The Incredible Benefits of Leveling Feet for Industrial Use

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Having the correct leveling feet for machinery may be the most value enriching investment a business can make. Leveling feet for industrial use give business owners peace of mind from costly liabilities that may otherwise pop up. On top of that, by having a sturdy base for equipment, a business can expect to have their products last longer and run more efficiently.

Those working in the food industry swear by leveling feet, and it is with good reason. They can make a sanitation process much more efficient and will also add extra durability to costly equipment. For those who may be curious about how leveling feet are beneficial for industrial use, continue to read on.

How Do Leveling Feet Work?

Leveling feet for industrial use act as the stabilizers for any processing equipment involved in a processing factory. Sometimes floors are not truly level. Therefore, leveling devices can help keep equipment in place and on a straight level. Leveling feet are composed of a footpad and a threaded shaft. The shaft comes with a female and male mount to meet the needs of the machine they are attached to. Once secure, the leveling foot will provide a firm base for its equipment and make them accurately level.

While that may not seem like a big deal, this can prevent vibrations from damaging floors and equipment, or bacteria from contaminating machinery. They are an essential piece for your appliances.

What Machines Need Leveling Feet?

At times, industrial machines need to generate significant amounts of power to function. One of the effects generated as a result of this power could be vibrations. If machinery is not stabilized and level, it can come loose and be extremely dangerous. It may even lead to out-of-control machinery that could seriously hurt someone.

So, it should come as no surprise that almost any surface that is not level can benefit from

leveling feet. Having a properly level surface will improve efficiency and reduce miscalculation.

Since leveling feet come in all shapes and sizes, it is easy to find the right leveling feet for all


Which Leveling Mount is Right for Us?

Finding the right leveling mount will depend on your needs. Certain heavy-duty leveling feet include features such as vibration reduction, swiveling capabilities, adjustable height, load amount, material, and more. Each leveling pad will need to be the appropriate fit for the machinery it is used for. Therefore, it is particularly important to know what you need.

One example would be adjustable glides. These leveling feet are great if your appliance is small and needs to be moved occasionally. They hold a lighter capacity, come with a rubber foot pad, and are usually non-skid to prevent damage.

Another example would be for those in the food industry who may need leveling feet that are sanitary. Therefore, hygienic leveling feet using stainless steel material would help to prevent bacteria and mold from forming. Keep in mind that these are basic and broad overviews. To find the correct leveling feet for your industrial use, please seek out professional advice.

Are Leveling Feet Sanitary?

This may be the most important question to answer for those in the food industry. If a business is looking for hygienic leveling feet, they will need to search a little bit more in-depth. The truth is, not all leveling feet are sanitary. By investing in the right product, businesses will give themselves defense from contamination, malfunctions, accidents, and much more.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for those working in the food industry to use stainless steel leveling feet. On top of that, only some manufacturers have certified USDA certification. Anyone looking in the food industry should make those two credentials their top requirement.



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