. Five-figure months became the norm, not because my actions changed, but because I changed.

If you're in this same situation like I was, not making as much money in your business as you'd love, finding it hard to find clients, then let me share with you one of the secrets to increasing your bank balance:

Increase your belief in your value.

When you really believe in the value you can offer, you will want to talk about it enthusiastically. You will want people to know about it, and you’ll find it easier to promote.

You won't feel the need to convince people because you yourself will already be convinced, which will, in turn, help them feel more confident in what you offer. You will be more focused on serving people than selling to them.

You will be the one creating value for other people instead of the one consuming it from others. You will be the one that people come running to. Then you will attract clients. Then you will attract more money.

The problem is that you think that your value is YOU. You think that you are selling ‘yourself’.

That's why you're afraid of them saying no. That's why you hesitate to put 'yourself' out there and sell because of the reaction you may or not get. If you put yourself out there and people say no, you take it as a personal rejection, as though you yourself must not be valuable to them.

That's also why you say you ‘don't know how to find clients,’ because you're really just protecting yourself from the pain of personal rejection.

Here’s what you need to understand:

Your value is not 'you.'

People don't pay to work with you because YOU are valuable to them. They pay to work with you because you are able to help them be, do or have something which is personally valuable to them. You are simply the pathway for them to get what they want.

It's not about you. It's about them. It's about what they want. Can you help them be, do or have what they want? Can you see the value that your service (not you!) brings to them?

Your bank balance is not a reflection of your value. It's a reflection of your beliefs about your value.

Stop waiting for your bank balance to increase before believing in your value.

Choose to believe that you and your offer are two separate things. Choose to believe that what you offer is valuable to others. Choose to believe that you get to choose what you believe.

Then see how your bank balance increases.

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Aimee Teesdale, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Aimee Teesdale is a highly sought-after success coach, speaker, author and champion for love. Using her transformational 5D Method™, she enables purpose-driven business owners to get out of their own way of success, become the person they want to be, and create the life & business of their dreams. Her ability to create rapid transformational results with her clients is due to her personal experience overcoming 20 years of struggle, fear and severely limiting beliefs, and discovering what the secret to success really is: less fear, more love.



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