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The Law Of Publicity — 2nd Laws Of Branding (part 2 of 7)

Written by: Richa Chandra, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Even though it seems like social media makes it easy to build your personal and business brand fast. One still has to follow the 7 laws of branding to building personal and business brands. It can take years, if not decades, to build a brand that people love and are loyal to because it takes time to build trust. I follow all the laws, and I teach my clients to follow the 7 laws of branding for a steady and fast growth;

The Law of Contraction

The Law of Publicity

The Law of Advertising

The Law of Decision making

The Law of Credentials

Law of Consistency and Singularity

Law of Meaning and Mortality

In the last article, I covered the first law. Let’s look closer at the second law:

2. The Law of Publicity

Publicity is the birth of your brand. The moment you make your brand public, you are declaring your values and your vision. When people can resonate with the values or the vision, they start caring about the brand. Also, trust is built.

The focus of publicity is to create awareness around the brand. Publicity is the activity of providing information about a business, service, product, or individual to make it popular. That could be done by using the traditional media, as being featured in magazines, published in papers, or reviews by customers. Or the new media sources like podcasts, blogs, emails, and websites. Publicity is not paid promotion, and it is not for a targeted but for a broader audience. It is a way for mass communication to a larger audience for the main purpose of visibility.

Publicity can both be negative and positive since that is something that the company does not have entire control over. It can break or make the brand's credibility. That is why I don’t agree with the statement that “All publicity is good publicity.” A negative review and bad publicity can do a lot of damage, and it usually takes a lot of effort to correct it or rebuild the trust. The best way to build and keep the trust is by having as many testimonials as possible. Good and positive testimonials can often be the best publicity you can have. But this is often limited to the services or products the customers have tried and gotten good experience or results with. When it comes to testimonials for the brand of a company or individual, you have brand ambassadors or experts in the field or industry.

There is no direct connection between sales and publicity, but it is a strategy to build good public relations. Good public relations build trust, awareness which in return created raving fans and loyal customers.

Another intent of publicity is to create awareness of opportunities and possibilities for collaborations. This is often achieved by a brand story or clearly talking about the company’s goals and vision for what need you are filling in the market or what demand you are meeting. This makes it easier for other companies to relate and to express the desire to collaborate.

In conclusion; Publicity is an action taken to create awareness or get visibility so a larger audience can understand and see the brand, being a business or personal brand. There can be many ways to communicate and many various media that can be used to communicate the message in order to build trust for the brand. It can come from the company itself or can be done by a third party depending on the message, the marketplace, and the intention of the publicity.

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Richa Chandra, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

‘Fears don’t define us, but how we face them, does that!’ This is the mantra of Award winner ( Most aspirational businesswomen, Norway 2019) Richa Chandra lives by. She is actually the driving force and face behind the success and visibility of many coaches, entrepreneurs, and workshops. In 2015, Richa faced a hostile takeover of her company and lost everything, but in just a few months, without any hesitation, she started 3 new businesses.

She has written 3 books that have become the main Norwegian textbooks in teaching Indian Dance and Proven benefits of Meditation (2019).



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