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Tomi Mitchell

Holistic Wellness Strategist & Burnout Coach

Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Tomi Mitchell, MD is a leader in the health & wellness industry, known for her advocacy for social issues, including health reform. She believes in the whole person's approach to life and health. Rather than resorting to quick fixes, she gets to the root of problems by taking the time to understand her client's emotional, physical, mental, environmental, financial, spiritual and social health. She believes these factors affect individuals' behaviors and beliefs about themselves and others. Dr. Tomi Mitchell believes that people feel lost or overwhelmed when there is a loss of balance - which is why she takes such a holistic approach with each client's situation.

Dr. Tomi Mitchell has appeared in many publications , including , but not limited to Thrive Global, Fox, NBC, CBS, Global News, CBS & many other news outlets. She has her own blog & leads two ClubHouse clubs, and has been a guest speaker numerous times.

She is a game-changer, and she gets her clients results and refuses to compromise her integrity by sugar-coating issues. Using over 10 years as a family practitioner, and certified life & health coach, she is able to help her clients create transformational, long-lasting results!