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The Role of Artificial Intelligence And BANKCODE Principles In Effective Leadership Qualities

Written by: Dr. Tomi Mitchell, Executive Contributor

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Now, more than ever, practical leadership skills are essential. Leadership is no longer mainly seen in the boardroom meeting. It was the norm to see executives pouring over reports, strategies and making significant decisions. The norm pre-pandemic was that business executives, dressed in suits, looking polished and alert, were ready to contribute to the meeting. Now, meetings are over telephone and video conferences, where only so much body language is visible. As we know, so much of our communication is nonverbal. The world is increasingly virtual, and its unlikely things will return to how things were pre-COVID.

Business strategies must remain ethical and based on human connections. A one-size-fits-all approach is not acceptable, as people are more aware of the importance of relationships and building these relationships.

In the world where we are over the initial shock of the COVID pandemic, and social distancing was routine, more than ever, people crave human connection. However, with the resurgence in COVID, we have to be mindful and balance public safety with meeting corporate goals.

Nowadays, many businesses have already realized the need for good leaders to make the companies function at their best to achieve their goals effectively. To be an effective leader, one has to possess specific skills that are vital for making decisions and leading people with different thoughts and ideologies towards achieving a common goal or vision.

Being aware of personality types is more important than ever. I had the pleasure of recently listening to Cheri Tree, the CEO of Codebreaker Technologies. She shared her founders' story about how she went from rags to riches, cracking the critical skills for leaders—knowing what makes people tick, especially when critical decisions need to be made. Using artificial intelligence to help one communicate more effectively with others, leading to an increased close rate for deals and acquisition and gaining the trust and enthusiasm of those who look up to you for leadership.

For employees struggling with the virtual world, having leaders who connect to them personally is critical. Using the BANKCODE principles, knowing is someone is primarily blueprint (B), action-oriented (A), nurturing (N), or knowledge-based (K) is critical. I will briefly outline the BANKCODE principles:

B- Blueprint: These individuals are detailed oriented and are great at planning. They are efficient and reliable; they have a robust moral code and respect for authority.

A- Action-oriented: These individuals put other people's needs before their own, and they are more likely to inspire their team.

N-Nurturing: These individuals need interactions with people, groups, and teams. They are genuine, kind and thoughtful and empathetic, and intuitively understand the needs of others.

K- Knowledge: These people make decisions based on facts and science, and they are very methodical and analytical. These people can think strategically and deal with complex issues.

How will you apply these principles to your hiring process and create job descriptions for your team? How are you going to shine and be an effective leader? Artificial intelligence might be the bridge between effective communication when reading one's body language isn't always possible. The business landscape has changed dramatically, and it would be wise to consider artificial intelligence and understanding personality types. Once you apply these principles, you can take it to the BANK.

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Dr. Tomi Mitchell, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Tomi Mitchell, MD, is a leader in the health & wellness industry, known for her advocacy for social issues, including health reform. She believes in the whole person's approach to life and health. Rather than resorting to quick fixes, she gets to the root of problems by taking the time to understand her client's emotional, physical, mental, environmental, financial, spiritual, and social health. She believes these factors affect individuals' behaviors and beliefs about themselves and others. Dr. Tomi Mitchell believes that people feel lost or overwhelmed when there is a loss of balance, so she takes such a holistic approach with each client's situation.

Dr. Tomi Mitchell has appeared in many publications, including but not limited to Thrive Global, Fox, NBC, CBS, Global News, CBS & many other news outlets. She has her own blog & leads two ClubHouse clubs, and has been a guest speaker numerous times.

She is a game-changer, and she gets her clients' results and refuses to compromise her integrity by sugar-coating issues. Using over 10 years as a family practitioner and certified life & health coach, she is able to help her clients create transformational, long-lasting results!



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