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The Law Of Advertising – 3rd Laws Of Branding (Part 3 Of 7)

Written by: Richa Chandra, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The Law of Contraction (1st law) makes sure that the brand is born with personality that correlates with the owner’s values and principles. When The Law of Publicity (2nd law) is followed properly the brand get the change to grow slowly and is natured with the right kind of care. Once the brand is born and have grown, been tested and approved, a brand needs advertising to stay healthy.

Advertising is the 3rd law of the 7 laws of branding to building personal and business brands:

  • The Law of Contraction

  • The Law of Publicity

  • The Law of Advertising

  • The Law of Decision-Making

  • The Law of Credentials

  • Law of Consistency and Singularity

  • Law of Meaning and Mortality

In the last article, I covered the 2nd law. Let’s look closer at what it really means to advertise with a focus on the brand.

The Law of Advertising

This law is all about visibility. After the brand has been tested and approved by a certain group of people, it is time for the masses to know that it is here to change the market. The focus is marketing which again, in the long run, will lead to a sale. If it is a personal brand, it is about getting people to know the name, get followers, and engagement. Publicity is the birth of your brand. The moment you make your brand public, you are declaring your values and your vision. When people can resonate with the values or the vision, they start caring about the b. If it is a business brand, it is time to show the benefits and how the product/services can solve people’s problems.

Advertising is paid ads and campaigns which stand for a large percentage of the marketing budget. In the past 10 years, it has become easier to run targeted ads on social media for a smaller amount of money, and it is easier for people to do it by themselves. If the brand is unknown for it is said that a person needs to be targeted 7-11 times before they will consider making a purchase. If the brand is known to the target audience, it can still take 2-3 times before making a new purchase or trying the newly launched product/ services.

Advertising is a way of communicating to the potential customer that we have the solution and that they should buy from us. This differs from “publicity” because the company or person running the ad has full control over the message that is being communicated.

An ad or a campaign talked to a larger group of people, and it is not a one-to-one communication, even though it should be constructed to each and everyone who is exposed to it feels that we are communicating to them and only them. We want the customers or potential customers to think we are talking only to them to build rapport and show them we care. I have always thought of advertising as my way to say, “Hello, I am here if you want to connect. I might have solutions to your challenges. Know I am here!”.

There are different channels to run ads or campaigns on:

  1. Online; SoMe and email

  2. New paper

  3. TV and radio

  4. Direct mail

  5. Cold calls

  6. Mobile billboards (vehicles)

Out of these 6 channels online cheapest one. Though it takes time to build rapport online and on social media. It is not enough to have millions of followers. The key is engagement and continually communication on SoMe. For email lists, we need to have a list of valid emails of the targeted audience. Which again can take time to build.

In conclusion:

Advertising is the way to keep the communication open with the customers, which will keep the brand healthy and give it a long life. Advertising costs and that is why it needs to be more targeted and particular about the channel it is being run on. Since it is a paid communication method, it is the ad/campaign owner that has full control of the message, communication, and engagement.

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Richa Chandra, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

'Fears don’t define us, but how we face them, does that!' This is the mantra of Award winner (Most aspirational businesswomen, Norway 2019) Richa Chandra lives by. She is actually the driving force and face behind the success and visibility of many coaches, entrepreneurs, and workshops. In 2015, Richa faced a hostile takeover of her company and lost everything, but in just a few months, without any hesitation, she started 3 new businesses.

She has written 3 books that have become the main Norwegian textbooks in teaching Indian Dance and Proven benefits of Meditation (2019).



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